In May 2011 Canada went to the polls and apparently elected a majority government anointing (perhaps with bitumen) The Right Honourable Prime Minister, Stephen Joseph Harper whom most thinking Canada thought of as manifesting their worst political fears. Those who knew of his many years of involvement with the radical right which included connections to neo-Nazis, with whom he set up something called The Northern Foundation were appalled and fearful. The main function of the “foundation” was as a lobby to keep apartheid in effect in South Africa, to keep Nelson Mandella  in prison or dead, and to assure that South Africa was a racist state with  “white only power”. White rule.

Stephe’s history in politics had already become an exercise in obfuscations, lies, crimes and racial bigotry. He has hung out with low-lives, radical right-wing deviants and convicted fraudsters  all of his adult life. He learned the craft of deception and the dark art of the “noble lie” developed by Leo Strauss, a Jew who had to escape Hitler’s Germany, but who escaped full of admiration for the policies of Adolf Hitler. He learned at the knee of infamously anti-Native, expat American, draft avoiding, child pornography supporter/enabler Thomas Eugene Flanagan. Together they formulated the offense that came to be known as  IN/OUT  and together they have through criminal acts secured a phony minority government, with which Harper has stacked the SCofC, the Senate and three successive RCMP Commissioners have helped in the case of Giulliano Zaccardelli to get him elected and the others to keep him in office and out of prison. Most recently the inexplicable white-wash of Nigel Wright.

Then along came March 2012, at which time we began to hear about ROBOCALLS, then we began hearing about more financial fraud. Many of us read more of  Stephe’s history. We took a closer look at the criminal element around him and slowly it became apparent that we had an illegal government being run by a person willing to commit the treason that “elected” it, who’s inner circle were on-side with his purposes and his commitment to a very fascistic government of the corporations, by the corporations and definitely for the corporations.

I waited, hoping daily to hear of some protest. I was convinced that there’d soon be some person , some group, something I could cheer on, as they confronted SJH but nothing happened. I came to realize that maybe “we’ were waiting for “me”. So I bought an old motor home and set out to do what apparently nobody else wanted to do.  I’d be happier being home playing music but the daily anger at this gang of thugs, frauds, liars and criminals precluded that. The fact that I’ve met a huge number of wonderful people who are incredibly supportive mitigates hugely and has made the very onerous, very enjoyable.

If you wish to help me, read my blog and tell your friends. I also tweet at electionfraud2011.The more people who read about what I’m doing the better chance I have of being effectual. I intend to arrive in Regina on July 1st to help celebrate the 1935 train from British Columbia which earlier Harpercrit types turned back and turned into a riot that resulted in much injury and two deaths.


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