The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Month: April, 2015

Harpocrisy: 200.6, 200.8, 201.1 and 201.5, nazi and beyond. Racism meets fascism…again.

Deceivin’ Stephen is high on the CPC hog again.
Whipping out his "Cowardly Lyin’" creds.
"Am I hiding in the closet on a multiplicity of personal shallows?" "Politics is the last refuge of the scoundrel," Samuel Johnson.
"Am I appealing to our lowest instincts?" "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel." George Burnaby Shaw.
"Am I afraid of who I am on so many levels?" "Religion is the last refuge of the scoundrel" Goerge Orwell.
Character flaws. Warts. Pathological liar. Genuine war monger. Anti-democracy. Psycho-stephe covers it up well. But if you look closely you can see pure deceit, chicanery and power avarice.
It must put strain even on a psychopath like Stephe, having to play creepy games with his sexuality, fantasy religiosity, utterly nazi character (fascism X racism) and his very sick "let’s have a racist, religious, fascist war. I’ll hide here in my favourite closet while our valiant soldiers protect me and with a nudge here and a nudge there terrorize the crap out of my unworthy constituents… and please don’t let the soldiers come back in an expensive state…dead is cheap, damaged is expensive…"
I have to admit to great sceptisism about pollsters. If it wasn’t already in full swing…that creepy Matt Meier punk who worked for Harpshit and his fasci scum buddies through "wrack nein" or some such bullshit company, has the very same stink on him and the same fake name, right-wing obfuscation crap one finds throughout CPCland, but most concentrated in the PMO and the Harpy CPC cabinet and would convince a saint to steal. Coincidentally, it would seem, that like the great Harpscum himself, Matt cannot swing a cat without hitting a felon.
Sue me Racknine and Matt Meier.
So it’s hard to know what game is being run on us when the scribes pollsters and outright bullshitters are all working for the same fascist end.
Take all of the problems the planet is confronting…war, disease, poverty, economic incarceration. They’re all on the side of the ledger marked "wealthy fascist". Top floor on the right.
Economic incarceration exists across a vast panorama but is probably best understood if understood at all by focusing on the diabolical insanity that is the world’s "drug" history. A history that reared its very ugly head in America of the twentieth century’s twenties.
A triple trillion scam.
More than a trillion dollars, with all the skimming and scamming that you could imagine spent on police, prisons and courts since Richard Nixon declared "war on drugs". Another trillion with much of the same cast of characters, think CIA, Bush Family etc, of drug profit made possible by the inhumane and otherwise insane destructive laws surrounding "illegal drugs". Police prisons and courts.
That is to say that the expenditure of the first trillion created the existance of the second trillion. The final trillion goes to the utterly reprehensible. nature destroying, big, mega, or perhaps best referenced as gargantuan-pharma.
In a rational world the first trillion would not exist in any format. No drug cops. No drug cartels. No drug prisons or prisoners, no innocent bystander casualties, as shown by the brief history of such things in places like Portugal and Switzerland. And of course none of the pay-offs that are intrinsic to those enterprises.
The second trillion would be reduced to the parameters of a rational enterprise virtually identical with alcohol production and distribution. Alcohol besides being fun and delicious is a drug which is highly addictive and a poison. All currently illegal drugs should be for example, perhaps distributed by an adjunct of the liquor store. In this context, selling dangerous drug commodity alcohol in the corner store while incarceration and forcing into ever more dangerous situation for the entire population with so called "hard drugs" is cynical, insane, greed on steroids.
Frankly I have to admit to seeing much of it as "You’ve offended my Christian sensibilities and I’m going to make you suffer for it." multiplied by "Ooh look at all that lovely money.!"
The misconception that Mega-pharma has as much altruism as it has greed in our capitalist system is more "royalty like" self serving fantasy. Dedicated science in a science respecting environment rather than dedicated profit in a science disregarding and disrespecting environment… evilly ludicrous in the extreme.
Mega-pharma, perpetual war, scammed elections, Franken food, manipulated media (always upward and to the right) John Baird types putting Canada in precarious circumstances and walking away with golden hand shake jobs.
Anyone who believes or even contemplates believability in any integrity of Harpscum’s and by extension the CPC marching us to war "onward Christian soldiers marching (as) to war" hasn’t a clue as to what is really going on.
Has Harpy and the CPC got the issue hermetically sealed?
He has an astonishingly criminal disingenuous cabal of underling-overseers in place. He has utterly criminal liar, criminal enabler, Bob Paulson at the head of one of Canada’s politically corrupted police agencies the RCMP, publicly discredited wretches as Richard Mosley on the Federal Court, CSIS and similarly across the board fascist minded enemies of Canada and of humanity in most pinnacle positions, the question remains…is it already hermetically sealed?
If it becomes clear to all that the gaggle of pollster geese that waddle behind Harpslime deficating and honking have been leading us down the garden path, the same garden path that racists like Ezra Levant and the zionazi cabal he slug trails with – Monty Solberg and the Frum punk come to mind – does Harpshit have in place the conditions necessary to invoke a War Measures Act? This time minus the integrity of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, a permanent dissolving of all human rights. By the end of 2015 we could be saying hello to fullbore nazi Canada complete with plans for concentration camps for the "wrongly" pigmented or the "too leftly" leaning.
I’m predicting that the 160 CPC gutless, minions that suckle at the Harper teat, if on track for defeat will suspend democracy permanently. Prison population will go through the roof, perpetual war will be your kids future and the absolute destruction, obliteration, (final solution?) of all that is culturally Native, will ensue.
There are simply too many signs that Stephen Joseph Harper’s favourite pronouncement is the lie. Everything since the assurance that we would be in the middle east for one month and only in an advisory capacity has been a double or triple thrill to him. Lies, wars, death and accelerated affluence transfer (theft). Throw in mega prisons closely followed by capital punishment which doubtless will follow the Hitler model and enact death sentences for harsh criticism and you’ve got your worse nightmare. It could happen to Chile to Argentina to Spain to Greece. It could happen as far afield as Patrice Lamumba in the Congo, any number of Central and South American countries…but it could never happen in Canada.
We, Canada invented apartheid but…
Frankly folks there is a logical progression here. We’ve always been a racist society that’s been sucking on the imaginary teat of that most idiotic and fascist of families…the Royals, the Windsors. The streak of nazi character that runs through that crew gives credence to the cliche "idle hands are the devil’s workshop".
We need to get Harper and the CPC out of power and where possible in prison. We need to toss the Westminster system. Toss, deodourize, stuff and mount like a five hundred year old taxidermy subject. It’s pure elitist fantasy to think that the ancient "Westy" has been of any value this side of protecting the elite from kingly arbitraryism or the hoi poloi from an elitist mace to the back of the head and It’s pure "in the tank for the 0.01%" media propaganda.
Principally Euro, but not exclusively Euro, negative propaganda has been so all pervasive that the concept of Native exceptionalism is too foreign a concept, to be taken seriously. Yet, Canada desperately, critically needs what the decedents, principally pre-Columbian polytheistic, inhabitants of…let’s call it Turtle Island have to offer.
Of course when Euros landed on Turtle island they/we had all the trappings of a violent, war and inquisition sated horde and the continuing history, from here to beyond New Zealand, bears that out.
Time for an historic "timeout"…
It’s what we do best. It’s what the European experience has ever been about. The gulf between the direction science and politics was going on North/South Turtle Island and Europe and Asian is one of the most profoundly misunderstood and misrepresented pages of history to ever be perpetrated. Turtle Islanders were less advanced in things essential to warfare. Written communication for one example and the ability to slaughter human brings wholesale is another. Brain surgery unthought of in Europe was in its infancy in "the Americas".
Ah.. if only Columbus had been Atheistopher rather than Christopher. How freaky is that…one of the most prolific genocidal monsters ever, named for a popular diety and our brainwashing is so constant that ever since we’ve tagged everything available after him.

I don’t think we’re in Topeka anymore Toto. They just changed the name to Kalumbia.


Call Together to Stop the Secret Police Bill C-51

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