coup d’etat

Given The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper’s propensity for breaking laws that get in his way, how long will it be before he and the thugs around him engineer a situation that will allow him to enact martial law and descend into a full out right-wing dictatorship?

My guess is that as soon as the robocalls and other assorted crimes of 2011 become obvious to enough people a groundswell will begin. And when enough of the non-inner circle start to feel the pressure to repudiate the mob of unindicted felons and traitors, elected and otherwise that constitute the inner circle of the “Harper Government,” the house of cards will fall.  Little Mr.  or Ms.  MP from East Knee Jerk on the prairie will eventually be faced with the question “Am I going to face the consequences with Stephen and Dean and Vic and the Johns and all the Peters and Leona and Rona and David and Maxine and Tony and Julian and Jim and Jason and Joe and Ted and Christian and on and on (hope I didn’t miss too many of the obviously guilty…there are so many)?  Or am I going to do the Bev Oda thing and get out while I can?”

The list doesn’t even include the in-the-pocket supreme court appointees nor the more than in-the-pocket senate appointees.

Well that’s what we’re faced with folks. All of the writing on the wall is much too plain to see.

These are dangerous times and these people will stop at nothing.

Sort of makes you wonder what Steve and little Tommy discussed between chapters.