The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Month: June, 2013

Day 41 – Pioneer Motors in Agassiz BC

I spent the night between days 40 and 41 at Lougheed & Davis Lane. My new friend Brad sent me there. Said it was the best spot for my needs and he was right. He also sent me to Pioneer Motors and said to ask for Don and tell him that Brad sent me. Well I did and they did and I’m so happy about the result that that’s why I’m being audacious enough to call Brad a friend.

Brad and then Don and everybody else at Pioneer Motors and the people at the library…it’s weird that I had such a bad feel not that far back at neighbours helping neighbours fire hall the day before and then Agassiz, helped out by Dianne “with two N’s” Young, or as I like to call her Young Dianne since we established that I’m four years her senior. Awfully hard not to think of Dianne as a friend.

And that on the basis of an expanded directions to Pioneer Garage and some politics. You could sure do worse than Agassiz.

I was getting so close to the financial abyss that of necessity I was collecting beer cans as I walked. Well, the abyss has been averted and I should be able to steer Toto to the man behind the curtain. But picking up the cans had me thinking that besides being 10¢ nuggets, they add nothing to the countryside. So I was helping the neighbourhood while helping myself. But I got to thinking that cigarette smokers must be the most habitual litterers in the world. Seems like smokers just discard the packages wherever and whenever they feel like it. Now sure they will disappear in time but they are ugly for a long time. Why not put a deposit on them? And far more important, why are we not dealing similarly with plastic? One hears about a giant island somewhere (I believe it’s the Pacific) made of nothing but discarded plastic. Why, for example, isn’t there a surcharge on every case of plastic bags sold? And there could easily be a retroactive charge per manufacturer. As the saying goes. “This ain’t rocket science, folks.” Develop a fund to pay for the eradication and reuse of that island of garbage.

I’ve been largely out of the political loop due to lack of phone battery energy but that is changing, so now I’ll be able to see what the Harpercrits are up to.

Day 41 Map

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Day 40: The Interrupted Journey

I’ve been without power for communication for a week until today so I’m way behind on what the Harpercrits are up to. I’ll try to catch up.

I slept at a lookout point where the Lougheed is mere feet from the shore of Harrison Bay which is a bulge just before it narrows and runs into the Fraser, and it’s a nice view.
When I first pulled in late in the afternoon, there was a fellow sitting in the back of a station-wagon type vehicle having his dinner and though I couldn’t see it I thought he was speaking with someone. It it turned out it was someone who was also eating and sitting in the front passenger seat. I noticed that the car had Alberta plates; so as I had done with the gentleman that I was so wrong about in Mill Bay, I thought, “Well, time to go meet the enemy.” How have I made it this far in life being this amount of repeatedly wrong? James the Calgarian sitting on the back and Sharriff an Egyptian gentleman in the passenger seat turned out to be so largely a combination of intelligent, charming, and utterly not-the-enemy.
As it turned out, they were so generous that I may never try to foresee anything ever again in life. We exchanged names, handshakes and pleasantries and I was informed that Sharriff’s city Cairo has a mere twenty million (20,000,000) people. That’s a lotta people. The generosity came when they were leaving – James left me with a container of mashed potatoes with bacon and Parmesan cheese that was invented and made by Mr. James’ Dad. Mercy, it was good. And plentiful. It lasted me four days.

I believe it was earlier today that I met a  First Nations gentleman named Gerrard on my way out and again on my way back. I told him that I was very bad at remembering names, and that to remember his name I had associated it with one of the best places I ever lived, which was Gerrard and Sherbourne, and I was pretty sure his name wasn’t Sherbourne. He looked and spoke like a man of strong character. I spent some time as I walked along relating that Gerrard and Sherbourne was where I got to know Bill Goddard or “BG,” who in time became very important in my life. He toured briefly with Thelonious Monk when Charlie Rouse was ill, and this likely a large part of the reason why I am a saxophonist. BG is long gone. He nicknamed me “the honourable Ted.”  I hope I’m living up to that moniker, BG!

Article in Straight.com

Here is an article which was just published!

About a year ago, Victoria’s Ted Musson told the Straight he would be going on a cross-country trek to protest the voter suppression that happened during the 2011 federal election.

The 70-year-old retired carpenter says that after several delays, he’s finally on his way. He arrived in Vancouver on June 15, almost a month after marking his first day on the road on May 19…

If you’d like to read the entire article, click here! Or use the link below:



Day 32 – Move along, please!

Slept last night in the Walmart at Boundary and Grandview Hwy, after my third police rousting from a residential street. I had thought that this might happen, but because the night before I had slept on 8th & Glen, I thought I’d see if Pender (one block east of Boundary) was upscale enough that someone would move me along. Well, it was, and I was very gently moved along by the most charming, polite and attractive couple – if he hadn’t been wearing one of those curly ear-wires, I’d have thought that they were just a curious young couple. I was thinking “You blew it this time, Central Casting!” but at the same time I realised that as a result they were probably very effective.
Too bad the Harpercrits gave me so much opposite to write about.

“Liars and Takers and Boors, oh my!”


Day 31 – Duh!

It’s a purely rhetorical question that calls for the retort duh??!  Is The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper the most gutless, manipulative, wimp to ever steal an election or what.
See? it didn’t even require the obligatory question mark!
Holy crap, his handlers, the corporate media and oil billionaire’s club must be sending him cases of hemlock disguised as beer hall putsch ale. They have got to be pissed off with their boy.
So let’s slither out from under the rock and see what we can do about destroying unions since they keep getting in the way of the transfer of wealth and power upward and taxes and subservience downward.

I’ve been told a few times since I started following the right-wing slug slime leading to Ottawa that my sense of humour will stand me in good stead. But there comes times when against my best instincts anger comes to the fore. When sitting at 5, 6 or 7am having a wonderful breakfast of coffee and oatmeal, and trying to reflect on the wonderful people I’ve met the day before and seeing instead the smarmy creeps that comprise the CPC: the Deans, the Shelleys, the Stephens and the rest of that gang of thugs bent on the nazification of Canada. Those racist bastards with their quizlings  and uncle tomahawks taking Canada back to a time when Natives had no rights; I get very angry.

Day 30 – Fish in a Barrel

Well I’m not a big fan of young Mr Trudeau but the disparity between him and “The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper” is huge and expanding.
I’m someone who believes that boxing is pretty uncivilized but who can’t help admiring Mohamed Ali, and who took guilty pleasure in seeing Justin Trudeau beat Patrick Brazeau (whom I must admit I frequently refer to as an “Uncle Tomahawk”). Now, to have Justin show the CPC for the Harpercrits that they are once again, with their phony indignation at his being paid for speaking at an event that had CPC fingerprints all over it, was delicious to say the least.

These jerks can’t even entrap with any aplomb.

Day 29 – Collingwood and Waterloo

I awoke on 11th between Collingwood & Waterloo in a very nice middle class neighborhood.
Rather than try to drive back and walk from Horseshoe Bay, I’ll find a different parking spot in the direction of UBC and walk there and back, meditate, and make my way east. The sound system in Toto has given up and sometime today I hope to replace it with a portable unit as well as getting a little pocket radio and a couple of other little things from Value Village.
I had more leg pain through the night than any night since the first week, and that at the end of the least active day. Feeling good this morning though except for hands. Sure felt good playing the piccolo yesterday. Must  play more.
Have to do some business here on Monday. Hope I get a chance to touch up the paint job and also do some of the research for CPC integrity…

I hope to be east of Vancouver by Tuesday. Boy! Talk about your working vacation.

Waterloo Collingwood

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Day 28 – Strange

Day 28 is strange.
It’s the first time I’ve awakened and not been totally ravenous for oatmeal and coffee. Today I felt a little poorly. Actually not so much poorly as just out of sorts. I think I really hate leaving this gorgeous island. I felt almost like a little bird must feel leaving the nest. Sort of scared but totally aware that this is what a little birdie does.

So the great statesman doesn’t want any bickering in caucus. I’m thinking that there really is a disconnect in the Harper head. He loses a member because of his dictatorial style, and one hears of ranting and fist pounding and he continues to treat his caucus as trained seals.
Rathgeber complained that he treated them like trained seals. He was wrong, Harper  treats them as trained seals. The majority are exactly that. Trained seals.

Day 27 – Very Interesting!

Day 27 was extremely interesting in that I met some very supportive people. The first one was a young gentleman whose name was something like Kephan “the story teller” from mythology. I’m going to guess Irish mythology. I sincerely hope he gets on my blog and corrects or confirms that. He spoke of future education and I think it was of marine biology. Unfortunately for me, his ride came along too soon –  he was fun to talk to.
The next person I spoke with was a young lady at the Rona. I can’t remember her name, and I didn’t ask her permission to reference her on my blog. She was very helpful geographically.
Then there was a young man who I bumped into twice the previous day on the highway in a light rain. I don’t think I got his permission either but I told him that I remembered his name because I had two uncles who were brothers and I was pretty sure it wasn’t Uncle “A” but rather Uncle “H” that had the same name.
Finally, there was Jeremy from Nova Scotia. I picked him up hitchhiking at the very south end of Nanaimo and took him to where I had walked which was Nicol and Commercial. We had a little bite in the vehicle which is after all a kitchen on wheels and he took off heading for Tofino. I think he’s going to Tofino because it is on the westernmost part of Canada. And then he’s hitching to Newfoundland. St. Johns is not just the most eastern place in Canada, it’s the most eastern place in the Americas.
Felt so good after lunch that I played my piccolo for a while.


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Day 24 – Ladysmith

Slept in the parking lot of the Safeway store mall at the south end of Ladysmith. The people here are very supportive.

But I got into a brief discussion with one of the ones of the 20 to 1 positive ratio. Nice guy who got into “the Liberals did some nasty stuff”. To which I had to reply, because I believe it to my core, that if you would compare the Liberals to the Mafia (which I don’t think he had any problem with) you’d have to compare the Conservatives to the Nazis. Now I’m here to tell you that my own people, my supporters get all freaked out: “Oooh,  you can’t say that, Ted. You lose credibility!”

Hmmm. Jerry Sienfeld can get ten years of laughs describing an obnoxious chef thus, but  I can’t reference it to a guy with all kinds of of fascist history, who wants to build mega-prisons in a time when all forms of crime are waning, who is muzzling scientists to the point that they marched against him (has that ever happened anyplace else on this planet?), who is taking Canada-aboriginal relations back to a time that was evil incarnate, who lies about the scope of military procurement, who acts like a dictator on every level (Rathgeber); and the list goes on, including RCMP, CBC, Afganistan torture complicity, criminal buddies, environment, IN/OUT, loss of U.N. security council seat, senate scandals and attendant lies, and on and on. No, folks, if mice are rodents, Herr Harper is a fascist dictator wannabe. And we ignore this at our peril.


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Heading to Cedar today. Probably just another gorgeous village. Wow, every step I’ve taken, since Gordon Head at the north edge of Victoria, has been beautiful…but occasionally beautiful gives way to jaw-dropping gorgeous as I continue my journey.