The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Month: May, 2014

Nazi or notzi

Everyone from Andrew Coyne to Carol Goar and in between make some sort of reference to the illegal, racist, amoral and general reprehensible nature of the CPC "administration". They don’t generally reference it as illegal, they tend to use more pastel shades to describe the Harper/CPC cabal, but they do vaguely reference loss of everything good. Transparency, honesty, honour, the common wheal, tradition. Nothing except money flowing upward and the world’s dirtiest most ecology befouling oil flowing outward is sacred to the harpies.

At the same time I’m frequently castigated for being too over the top, too outrageous, and for specifically referencing Harper as Adolf or as a burgeoning Nazi, as Hitler or as an unindicted international criminal.

Okay you guys, you professorial types, skillful journalist, experts in politics, history etc. Everything from you, amping up as we go chronologically forward from 2006 when dick-taters little Tommy Flanagan and Rob Ford’s buddy Stephe Harper began the criminal dissembling of Canada with enough hubris to say when he had finally stolen a majority in 2011 "you won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it", reads vaguely ugly, cruel, right-wing, barely legal, culturally unacceptable, aggressively militant rather than our traditional peace-keeping etc. And anyone but a moron knows that that particular yellow brick road leads to the fascism of Mussolini and Hitler. My question is how far down that road, how many concentration camp starts, how coincident with "the Third Riech" must it be? Does Stephe have to grow a little toothbrush mustache and wear lederhosen before it’s appropriate to reference these little neo-nazis as exactly what they are, little neo-nazis, without being too radical.

Just askin’.
And if I’m right and you’re wrong we can always finish this conversation in the box car (hey, you can believe they were out of taxis and limos if you must) that comes to fetch us.
And by the way if you still think we won the "Foul Election Act Ripoff" (F.E.A.R.) re-hustle, I have more oceanfront property in North Dakota…willing to deal… Whadda ya got.?


UN Turtle Island

Stephe and the Harpercrits are determined to reduce the native reality in Canada, while at the same time they’re on board with creepy fascist Bibi Netanyahu to do the same in apartheid Israel.
John Kerry had it right the first time but he just didn’t have the cajone power to stick to principal.
And at the very same time Stephe is making all kinds of oinky sounds about Ukraine, Russia and the Crimea. Harpy never saw a fascist dictator on the make that he didn’t want to cuddle up to. By all evidence, the Nazi quality of the illegal ouster of a legally elected government in Ukraine is but the most recent.

I hate war as much as Harpy and his little moron playmate George "W" love it. I hate Remembrance Day and have always thought the "honouring our brave soldiers" was largely a crock. Much like Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for what…we got guns and they got bows and arrows.

It’s a victory celebration.
Far too many anti-Semitic, wealthy, wasp, warmongers became wealthier financing Hitler, and wealthier again "fighting" Hitler, while at the same time keeping Jews out of Canada, costing youth lives, while Joe Capitalist’s profit soared.

My read of history tells me that we were duplicitous from the mid- twenties forward and we are hugely responsible for the carnage which inconveniently coincided with at that point, the greatest Euro business opportunity since the theft of North America, the theft of the gold on and near the Pacific coast or that other thing, the theft, even more completely than that, of the identities and lands of the Native Australians. WWII financially speaking was manna from heaven for the rich who by the way were the decision makers. "Uh let me see. Millions of poor and poorish are killed and after a cheap funeral we don’t have to worry about them and the memory of them makes for great patriotic theatre for 70, 80, maybe a hundred or more years. Best part of oh I don’t know let’s call it WWII that has a ring to it, profit. Profit and more profit. Yeah let’s do that." "We’ll prop up this Hitler guy who we essentially agree with and then go to war with him."

So you might ask "well Ted is there anything about Euro-Canada and it’s quasi-democracy that you like?"
Thanks for asking because the answers are: not much, and oh yeah that thing that Harper began demolishing with his first illegal minority, the one his little pervert friend Thomas Eugene Flanagan and he hated so much. Peace keeping.

Let’s take a little peek behind the curtain at the wizard, little Tommy.
You see I believe that Tom has another stake in the game. His words say that he’s a totally insensitive racist and child sex pervert wannabe. If he gets his way and what little safety exists today around little brown Native boys disappears, there’s a whole lot more child sex victims on the market for the likes of, and person of, Thomas Eugene Flanagan, pervert, as yet un-convicted felon, despicable quasi-human and BFF of The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper.

Afghanistan: Day of Dishonour

Let me see if I have this correct.
That murdering, little piece of flotsam George W Bush (is there a subterranean level the Bush family hasn’t sunk to or emanated from) having just stolen the US presidency, and in response to the Twin Tower 360 degree fraud, invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. That was five years before Stephe and his little pervert buddy Tom began treasonously stealing Canadian elections, perverting Canadian justice, and destroying Canada’s reputation around the world.

Named "Operation Iraqi Freedom" it has BUSH criminality all over it and for the initials and for reality’s sake should have the title "Operation Iraqi Lies".
Simply put, the troops and society were lied to about, Iraq. Everything in the middle east is about oil or protecting both ends of the Amero-Israeli Pact (the real axis of evil) and there is no doubt that Adolf Harper would have been in there helping Benito Bush in his insane murder spree that would be "over by Xmas"

Harper uses the deaths of young Canadian soldiers and many, many more, men, women and children of duskier hue and different beliefs to polish his reputation. He also uses support for the Crimea-Ukraine situation, the illegal, neo-Nazi, usurper government, to bamboozle you into believing all the idiocy America directs at anything Russian and the converse idiocy directed at the "Israel can do no wrong apartheid/fascism". (check the lightning speed back-pedal of John Kerry away from the truth about Israeli apartheid) George "W", whether you liked Saddam Hussein or not, what gives you and America the right to purposely misinterpret the 911 situation to depose the legal head of a government that your murdering daddy befriended until the board got tilted. The Iraqi administration was in bed with George H W Bush in much the same way as Manuel Noriega was until the oil that Kuwait was stealing from Iraq became good for America, much like drug profit was superseded by the need to look tough and "Christiany" so let’s keel-haul Noriega. The deposing of the legally elected governments is regime change crime. There are some of us who see a monster as a result and Stephen Harper is tripping over the criminals, perverts and generally illegal members of his own cabal to get in on the act. To get a better seat at the meetings and a better cut of the swag.

I truly hope that Canadians wake up to the fact that Stephen Joseph Harper is every bit the monster that fits him on to a list that includes the likes of Amin, Bush, Pinochet, Hitler, Mussolini, and other serial murderers, before it’s to late and we all wake up in box-cars or chains. And please, make no mistake about it, there is no member of the bush family that isn’t in blood over their heads. In a very real way, Harper is mirroring Jim Jones, leading gullible right-wing fools who think there’s a place for them at the table…"just beyond the free appetite enhancing kool-aid. Step lively. We’ve got a lot of processing and counting to do here good people." and profit sharing in the very profitable planet and society degradation game that is the CPC way.

Again let me state: they (CPC) are an illegal government, many of their members are complicit with the theft (treason) of the Canadian government, and any that are should spend the rest of their lives in prison. Not for any sense of revenge, but simply because they are bent and dangerous. Any one who can’t see and smell the evil that is endemic to Harper and his band of thugs is courting disaster.

In summation: it is sad and was unnecessary that so many people had to die to satisfy perverse need in Harper and his inner-circle minions. There is simply no honour and great shame not of course on the men and women who served but on those whom they served. And please don’t think that they were serving you. They were serving their oil soaked masters who just happen to be as well as criminal and morally bankrupt, your illegally gained masters.

Stephen Harper’s perfect crime

Herein I will attempt to describe the crimes perpetrated by Stephen Joseph Harper and Thomas Eugene Flanagan which led ultimately to the illegal fascistic "government" of Canada. And wouldn’t you know that the hubris with which this massive and extremely serious crime was committed caused the psychopath at the top to remove all portraits from the Parliament Buildings, of legally elected Prime Ministers, replace them with pictures of himself, change the name of the illegal government to the"Harper" government and to generally act like a despot on methamphetamine, Hitler’s favourite drug.

It got started with a financial flim-flam which completely turned the law on it’s head. It reversed what was on the law-books to specifically level the financial playing-field. It was called IN/OUT. Were all, or even any of the people who benefitted from this crime made to surrender the plunder? Made to vacate the seats they gained with the help of conspired to, crimes.

No question mark need. By now the questions are all rhetorical.
A few bucks was all it cost Harpee and CPC. The cute CPC obfuscation before finally admitting to the very serious crimes as well as the original benefit to the perpetrators, each cost Canada much, much more than the pittance they were penalized for their crimes.

Then in 2011 they gained "majority" with massive robocalls as well as more financial fraud, and the CPC proceeded to use the immediacy of the majority to stonewall anything that could lead to them being held accountable.

Meanwhile and immediately, they went around the world costing Canada hugely in security, to protect Harpee’s skanky ass and selling Canada on the open market to further enrich the corporate bosses. They made trade deals for the wealthy designed in corporate board rooms on charts were you are listed as almost parallel with fodder, hog-slop, and removable redundancies. Those three are all a little more important than you or your family and actually you and your family are two of the three entities on that chart. The real pigs won’t eat you, but fodder and removable redundancies… I think that changing you into viable hog food is what they have in mind for those unemployed scientists.

Next they rub Canada’s nose in it by having a member with robocall probability all over his Pierre Pollievre self, nominally rewrite the Elections Act (I trust you recognize Stephe’s legal prose) with which a bait and switch game is then played.

I can’t imagined a group of right-wing ideologues more intent on putting one over on the hoi polloi as the Harper Valley Petro Treason Army.
At the end of the bait and switch Harper now has what he couldn’t have gotten quietly. By floating the "Fair Elections Act Ruse", He got the "Fascist Energy Agreement Reboot" and that’s what it and everything else emanating from this "Crime Family" is. Fear and dispossession paving the highway to perdition (minus any good intentions) with bitumen soaked petro-dollars, arming Canada to join the bullies in a genuine "Axis of Evil" to patrol the planet knocking off any "progressive mutually beneficial left" and replacing it with "militant wealth upward right", and building prisons to house any dissenters.

"We’re through the looking-glass here people"

"If you drink much from a bottle marked ‘poison’ it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later."

Me and the left/right continuum

Apparently I’m way too radical.
It seems that the left believes we’re dealing with bad government. Hell all governments are bad,…and good. It depends what point they occupy on the honesty/dishonesty scale. But the Harper Government (remember the good old days when the government got it’s name from the Nation rather than a bit of criminal psychoscum) isn’t a bad government any more than Trigger was a bad cow. Roy Rogers rode trigger and Roy didn’t ride no cows. You see, in this little analogy Stephe is a horse not a cow. Okay good point. He’s much more of a horse’s ass, but he’s not a cow.

I’m very much a lefty guy. But I gotta tell you that some, very few, righties, have it in better focus than most lefties. They, real conservatives know that Stephe is a criminal who professes to represent them and they, honest righties, resent it largely.

Now let me describe me and my operation. It’s a one 72 year old lefty and a 36 year old 6m camper double-walking to Ottawa because his resentment went way beyond the right. They, the honest right, were having their party, their political philosophy stolen. I was having my country and many of it’s citizens stolen and utterly brutalized.

We do not have a bad government. We have a criminal, traitorous, treasonous, evil government. There’s a big difference that I believe most of the left are ignoring. This is not politics as usual, any more than some guy beating you over the head with a Louisville slugger is a normal Monday. They, the left treat it and him as bad, perhaps even crazy. But there is a big difference between being a nut-bar and being a traitor.

We also have a system that should be dismantled as soon as is rationally possible. Harper and his criminal cabal saw flaws that they could exploit and after stealing it are dismantling it, but in the opposite direction than that which is needed. The Foul Election Act Ruse "FEAR" is just one of myriad examples.. which I believe through bait and switch, the ruse, Stephe (petit pierre never had anything to do with it) got exactly what he wanted from the beginning. I’ve pointed out frequently that our Westminster based parliamentary system, which is hundreds of years older than a model "T", and more quickly broken than a Harper promise, like the sling-shot, used to be state-of-the-art. Even Art won’t touch this sling-shot any more. Harpee wants to disenfranchise and dismantle anything left of centre and give as much of the national treasure to the top one percent as he possibly can. Ironically the one percent gained another one percent of the national treasure last fiscal year.

I started this entry by saying I’m too radical for the serious left. Well I’m also not interested in the same target as the serious people who seem to believe that the 40% who didn’t vote are a lost cause. I’m arrogant enough to believe that people who spend way too much time listening to a pompous fool in a different floral or psychodelic or nursery wallpaper suit each day who’s made a career of NHL underachieving and racial bigotry in between hockey periods, who won one cup with a team that you, your brother or that aunt that’s a wee bit iffy would have won at least four with, are hungry to think about some real things that concern them, their children or future children and the health of their communities. This gang, cabal, crime family want to send your kids into war to enrich the top 1%. You collectively, have less, much less than when they stole their first minority government with IN/OUT.

So in summation. Listen up FORTY PERCENTER you’re the problem. You can stay a chump or be the biggest hero this country has ever produced. Bobby Orr, way bigger, Wayne, not even close, Steve Nash unh uh, not even Walker, Jenkins or the Blue Jays’ Brett, nor even his sister, not even Mark Ripien or Russ Jackson.

You. Just you. Amazing you.
If you engage your brain with politics enough to know how to vote in your family’s best interest, all the pollsters say we’ll be through with having an illegal right-wing Koch brothers pandering, Bush family and big oil sycophant. We’ll have a legally elected government that cares about your education, your health, your life. And we’ll have Canada back in the peace keeping business and out of the business of propping up the next illegal fascist dictator. Like the Ukraine illegal thugs who overthrew a legally elected government. And we’ll have a government honestly dealing with the missing women and many other related issues.

Similarly we should be dialoging with Israel and pointing out how most of their behaviour toward Palestinians is illegal, reprehensible and criminal. It should be pointed out to Israel that their great friendship with America is a true Neo-fascist "axis of evil" friendship, with their worst enemy during the thirties except Hitler, whom they, the American wealthy supported handsomely. And that Netabyahu’s mind-boggling vicious baffle gab ain’t fooling a soul. Bibi is an arrogant racist bully. Plain and simple. And if that disingenuous Baird (does he ever look otherwise than that he’s just ate a plate of doggy doo?) or the embarrassment that "sang” and "played" for the Knesset (which I understand has finally stopped laughing,) (c’mon Israel if you can keep a straight face that long after listening to that…you can act civilized toward Palestine) (think of it as Palastein and deal don’t be such schmucks) want to debate it. I’d be only too happy to oblige.

LOL (laugh out loud or lots of luck)

RCMP CNR IBT and that other thing

I’m getting so used to the RCMP being a supportive organization, not to me the political protester, but to me the 72 year old grey-haired guy parking along the highway and walking forward and then back., and occasionally parking long enough to cause concern in the individual officer. I truly appreciate the concern and this time I even caught the name of the officer. Officer Leafloor, is on the one hand just another front line RCMP member who’s encounter was to answer the question "this vehicle has been here longer than 24hrs. I wonder if all is well with the driver." And on the other hand. I sort of assume that RCMP is monitoring me. I’m not the normal Crowsnest traveller but front line, they’ve been friendly, concerned and more than a little interested in what one old guy is willing to do to justify his point of view.

Thank you. I assume sincerity.
Another constant as I’ve travelled is the folks, and is that still as male dominated as it seems, who run the trains. I’m pretty sure that I get increased "thumbs up" approval and notice, from the cabs of the engines going by.

The railways CNR and CPR have a history of Black and White. Think porter with immediate ceiling. Now think conductor with absolutely no ceiling. That, after many decades was rectified just prior to the demise of cross-Canada passenger service.

I really appreciate every thumb and hope I’m not imagining it. And I hope CP and CN will remember the century of racism and curtail any sexism if such exists.
The other and far more frequent due to the far greater number of participants is the brothers who I get approval from members and otherwise of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. One of the first in depth and extremely interesting conversations I had along the way which if I remember correctly was in right-wing B.C.’s sop to an even more right-wing Albertan, the Ernest Manning Park, was with a wonderful thinker named Orley. I’ve had others since and I’ve found truckers to be for the most part very supportive. Every time a truck gives me as much space as possible I chalk that up to support, and when from behind I get as little space as possible I assume the opposite. Thanks truckers, my family has a long gone association that goes back to before WWII. Steel hauling from Bethlehem Steel near Fort Erie on pole-trailers. I hope they were union but I doubt it.

Before leaving this thought, the name Manning came up and I’d just like to say the son of "Parkboy" Ernie, Preston seems remarkably dexteritous at finding the right lipstick. Now I’m not saying that he and Miss Piggy are related. Actually yes I am. Take a bit of tissue to Pre-stone Manning’s kisser and you got another guy so surreptitiously fascist that he can oink standing on his snout. John Baird has a better chance of passing for female than Manning has of not being a closet fascist. And by the way folks. Let me point out that some of the salient factors of fascism are misdirection, fraud, criminal behavior, corporate support at the expense of public support and militarism. These guys love sending the young into war. But have you noticed the dearth of support, even disrespect for these people when they come back home, damaged.

I reference Stephen Joseph Harper frequently as being a fascist, occasionally a Nazi, and rarely but in fact, directly parallel even coincident with Adolf Hitler. I also occasionally make those same parallels with his cabinet and Hitler’s cabinet. This stuff is all over the map from Peter "Hermann Goering" MacKay, whom I reference thus to reflect the mountains of lies, there then and here now, concerning machinery of war. Think F-35 or more appropriately FU-35 Another very parallel issue is "prison reform". Under this illegal band of thugs we have an astonishingly confusing program that looks like those other guys from 70-80 years ago. Hope I still have your concentration. How about the universally condemned, very Orwellian, and in this case another example of Nazification, delivered by Pierre "Poutine" Poilievre…(he’s a cheese head.) "Tell me you don’t see something very Euro-mid-thirties when you see that (awfully hard not to call him a punk) arrogantly on, and even more arrogantly off camera, revel in the knowledge that the boss is letting him deliver the destruction of Canada’s until now vaunted democratic election system.

There are dozens, hundreds perhaps thousands of examples of lies that originate in the Harper "War room" all of which have a surreptitious "kick ’em into the gutter" intention and effect. Everybody is on board, recognizing the Harper propensity to kick anyone that he was embracing yesterday under the bus today, based purely on his own survival. Well those targets ain’t the hoi polloi they’re his buddies, his confederates that he’s acting thus with…why would he treat you, the hoi polloi better? He won’t. He isn’t. Slowly, as secretly as possible (that’s his game) he’s navigating you under far worse than a bus. Maybe as one B.C. lady suggested, it’s not under anything but rather into a cattle car. Harper’s history is one of greater damage accompanying greater pigmentation, and less affluence, and the damage is the decrease of longevity, further diminishing of economic power and the increase of incarceration. Amazingly (don’t miss the sarcasm) his corporate buddies have the exact opposite result. They’re whiter, more male dominated, they live longer, become wealthier every single day and similarly, daily, have less probability of ever having to answer for their crimes. A scenario just like that which that Adolf guy delivered.

The world is a very different entity in the political as well as scientific sphere today than it was 70 or 80 years ago, but if you can convert those old mile thingys into shiny new metric, you’ll have no problem doing the math on the 70-80 year disparity.

I know that a huge swath of society condemns the use of parallels such as this but I’m unable to find effective ways to define the Harper history and current reality otherwise.
One last thing. I’ve related previously that I don’t believe in the genuineness of the breakup of Stephe and his very probably pervert (the evidence/math says so) BFF, indeed soul-mate, little Tommy Flanagan. So I’m going to put the world speed record of public rehabilitation of Tom on the Harper’s CBC, plate.

Unseemly haste.
CBC’s rehabilitation of the Thomas Eugene Flanagan reputation schedule continues with unseemly haste.
Little Tommy has spent much of his life vilifying Native Canadians so I’m assuming that he won’t mind the turnabout being fair play approach. You see the thing is Tommy that someone like me who is partially from the Emerald Isle and from an upbringing of related religiosity, can’t help, under the circumstances, remembering how many child sexual abuse criminals mostly protected by their religious handlers have amazingly parallel histories with your own. Except for how they wore their collars. I believe I remember from the sod a bit o’ history of corroboration with Adolf…but you and Harper ? Hardly corroboration. As I understand it you were the Geppetto to Harper’s Pinocchio.

Who knew what was growing on Geppetto, while Pinocchio’s was lying his nose longer.
You on very shaky ground there boy.
Conrad Black might still have great wart removing connections, and he’s shown his willingness to help a fellow fascist rehabilitate but the math of your slip of tongue doesn’t work in your favour Tommy.
Does math ever lie…


"Now isn’t that special"
Never thought I’d have occasion to quote Dana Carvey’s SNL character, "Church Lady" on a political blog but, "Isn’t this just too special?"
We now have further proof, as if we needed it, that every RCMP Commissioner since Giulliano Zaccardelli has had his nose so far up Harper’s mini-skirt that if any of Harper’s minions commit cold-blooded murder they could expect a severe reprimand. Hell, simple election crime will get you a cabinet post. Right Shelly.

People keep getting up my nose, friend and foe alike, for having views that are "too extreme", but after this latest insanity concerning Harp’s boy Nigel…well that cold-blooded murder thing…maybe severe was a little extreme. Perhaps a light talking to, and yeah Mom can come and hold the hand of Dean, or whoever the poor little chap or chapettes that’s being scolded is.

Let’s do a little partial recap.
2006 saw Stephe and his buddy little pervert Tommy doing the old IN/OUT. No not that kind, although the same adjective could be used to describe the condition you were in after the fact. You my friends, meaning anyone with less than an obscene amount of money, would be truly "forked". But that little bit of dalliance was absolutely nothing compared to the menage et trois Zacc and Stephe had in mind for you. What they had in mind was that Zacc would do a Paul Revere kind of thing where he rode through town on his ass yelling all kinds of inflammatory, untrue things about the opposition, Stephe would fare better in the upcoming election and through his criminally gained position Mr Giulliano Zaccardelli would get his pay-off. And how much of this truly criminal broadcast by Zacc of criminal things perpetrated by those bad opposition guys was real.

None. Fantasy
Nada. Made-up
Zip. Whole cloth
Let me repeat that. None, nada and zip were true. The Harper CPC government made-up the whole fantasy out of whole cloth.
Thanks to financial fraud, which after costing you millions in delays, the Harpercrits admitted guilt to, and paid a fine which amounted to a fraction of the total of money illegally shifted, and also a fraction of what the obfuscation cost the Canadian treasury, coupled with the crimes committed by Gulliano Zaccardelli Canada got it’s first ever criminal government or "treason" government. The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper is neither honourable nor the legal PM. The only "right" thing in Harper’s world is the political area he occupies with such luminaries as Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Pinochet, Amin, Batista, and other assorted monsters. Harper’s lot is that of being on the wrong side of history and politics and embracing unbelievable lack of sincerity and remorse toward the poor, the ill, the other and his former friends. They’re the ones with bus-tire tracks on them. Ultimately, pragmatically he’s right in the sense of correct because I believe (to the consternation of most of my friends and foe) that Stephen Harper by his actions and pronouncements is at his core criminal, rotten and a Nazi.

Oh! and Zacc. He got a very well paid job with Interpol in France. He’s the very same scumbag who lied to make Maher Arar’s life hell. He’s the same scumbag that was in over his head in RCMP pension scandal. He’s a guy who’s full name should be Giulliano Greedycriminalbastard Zaccardelli. Similarly Stephe’s full name should be Stephen Howthehellcanibeaneo-nazi Joseph Imazionshillandbornagainforgodsake Harper.

Of life and Stephe I can only say "As ARP becomes ITL we all die a little."
It has been suggested to me that with regard to the other CPC’ members, legally elected and otherwise, whereas I use too dark a brush on Harper, I use too wide a brush in painting them the same colour. From this distance the evidence is overwhelming as to what Stephe’s inner circle is. Anyone within his party, but just a backbencher who is genuinely innocent should have their olfactory abilities checked and should think about cultivating a less criminal gang to hang out with. You might also want to try a different occupation. Politics is obviously beyond your reach.

Rob Anders was definitely dumb enough not to know. But he knew, and it was a delightful sound the door hitting his ass. Why do I mention Rob? Just to show that Stephe’s bigotry is on a personal level neutralized by greed avarice and the willingness to "lie for the big guy". Rob like Uncle Tomahawk Brazeau, Bev Oda, Arthur Porter, to name just a small fraction (too bad that nice O.J. person is in prison. We love his style), and the cheat who lost Labrador, Penashue (even though he was "the best ever" to quote Harpee.) are all a hue (in Rob’s case a mentality) that Harpee finds repugnant even when he spends millions doing the sycophant thing in South Africa "honouring" a man with substance Stephen Joseph Hatper can’t even dream about equalling. But he can remember the good old days of trying to have him kept incarcerated or better in Stephe’s sick apartheid mind killed.

Simply put folks, on an almost daily basis we get yet more reasons to incarcerate rather than elect Stephen Joseph Harper. We haven’t done either yet. Let’s do the right thing going forward and release the many whom should not be imprisoned and incarcerate vigorously anyone guilty of electoral fraud.

I like to end this kind of post with the warning, alarm, prediction, that if Harper and at least a double-digit number of his henchmen and women don’t inhabit prison for as long as legally possible, we’re inviting the next group of greedy unprincipled gangsters who feel that they have the right to declare war on anything and hoard the ill gotten gain thereof, to do so.

But folks. Be careful on the "e"scape. "Your privacy" just became the punchline of some very sick right-wing jokes.

And like the Northwest Mounties…you know I’ll bring her in. Gonna find her…