The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Month: November, 2013

Thug for hire

So Patrick Brazeau is looking for work is he.
Well he failed the amateur boxer interview miserably. But what about "woman beating, threatening and generally harassing"? Are there any of those jobs out there.
Unfortunately what PB does best is more of a character flaw than an actual vocation, that of "uncle Tomahawk". That’s where a person sells what dry thin little bit of soul they have to the highest bidder. In this case the head of Canada’s illegal government The Wrong and Dishonourable Prime Madman Stephen Joseph Harper.

Gotta say it looks good on Patrick that when he threw his heritage overboard and threw in with SJH he failed to notice how overly developed Stephe’s leg-used-for-kicking-fellow-felons-who-are-now-more-valuable-as-fodder-than-as-allies-under-the-bus was.

Ahh, Patrick you are exactly where you belong. Hanging out with fellow useless CPC liars, schemers, and generally greedy ne’er do wells with a shelf life predicted at 2015 and hopefully in many cases guest-of-the-state in their fairly immediate futures.

I truly hope that whoever takes the reins, Justin or Thomas has the intelligence and moxie to go toe to toe with SJH’s history in court.
Unless of course the illegal take-over of Canada is more successful than Decievin Stephen’s recent performance would predict.
How fast and far the truly deserving of comeuppance can fall.

Pow-wows and prevaricators and would-be-pugs oh my



On 2013-11-13 2:54 PM, "Ted Musson" <electionfraud2011> wrote:
> I’ve said to a lot of people as I walk to Ottawa that if you are walking down the highway (perhaps going the "long" way/wrong way) with a big yellow sign on your back that says you’re walking to Ottawa you look like you’re crazy. But, if you’re walking down the highway with a big yellow sign that says you’re walking to Ottawa and you’re not walking to Ottawa, then you are crazy.

> Well this feels like I’ve gone crazy. I came to Lethbridge from Monarch without walking any of it to attend to a throat problem, and realized that at 71, I have a number of physical issues that rationally are probably going to keep me here until the weather improves. I must make up for driving in when I leave Lethbridge, by walking back to the western turnoff from "Crowsnest Pass" and walk into Monarch and back out on the northern road back to Lethbridge.

> Now if I can find a guitar player who knows all the standard voicings of the Christmas stuff, let’s play. There must be parties and events. I’m a piccolo, alto-sax, flute player of the pop, standards and jazz persuasion. I keep being told that I should exploit playing more as I walk to Ottawa and perhaps I’ll try to do so. Played solo in Nelson, and then at the Balfour ferry with a really fine guitar player that I met somewhere near Proctor. I busked, had a bunch of fun and made a fistful of money.

> Guitar, or any other portable chord instrument would be fun to play with here in Lethbridge.
> Yeah. It looks like I’m in Lethbridge until it makes lots more sense to leave. Both Toto and I are well past any warranties so anything I can do for it or I and be weather patient will be smart.

PSMYLES. (tmpp)

When you see "psycho-Stephe" (trade mark pat.pend) with one of his best "psmyles" (trade mark pat.pend.) as close to arm in arm as the "Stephe" (trade mark pat.pend) ever gets with anyone, mentoring the young Mister Sona/Poutine in the fine arts of (C)conservative politicking…well it kind of melts an icicle from off of your dang heart. And boy don’t they have "slickest dudes in the room uh huu…" written all over themselves.

Everywhere you look Stephe(tm) is having his picture taken with tomorrow’s miscreant. In his wake; perverts, felons, robocallers with burner cell phones, neo-nazis, promotees promoted on the basis of willingness to commit treason. Ability/desire to lie is not just an asset here, but a basic requirement. Shelley, Dean, Peter, Jim "the munchkin" Flaherty, Jason, Vic, etc… and on every single level, Supreme Court, Senate, all the way down to the least significant young mister fall-guy (who should be watching and taking notes on The Mike Duffy Story) Michael"Pierre Poutine"Soma.

I wonder if he ever got mentoring from Bruce Carson. It would seem a "natural". CPC financial fraud on every level is an actual constant.

**aside to young mister Soma here. Kid, they will kick your cute little ass so fast and so far under the bus…What is it that you think you continue to possess that the most disloyal, overdeveloped under-the-bus-kicking-foot, illegal, Prime Minister who the Canadian tax payers protect far more expensively than all other Prime Ministers combined, from a lifetime of enemies and deceits, can use you for, when you get out of prison?

Any answer other than huh? is delusional.
He is Straussian and that means that you are insignificantly disposable. As things stand, you kid, are a creep. But you can redeem yourself. benefit your species and probably yourself by rolling over on Harper.**

Yes we all know that politics is akin to sausage making in esthetic value
but this admixture is 50% fecal mater not the .00005% and you know…1 bug part per gazzillion not per mouthful.
The craziest thing about the Harper Government is that they seem to be equal parts of everything detrimental, to both themselves and to the electorate. Harper, his very own self, the amount of practice he gets notwithstanding, is an astonishingly bad liar. I’m starting to believe that Stephe’s psycho driven need to lie causes him to do it in a way that he’s seen. He needs to do it and he needs to be seen doing it. And it’s not like his base was hoping for Mary Poppins. No they were looking for Freddie Kruger and they got him. And he likes to show them in a wink or a nod periodically that in terms of blood letting "we’re all on the same page."

The insanity that is the Rob Ford show afforded me an encapsulation of what I see when I look at right-wing politics. Crack-addled Rob Ford being absolutely oblivious of the nonsequitor that he was pronouncing when he said "I said some things that were unforgivable and then I apologized." He, can’t do the math.

Psycho-Stephe(tm) would have glowed, grinned and gloated were it he that had gotten away with it.
No folks in our sad old full of crap, democracy, developed four or five centuries ago to protect the English wealthy from despotic rulers, a despotic fascist has identified enough holes to be half way to a dictatorship and every day under rule of this illegal despot and his treasonous cabal becomes more and more dangerous.

Closer to the edge.
Fait accompli.

Where am I

On, or about Oct 22 I made my first entry onto my blog with nothing but my phone, my brain and my index finger. That was thanks to Matt who worked on my phone at the library in Ft. Macleod and plugged me in. So here it is almost three weeks later and I’m still amazed at being able to update my blog thus. Thanks Matt.

And what an amazing three weeks it’s been. We’ve witnessed a major league performance of deceit and greed from almost anyone who was anyone on the right.
Led by the leader.
Stephe’s performance must have brought forth tears in Calgary. But that was just the cherry on the top. There was icing and whipped cream aflow in Conservativeland where all the little conservatives sleep snug in the knowledge that there are no union members lurking outside the door.

The Pam, Pat and Mike show was a hit with everybody who had nothing to do with it, and a remarkable deception training session for everyone who did. There’s almost no one on this planet that would scare me more than Stephe, as Prime Minister including of course the very intelligent, attractive and electable Justin Trudeau. But it’s a shame that we have a system that favours the potential superficiality of Justin over the hard work and results of Thomas Mulcair. But Stephe is a walking travesty of a real Prime Minister, and Justin or Thomas would both be astronomic improvements.

Honour and truth took seats way at the back of the bus when the Stephe led CPC committed treason in May 2011 and one couldn’t help wondering if Stephe could ride this out and pray(?) for respite, or if this would intensify and move up any plans for seeking an excuse for Martial law followed by a dictatorial dismissal of Parliament "until such time as safe elections can be held," you understand. "Meantime we should keep union hierarchy in protective custody for their own safety," you understand…

I’ve been in Lethbridge since discovering a lump on my neck. I’ve met an amazing new friend Dean here who is multiplying my comfort and being totally solicitous concerning "if he’s doing enough." I’m way too wimpy and old to adjust to this weather this late in life but I have to thank Lethbridge and in fact every step of Alberta. The attitudes I’ve encountered every step of Alberta has been truly humbling. Do something about the weather and I’ll show up like a bad penny…seriously, my arthritic old hands would find the strength to strangle me if I subjected them any more than absolutely necessary to Lethbridge’s temperature swings and winds.

I have a great deal of trouble understanding why the places that did, would vote for this incredibly dishonest cabal which by the time of our last election had developed an outstanding five year record of lies broken laws, disregard for democratic practices and connections to criminal and social misfits. Stephe himself has a record that goes back to his teens of lies and racism. He used some of his neo-nazi connections for security for Preston Manning a decade ago and his conversion from neo-nazi dabbler to full blown Zionist shill is staggering. Week after week and scandal after scandal the Canadian electorate watched Stephen Harper stonewall Election Canada in it’s pursuit of the power necessary to revisit the election of 2011. Is there an even vaguely honest reason, other than the knowledge or fear of a largely phony election, which is what I allege and why I’m walking to Ottawa, that Elections Canada shouldn’t have deep and sweeping powers to investigate. And is there any reason why any people who had a hand in such a treasonous conspiracy shouldn’t pay dearly, or do we accept CPC concept that they just broke some little irrelevant rules and that the destruction of most of Canadian institutions is okay.

No folks. We have to incarcerate the guilty and reconfigure the Supreme Court, Senate and all other institutions which have been pushed to the right so as not to represent the bankrupt policies and mores of these criminal thugs.

The evidence says that we have no idea how the second half of the first decade and the fist half of the second decade would have manifested minus the Harper mentality. The Harper mentality being the willingness to break whatever laws were needed to maneuver himself into the law making position which in Canada is near dictatorial. That of Prime Minister.

Who are we?

Ever since Pincher Cr. I’ve been meeting wonderful amazing people and having exceptionally good things happen to me.
The gentleman who’s name I’d hoped was on the "OK tire" bill, but wasn’t, got the ball rolling. He was just the right up beat tempo to make me feel confident. I got my rv power upgraded at "OK tire" and felt very well treated. That’d see me much more comfortable, and I left Pincher Cr. with "best wishes" and a smile on my face.

Matthew, Doyle, Tokyo, Bernice, Angela, Doctors and Nurses, Dean, Harry, what a trip.
Truth is that whether it’s logical or fanciful I felt most welcome and most looked after as I was walking and campering through the Blackfoot Nation. No it is logical. I didn’t make up the honks, smiles and thumbs-ups

that I experienced. The people there don’t need educating about criminal government and all forms of corrupt and they responded spontaneously and positively to me I’m sure.
And now I’m in Lethbridge. Guest of the amazingly generous aforementioned Dean and trying to figure what the respectful parameters that work for Dean are. I’m hoping that a long hot bath, cook a gourmet meal then retire to Toto until post oatmeal Manana. Maybe morph into Dean’s butler.

I want to go back to the top to where Pincher Cr. came up. My only Toto trip into PC. Can I do that? Call it "PC". Does it get that. Well no matter. I have an extension of good feeling from the place three Kliks south off the "Crowsnest" west of The Piicani Nation.

I’ve met some wonderful people and they’ve led to meeting others. Pincher Cr. is the ultimate reason I’m so comfortable in Lethbridge.
Due to weather and health, i.e. I’ve got a mid Dec. doctors appointment at Chinook hospital in Lethbridge it’s one to four months, I’m thinking, and ‘twould be nice to play some music before arthritis takes over completely. Must find a "realbook" guitar player and play the Euro tribal chants (Good King Wensaslau etc) and pop seasonal tunes (I Saw Mommie Kissing Santa Claus etc) as we approach the Yuletide.

Ford and Harper

The parallel with Harper and Ford is the mental disconnect. Harper claims absolute alcohol abstainence and wants to put people like Ford in jail. Ford loves to do the disgusting alcoholic boogie and be as unHarper as is possible.

But regardless of Ford’s insane substance use and problem; or Harper’s extension of absurd, unscientific, even petulant, perhaps revenge motives, concerning rational and beneficial use, Ford and Harper sing from the same hymn book. It’s the "corporate money" hymn book.

Perhaps the strangest part of all this is that as harmful as the method of each is to people further down the slope. Only one of them is a psychopath and his name isn’t Ford.
Ford is a very unbalanced and sick man who’s friends should probably be intervening and getting help for and who obviously should have left office long ago. But watching Stephen Harper, post Calgary speech flim-flam, sitting by himself glowing in his echoing rhetoric is to look into the face of psychopathology.

If you haven’t ever seen the amazing movie that Elia Kazan, Bud Shuleberg, and Andy Griffith made more than half a century ago by the name of "A Face In The Crowd" you might want to check it out. It certainly doesn’t parallel the life of Harper but every now and then it bumps up against "Life Of Stephe" in the most jarring ways and if one watches with a mind open to the realities of still full blown segregation in pre JFK, pre freedom busses and vicious sheriffs and their more vicious attack dogs, Arkansas you see starkly the face of Stephen Joseph Harper shining psychotically through Andy’s "Lonesome Rhodes" and you wonder when is one of this "loose connection’s" handlers going to crank up the applause machine, lift the curtain and show him for something a lot closer to what he is than what his co-opted propaganda machine allows.

For the sake of Canada.

Euros and surplus

If there’s a greater disparity in the Canadian economy circa 20th century than the bottom getting shallower as the top gets fatter, it’s the ever greater attack by the rich and greedy i.e. the fasco-conservatives and the distortion of all things union.

Unions have never been the media darlings that the fat and greedy have ever been. Opinion dissemination has always been the Bailey-wick of that same fat and greedy crowd. They make heroes of the most selfish, villains of the most altruistic, and they turn whatever eye is needed for their bottom line. Sometimes a blind eye sometimes a benign eye but never a caustic until they need the caustic eye to support their utterly specious arguments against the nasty unions.

So in a nutshell the CPC’s point of view is that no matter that you and I lost hugely throughout the 20th century it’s time for brass knuckles aimed at the only thing that stands between you and being totally beholden and dependent on the ruling class. How do you suppose that’s going to work. Do you think Stephe and CPC have your best interest in mind. You’ve seen how fast he can turn on friends and you’ve seen how the rest of them can be distracted with a hunk of red meat. Surely it can’t require too much distance from the center in CPC land that individuals are beginning to notice the lies. Surely Stephe’s leaky boat is starting to take in water.

But what about all that good news Ted? You ask.
Isn’t that lovable little munchkin Jim Flaherty hourly letting it slip out that a CPC run Canada is slightly wealthier per capita than the richest Mideastern oil producing country. And isn’t Stephe constantly yet ever so vaguely pointing out that we won’t even need it due to every single Canadian being made Baron and Baroness wealthy thanks to him slickin’ the Euros.

And Stephe and Jim have never ever lied to you so why would they start now. Well Bubba they wouldn’t. It’s a fact. You can look it up. If you are standing anywhere in Canada…son y’all are in pair’o’dice.

And they’re loaded.
And not in your favour.
Y’all come back real, real, real soon.

Asians and Euros and real, real, real big surplusses oh my

Daily weekly occasionally

I’m still trying to get both hands and my head around blogging. Trying to find the parameters that this phone can embrace. I hate cranking my brain up and grappling with the odious reality that is everything Harper, only to lose what I’ve composed to the telephone etherea.

I’ll send this now and hope that I’m 100% sure how to recreate the send point.


As everyone knows Stephe is the only perfect person walking the planet. His daily "who did me wrong yesterday?" would tax a lesser man and give rise to insecurities. But not to Stephe. To be perfect in one’s own mind and a barely acceptable member of the species in most others minds, must weigh heavily.

Unless of course one is a psychopath and then everything is easy. You see for a psychopath it’s necessary to play act embarrassment, contrition, and myriad other emotions that might get in the way and of which one is incapable. The psycho can promote, install and defend a minion who moments later and on the exact same basis he’ll kick under the bus without a side ward glance, and completely devoid of contrition or irony. How does his/her destruction affect my bottom line is as emotional as "Joe psycho" or "Stephe Joe psycho" ever gets. And please folks if you ever think. -Stephe, Canada and people- in the same thought sequence, you probably need to change Canada and people to Calgary and bitumen.

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper may or may not be our first certifiably psychopathic PM. But he certainly is our current certifiable psychopathic PM.
Look at what we all know of the Duffy affair. He got Duffy to lie and obfuscate to protect himself and then went on a destroy Duffy campaign. This is SJH’s modus operandi from the beginning. It’s how Stephe does business, and the hokey show in Calgary this weekend, the wall to wall lies, the bombast, the scatter gun salvos of blaming others for what we have all seen emanating from him, must be an embarrassment to most Canadians. But it would seem that that is what the faithful want. Honesty is the last thing they want from this absolutely phony evangelical Christian humbug. What they want is the morality and mentality of those whom circumstances has seen fit to exclude.

The greed of the triumvirate of senators he’s installed, the willingness to steal from others of his former(?) adviser Bruce Carson and the total lack of integrity of his mentor expatriate American Tom Flanagan. Yes folks in Stephen Joseph Harper, the energy and ultra right-wing attendees at the weekend "lie and greed fest" have exactly what they want.

Harper; bare faced liar.

Right off the top here I should reiterate that my action, walking to Ottawa has nothing whatsoever to do with the political spectrum. I’d be doing what I’m doing regardless of the political stripe of whom I’m aimed at, if an individual of any other party was guilty of the crimes that I and many others perceive Stephen Harper to be guilty of.

However having said that, that statement must be followed with the observation that I have never seen any but the extreme right act to this degree in such a matter. And on the right we have many examples in many countries the world over. Globally Conservative crimes and greed pretty much define the 20th century.

Stephen Harper approached the podium securely armed with the knowledge that the lies that he was about to tell were exactly the lies that his committed audience wanted to hear. Truth and honesty were far too quaint concepts for this room. This was about winning. This was about the lessons learned at the knee of professor Tom Flanagan. The noble lies of Leo Strauss who fell in love with the governing concepts of Adolf Hitler even as he formulated his escape from nazi Germany due to having been born Jewish.

Strauss wound up creating the Chicago school with which to disseminate his harsh, dishonest political philosophy and Flanagan and others transferred it later to Calgary and to the wholly discredited Calgary School wherein Stephen Harper came of age.

It’s hard to imagine what Leo’s reaction to the weekend Calgary lie fest would have been. Never having studied the Strauss noble lie concept I have no idea of where Leo stood vis a vis subtlety as apposed to the absolutely cartoonesque performance by Stephe. He didn’t even try to knock the corners off the untruths. Rather he let them sit there and steam "misrepresentation", and scream fascism, fascism, fascism.

Phony religious Stephe and his untutored fascist throng are all about greed and force. Not one whit about tolerance and persuasion.
I would like to say again that my action is wholly about the treason committed in May.2011. But when we see and hear on a daily or weekly basis streams of lies emanating from the mouth of Stephen Harper it strengthens both my resolve and the logic which says that this, The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper committed treason and deserves penitentiary not Parliament.

In a final word let me say if you like numerous re-tellings of the party lie you were in your element. And if you like it done to good old rock and roll this must have been heaven, since you and I know that the last thing that SJH and his henchmen are any good at is "Taking Care Of Business". Unless of course Decievin Stephen has worked some Svengali magic and made you believe that the Euro-deal is something more than smoke mirrors and actually on balance less than nothing for Canada.

Sure wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall of SJH inner cranium to see what his honest reaction is to his supporters gobbling up the crap.
If you can’t see parallels here with Toronto’s Ford and his supporters, then you aren’t really trying

Leapers and tumblers and bouncers oh my.

Talk about yer bread and circus