The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Month: August, 2013

Creston B.C. Tue Aug 27 2013

At seventy-one, (it looks less scary to me spelled than seeing the numbers up here) which I turned twelve days ago, and having a lot of the problems associated with that, such as worsening arthritis and ongoing foot problems, and having major difficulty keeping my computer and phone charged up on the road, what with traveling only 2-4Km at a time keeping my blog up to date on a daily basis just became to difficult.

I walk 2-4 Km, turn around and walk back to “Toto”, drive to where I walked and repeat the process. A few thousands of those and voila, Ottawa. So here I am in beautiful Creston at the library and I’ve decided that unless Deceivin Stephen or one of his henchmen has done something particularly odious, i.e. dishonest, racist or any of the other evil, ugly things that they’ve become notorious for I’ll wait until the next library opportunity to update the blog. By the way, if where you are isn’t beautiful you probably aren’t in B.C. I have a bruise on my chest from my chin hitting it practically every time I turn a corner.  And I’m guessing that’s why the people here are so nice.

One of my most recent examples of how nice the people are involves Dan, a gentleman who came tearing up his driveway to enquire if I intended to drop garbage or sewage on his property. I guess the shock he saw on my face convinced him completely that that was not going to happen, and after a nice conversation about what I was doing he put his truck in reverse and rolled back down the driveway.  Next morning Dan knocked on my door and presented me with tomatoes, cucumbers and ears of corn. That made that mornings walk into Creston much more enjoyable.

Enough accolades. The harpercrits have been at it again.  On steroids… Anyone who sincerely believes that Michael Sona acted alone with his Pierre Poutine robo-call scheme in Guelph, Ontario should know that I have some ocean-front property in downtown Calgary with a beautiful view of the Vatican and an average winter temperature of plus fifteen degrees Celsius for sale. And if any prospective buyer believes that The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper had nothing to do with it I’ll gladly include a recording of every member of Deceivin Stephen’s inner circle giving an honest reply to an important political question. Michael Soma is apparently looking at a possible fine of $5,000 and a possible five years in prison. If that same prospective buyer believes that upon conviction he spends anything like 5K and five years I’ll throw in the alchemy machine. And by the way isn’t that a little steep for the simple crime of treason? Oh wait I’m sorry.  SJH has been proving for years, many years, that illegally deceiving and thwarting the will of the Canadian electorate isn’t a real crime, let alone treason.  It’s just CPC way of doing business. Or as his old buddy George Dubya calls it “bidness”

The layer of slime on the inner circle of The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper at a penny a pound could pay down the Canadian debt. Members of the CPC should be fined a thousand dollars an hour for every hour that they have lied about things like illegal election spending which on the eleventh hour they’ve admitted to. That’s on the basis of a twenty-four hour day and a seven day week. Yeah we’re looking at you Shelley “Sarah Palin wannabe” Glover. Is Michael Sona being offered the kind of deal that other accused people are of leniency for “patching” through the system?

For the uninformed  the concept of “patching” is simply “your problem is that your life has a criminal hole in it and you’ve got to give us, the authorities, a bigger piece of fabric with which to patch that hole, and your problems will be mitigated downward. If that happened Deceivin Stephen’s guilt would be about 1-100 on the Vegas board.For the uninformed that’s the opposite of 100-1. As if Vegas would take anything that the Harper Supreme Court could get in between.

Burner cell phones and traitors and CPC felons oh my


Day 82 Thursday

Thursday was a very lazy recuperation day. I sleep so well these days that even a bit of train activity close by doesn’t awaken me. I went in mid afternoon to the library and began to update my blog. When I arrived in Nelson I was stressed and trying to overcome it. But now that there is a very good likelihood that the government check spewing machine is aimed at my account, as soon as it arrives I’m gone, subject to any health or media issues that could arise. By media issues I’m referring to the small independent newspaper and radio that will give some credence to what I’m doing and I must make myself available when they’re available.

Have I mentioned yet today that I absolutely have fallen in love with Nelson. No offense to any of the other gorgeous places like Cowichan Bay or Aggasiz or Hedley or “the Forks”  does it ever get that? “the Forks” ?  But Nelson is just the best I’ve ever felt about a place. I lived a bit in Amsterdam and was enchanted from the first minute, but in five days I don’t think I felt this good. My arrival in Nelson coinciding as it did with the finance, media and minor health issue has me temporarily stopped/slowed and I’m grateful that if it must happen it’s happening here.

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper keeps lying to Canadians telling them that we’re doomed if we don’t accept the tarsands as a huge part of our energy policy. I have a very hard time remembering or even imagining SJH telling the truth about anything. I believe I asked it before and I’ll ask again “has any other country had the scientists of that country march against them?  Folks Deceivin Stephen is making Canada the laughing stock of the world and if he retains the kind of power he has, he’s the kind of tightly wrapped psycho that might do anything to stop the international laughter.

Laughter and titters and vengeance oh my

Day 81 Wednesday

Met city manager Kevin and his bride to be Allison while busking on Vernon St. They were both really enjoying themselves and were fun to speak with. It’s was really nice experiencing two such people who are so obviously going to be more than the sum of their parts starting on Saturday the seventeenth of August. That’s the date of the nuptials. Kevin mentioned not having a sax player yet and I don’t know how serious he was but I have it somewhere in the back of my mind to play an anniversary somewhere down the road. Have I mentioned how much I like Nelson and how many ways I’m planning to get back here. And now that I’m on a first-name basis with the city manager… Kevin, you do a heck of a fine city.

Late in the afternoon before going busking I was in need of water for “Toto” the name I’ve given the motor home and I went to Cottonwood Falls to facilitate that. the Falls are a really peaceful place and I was sorry that I had so much to do that I couldn’t hang out a while.

“Pipeline Stephe”, bad for you, bad for your children, bad for the planet. Let’s work on getting this election felon/traitor a warm cell.  Getting Vic Toews out of election and into a position of greater power is part of Stephe’s hermetically sealing government against the people. The criminally minded Harper supreme court appointees are just the beginning, but a very sinister beginning. How close are we to the dictatorship Harper envisions.

Day 80 Tuesday

Well thank goodness I was served by a government worker who seemed to understand the stress level that being cut off from ones income and having a hard to reach government can produce. All’s well that ends well, and it seems a well end is in sight. It’s amazing how ones mind jumps to negative conclusions when you are hung out over a negative bank balance and feeling a little impotent to do anything about it. I fear that this is exactly what the harpercrits are visiting upon a great many Canadians. It’s obvious that SJH is at war with average Canada and just as obvious that his rat-like methodology dictates that when you can get the public off balance continue to push to obfuscate to belittle and to use whatever non-democratic methods and principals as you can find. 

I met a couple today with two great kids . She’s from here, he’s from my side of Toronto just a bit north of where I grew up. I get the feeling that he appreciates Nelson from a similar perspective as I do.  We all lived in the same small neighborhood of Toronto probably forty plus years apart. I also get the feeling that she has restored appreciation for Nelson though I could be wrong. It seems a lot of people from here can’t wait to get back. Maybe she’s one of those and breathed a sigh of relief when their family moved here. The kids are Petra and Vaughn and they’re adorable. I love making Petra smile making a big deal out of her “oh so pretty dress” and Vaughn is easy to involve. I love seeing kids synapse firing. I think it’s somewhere in teenage that it begins to slow down but little kids…they are just firing so fast that they sometimes get frustrated by their own mental activity. I hope I get a chance to see them again before I leave. I was hoping to meet her father who sounded like a fascinating character but it hasn’t happened yet. There’s still time.

Loving Nelson more each day. It’s going to be difficult to leave. But I must.


Day 79 Monday

Last day of the long weekend. Tomorrow I do battle of whatever kind with the government OAP office.

I had a great evening of playing now that Noah’s shown me Vernon St. I have a spot that at 8pm I seem to be the only person interested in playing. It’s in front of a liquor store and less than a block from two patio dining balconies. I think that’s probably the definition of perfect in the busker’s dictionary. It sure was good.

Well “Pipe line Stephe” is still at it. No matter how much rational thought and verbiage he’s confronted with, just like his disdain for science, he has disdain for the underlying principals of democracy. Deceivin Stephen thinks it’s a game like Monopoly that has nothing to do with any form of “the greater good.” He’s fighting WORLD WAR THREE and his adversary is the Canadian people. Not all Canadian people to be sure. Essentially just the most vulnerable. Of course it’s just a coincidence that the less likely that you can afford relocation the more likely that your home is being framed by the aiming device on the great tank that is chewing up ground on it’s way from Ottawa/Calgary. And if you are First Nation you are an easy target for the harpercrits and the few “Uncle Tomahawks” that SJH manages to buy off the “rez”. Seems to me I remember that just before the entire world stopped listening to him Patrick Brazeau was trying to convince people that Idle No More was something they should avoid.

In a perfect world people would gather around Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau simply because they are both in a different league when it comes to sincerity and rational thought as to where either would take Canada. Though the Liberals have been in the past guilty of political sins there has never been the sinister undertones of the right-wing, mean and vicious CPC, and the Canadian electorate has not seen fit to elect an NDP government Any sins of any Liberal government pale in comparison to the lies and boondogglery of the F35 or the outright theft of 3.5 billion ticketed for defence. Do you feel safer now that the “law and order”  “string ’em up”  “obscenely priced orange juice” “what’s the big deal with child pornography”  “milk G8” crew are at the gates protecting you and your kids from you and your kids.

Mussolini said that fascism was actually corporatism. Does the same hold in reverse in the little maze that is harperpolicy? Is this mow down anything or anybody that stands in the way of corporate profit corporatism, actually fascism? and if so what’s the distance to nazism? He, Harper seems to have bought into the lies deceit and obfuscation of Hitlerian Germany.  His method is to use the Straussian “noble” lie.  So far in his miserable pain inflicting, truth obliterating, miniscule life, noble has never been an apt description of anything. There’s a photo that I believe I referenced at the time, of SJH receiving a statesman award from some ultra right-wing American Jewish organization for statesmanship. As the American cliche goes “you can’t make this stuff up”. Anyway in the photo looking at their faces from viewers left to right we have that notorious international murderer Henry Kissinger (if in doubt see Chile and the murder of Salvadore Allende”), The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper, and an unnamed but obviously very right-wing Rabbi. The look on their three faces tells it all. Every face is saying what the hell is that smell.

Turncoats and panderers and bribery oh my.

Day 78 Sunday

Well due to playing music on the street last evening I was late to bed and late to get up. I had a late breakfast and meditated for an hour. This is so different from the tightly controlled hours on the road. The biggest reason that I have to keep such early hours on the road is because it gets so hot early and I have to do my walking before it gets dangerously hot. It seems strange that the world is already getting warm and it seems that that will be my regimen for a few days. I can’t live as early here in town as I do on the road. I have to contact the government which has suddenly stopped a large portion of my income and has fairly effectively slowed me down.

I walked to the far end of Baker with my sax to see if I could make a few bucks. Noah the young guitar player I met yesterday who came by to where I’m parked and we played a little showed up and we played a little. When he was at Toto It was a great chance to play my gorgeous piccolo since it’s the only horn I have pitched in concert key, and I was curious as to how the sax guitar would sound. It was great except that Noah doesn’t know the standard book centered around “Rhythm Changes” and “12 bar blues” but what little he knows showed that he’s pretty musical and as soon as he commits to time being the holy manna he’ll be great fun to play with. If he keeps going in the direction he’s going respect and opportunity will dog his footsteps.

Sunny Sunday in Nelson. A feller could do a lot worse

Day 77 Saturday

I got into Nelson at about seven pm and noticed a medium sized MH in my rear view mirror as I pulled northeast up Baker St. toward Falls St. It turned out that next to where that MH was sitting, the parking lot would be home for my duration in Nelson. I had a quick sandwich and practiced my horn a bit just to be sure that everything was working. It was and I went out busking for a couple of hours. Folks are friendly and generous here.

This is a double NDP stronghold Federal and Provincial and I get a lot of positive feedback from people who come by. The people here seem to understand that the same crew that would break this, this and this law to gain power and thwart the will of the people would probably stop at nothing to get ultimate power. Power which Harper thinks he has hermetically sealed.

Has he?

Harper has a fake majority, a stacked supreme court and humongous powers not seen in most parts of the world. With these he believes that he can manipulate the entire systom. Are we a truly sophisticated enough culture that can see through and survive the onslaught that I fear will mark the Harper time in illegitimate power. I’m certain that given enough power and enough time there will manifest a Canada that the vast majority of Canadians not only won’t recognize but will despise. That’s the kind of power and manifestation that Harper saw as he stacked the supreme court with trained seals and it will get stronger and eviler when the likes of Vic Toews get’s into an even more unfettered position of power. The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper realizes that ultimate power rests with the gavel and fake majority. He used his time in minority protected by prorogation which was one of the worst acts of a governor general in Canada’s history to shut down Canada and avoid the dustbin of history. One can only hope that in the fullness of time Harper’s penchant for law breaking will trip him up and he’ll get the reward of incarceration that he so richly deserves.

I busked at Baker and Stanley and late in the evening a young guitar player came by from his restaurant job. Perhaps we can get together and play a bit. The people who are mostly late diners that I’m playing for are really supportive and complimentary. Wow I have met a lot of great people since Victoria City Hall but I think I’m falling in love with Nelson ! lock stock and barrel. the people, the town, the attitude. Everybody tourist, native and recent residents agree “yeah this is a pretty special great place to be.”


Day 76

Spent the night at a half circle northeast of Castlegar just before Thrums. I met a wonderful young lady who was bicycling home and who is the first person I’ve ever met that is a roller skate athlete. I can’t even think what it’s actually called but I have roller-derby going through my head. Anyway she and a team compete at that game which I always thought looked very dangerous. About half an hour after I got back to Toto she drove up with a box of things from her garden. She made a little video of me and Toto and said she’d be posting it on her face book page. It turned out that I’d meet a lot of extremely nice people all the way from Castlegar to Nelson.

It boggles the mind the absurdities that the harpercrits parade to justify their crime and punishment policies that simply don’t work. It’s hard to imagine a government that was more universally wrong in all of their civil philosophies. If The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper is for it you can bet that a lot of marginalized and barely in the game people will be hurt by it. He particularly seems to have a knack for creating as much pain as possible for First Nations people. Every time I have to use one of the terms that give a little respect back it pains me that we have such a terrible history of racism and it troubles me that we don’t know the history or even the nomenclature of that page in history. We obliterated it rather than deal with and understand it.

I have peple who spontaneously offer me money to which I always reply that though I’m not staring into the financial abyss, the edge is alarmingly close and a few bucks to toss into the comfort zone is always welcome. I bring this up at this point just to say that I had more than usual events thus between Castlegar and Nelson. I’m always moved by people who can believe that a crazy old septuagenarian who is walking to Ottawa to protest what adds up to him as an illegal government might be right but right or wrong he’s gotta eat. And please folks do the math, and do the Googling. Look honestly at what you know of Stephen J. Harper’s penchant for breaking whatever law, rule or convention to complete his ignoble destruction of whatever good Canada ever was.

His actions thus, didn’t start with his association with discredited child-porn apologist Tom Flanagan the person at who’s knee Deceivin Stephen learned Leo Struassian fascistic politics. There’s ample evidence that though it was probably strengthened by Tom’s virulent form of it that SJH brought his own sack of racist crap to the writing speaking and policy sessions with Professor Flanagan. It started much earlier with his dabbling in far right politics and continued into reform party policy. It’s very difficult to extract Preston Manning from these same early Reform Party racist sympathies. He is truly dangerous and truly criminal.


Day 75

How many ways is America wrong about being the greatest country in the world, and how many of those is our illegitimate Prime Minister emulating?

The first thing any serious scholar of American history sees is what is presumably the world’s greatest genocide. Untold millions, untold because it behooved America to not keep track of the numbers of Native Americans that were murdered in what has been called the Indian wars. If you can call what happened in what became the U.S.A  “Indian wars” what would you call what Hitler did to Jews and Romanis and in fact communists and many others. First, the natives of what is now called America aren’t Indians. The American pejorative Injuns is just as accurate because they are both absurd and racist. The term Indian is a way of denying the differences of the many Nations that comprised what is now North America in a further obliteration of the huge numbers of murders. The bottom line is that you couldn’t even call what Hitler did the “Jewish wars” because the parallel is broken. Most of the victims actually were Jews. Not Jews that were called by somebody else’s name half a planet away. The reason I raise this point is to focus on one of the pivotal issues in the Harper arsenal of destruction. America wanted the land so they cleared it of the people who were there. Harper and his manipulators want the power and money that the “tar sands” for instance represents. He will kill off the inhabitants of wherever the energy exists just like America killed off the natives for two hundred and fifty of the last three hundred years. I’d be being disingenuous if I failed to mention that avowed forms of Christianity were bedfellows of both. Harper is the most recent in a long line of Albertans, perhaps starting with “Bible Bill” Eberhardt who’s right-wing polito-theology has dictated fascistic methodology aimed at Christian power.

Another way that Harper wants to emulate America is his desire to have a much, much higher percentage of Canadians living in prisons. He wants to achieve this the same way America has starting with absurd regressive laws against the use and research into cannabis. There is absolutely no doubt that cannabis has medicinal benefits and Harper is constantly trying to curtail any research into it. A short list of available legal products that do far more harm than all forms and usage of cannabis include alcohol, nicotine, refined sugars, energy drinks and the list goes on. Could it be that corporate Canada can’t patent THC.

Yet another already well on it’s way is the transfer of tax burden from the obscenely wealthy to the poorest. America and Canada are in lock step here and Harper can’t be blamed for it’s inception but he can be blamed for prescribing steroids for it,

I met some wonderful people today and had my picture taken by the Castlegar newspaper. Had a great lady that I met on my walk and her bicycle trip home bring me a box full of groceries and I got a huge amount of help from the nice people at the Castlegar Library.

So many wonderful fellow citizens, so many criminally minded Conservatives.

Givers and takers and both oh my

Day 74

After the trio from Quebec left, rest stop life was fairly uneventful for a time. I did however have a nice chat with a gentleman from the SPCA who was taking his lunch in this truly glorious rest stop. I say glorious because the roar of the creek and the trees and mountains pretty much obliterated the highway sights and sounds.

After Barb and Darryl who I should point out helped me with a little RV maintenance left, and I was listening to Thadeous  play the trumpet, along came a monster Class “A” which was probably at least 40ft long and was pulling a 20-24ft trailer which as it turns out carried a vehicle that would accommodate eight. And those eight I have to tell you comprise truly one of the most wonderful families it has ever been my pleasure to meet.

They were parents named Tammy and John who both play and sing and a brood of kids that all play strings. There are three violins, two cellos and a viola. And these kids are exactly what you would imagine the product of intelligence, music, love and mutual respect to be. When I shook hands and said good-bye to John the following morning and was disappointed at not seeing any of the others my mind was so full of good thoughts that I forgot to say that which was true and that I wanted to say which was “I try to to keep envy to a minimum, but you guys have given me cause to be envious of all eight of you.” I can’t actually say that with complete honesty because I don’t think I met all of them. I don’t think I met numbers two or three. From the chronological top they are Courtney, Marinna who I don’t think I met, Daniel who also I don’t think I met, Paul, David and Shaylynn who, if her sun kissed brown face hadn’t, her presenting me with some wild flowers definitely would have melted my old heart. She was the first besides the parents that I met and I should point out that I met the parents because I was just jaw-dropping impressed with John behind the wheel and Tammy on the ground, connected by walkie-talkie communication, backing up around a tight corner to the snuggest parking beside the stream. I was so impressed that when I opened my door to say something I think I said “my old hands are too arthritic to manually applaud, but I’m awed by what you guys just did. They laughed and I had a nice conversation with Tammy as john continued to jockey ever more perfectly into place while Tammy and I talked music, Duke and Ella, and Tammy continued to talk John into the perfect landing.

I should point out that the car-trailer converts to a kid’s play, eat, sleep space with bunk beds that pull down from the walls and a dinette that similarly pulls down from the walls.

My absolutely wonderful friends from Peterborough whom I’ve known since Moses was in short pants and are as wonderful as a family can be, are also a musical family and whom I might have been a little cupid involved with are similarly amazing. But there’s only half as many of them. Steve, Peggy, Mike and Bean have helped make what I’m doing possible and I love them as Duke would say “madly.”  That family is also the product of intelligence, music, love and mutual respect.

No time for angst and anger to-day. Tomorrow’s another day.