Where to begin with the wretch that is KreepyKweenKhristyKlarc?
I realize that it sounds a bit purile to reference her thus… but reference to one so utterly void of human compassion for the weakest, most vulnerable under her corporate assisted and presumably legally attained but very criminally enacted mandate, such as triple deletion and much more, requires some twist to highlight it. Perhaps the literary equivalent of locking people in stocks on public display and hope for literary rotten eggs, apples, tomatoes.
I’m frequently criticized for referencing BC Lib as a fascist organization. Well, Mussolini the guy who invented it and whom with Hitler and Franco it was illegal for sane individuals to go to war against when we should have, four years earlier than we did, thereby costing 60-80 million more lives, said "Fascism is government by corporation".
At the last minute in the last campaign KreepyKhristy was given the maximum allowable by the corporate wing of FASCIBC to flood the media with corporate electoral fantasy. They now indirectly pay her "stipend" by contributing to FASCIBC I presume pro-rated against what KreepyKhristy has done for them and the party passes along to her, the money she is perked for shrinking education for the general populace while fattening the private school budgets which their and her kids attend. And of course keeping her eye on their bottom line.
Slashing public education funds at the same time as she fattens the private school pig can safely be extrapolated through the entire corporate FASCIBClark relationship.
While ever exacerbating the dangers her government’s policies have placed poor children in, she fattens the corporate piggy with poor children on the corporate BBQ spit.
In B.C.it‘s legal to work for money for corporate industry at twelve years of age and B.C. has a record and dreadful number of permanently injured-on-the-job, children.
There are also record numbers for both Canada and B.C. of children assaulted, raped, murdered, forced into prodtitution and victims of neglect created suicide.
Please be vigilant dear electorate when this skilled cheap hustler pulls the concern for anything other than her own greedy ends card from the bottom of the deck.
I’m no psychiatrist but I know that one of the primary skills of a psychopathe is the ability even delight at the opportunity to lie. To hit the high fast heat over the "lie for the ages" right field fence… is primal pleasure. That it fattens the bank account is an added bonus.
Note the decade and more whether FASCIBCampbell or FASCIBClark of constant clawback of resources that were on there way to needed public use that when ripped off from where it was neededbbecame part of the "B.C. has an economy that is the envy of ev…" fantasy.
Well while you and I made whatever noise we could about this utterly fascistic relocation to the corporate world, of public funds, MSM (main stream media) which is CM (corporate media) seems to have taken a monk like vow of silence.
One of the most, possibly THE most misquoted, misused, misconstrued and always "totally innocently" yet always benefitting the speaker, which is the media is the quote "The Medium Is The Message".
The only problem with that is that Marshall McLuhan said the opposite. The title of his seminal work is The Medium Is The MASSAGE.
Not the truth.
The distortion.
The Conman Black, @EzraIrreLevant, Ann Coulter, et al point of view have random coincident points where their fantasy and the truth meet, but the gist of each is the hateful distortion of truth and in all three the need to trumpet their above the fray brilliance.
And of course the corporate conservative media are absolutey nothing if not "for sale". The corporate media must have been tongue in cheek what Newhart writers were going for when they penned Larry and Darrel and Darrel "Anything for a buck"
Then there’s the hiring practice. It must have been sad to realize that serial criminal and political scab Bruce Carson was under indictment then conviction for crime… because Bruce is a tailor-made for FASCIBC anything for a buck kind of trooper.
In so many ways, not the least of which is triple delete, FASCIBClark is more a hole-in-the-wall Butch & Sundance operation than a legit political party.
A crime cabal.
And man does that almost "not a party" have some scaborous right-wing old political whores… Cast these creeps in the provincial equal of the purgatories that "hair on fire" CPC is building in Calgawa and RiledWoes in Edmongary and listen to the whining…
Since it’s so hard to listen to, it’s also hard to judge which is louder the talk of assassination of the Prime Minister and Premier or the whining about oil not being pumped. Problem seems to be that AB, SK, MB con shills think Harpscum was an alchemist or some other kind of magician who just congered the huge oil subsidies from thin air.
On a morality basis KreepyKweenKhristyKlarc belongs in the big house and I obviously don’t mean the legislature. It would require a dire situation and history, for me to wish prison on anyone. Christy Clark joins Stephen Harper in having created a situation and enacted callous actions great enough that I truly wish them both prison.
It is unconscionable for either of them to walk away from the mountains of lies the death and destruction of vulnerable lives that each of them has perpetrated wealthy and free.
Very wealthy…