The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Month: December, 2013

Prison population.

I just read that since Harper became minority Prime Minister the federal criminal population has expanded to where Natives of Turtle Island (North America) constitute almost 1/4 and growing as are other "visible minorities" and are over represented 600%. This at a time when Caucasian prison population is shrinking and the non-Caucasian populations are suffering in and out of prison.

Hmmm ya’ don’t s’pose the CPC is a bunch of racists do you.
During the entire time that Stephen Joseph Harper has worn the Prime Ministerial coveralls the national prison population has risen in plain numbers as well as percentages among visible minorities and even more among specifically native Turtle Islanders. And that, at the same time that the Caucasian population was shrinking even faster. You don’t suppose Stephen Joseph Harper suffers from that same social virulence as his mentor and former campaign head Tom Flanagan, which is the hatred and fear of all things native to Turtle Island.

That this was produced during a decade when Stephe made sure that their lives were mitigated downward, makes it a "natural" for Canada the cliche "guilty of not being Caucasian".
By every possible measurement the lives of people of non-Euro decent and particularly people living on "The Rez" has descended in the general direction of hell under The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper. And that is exactly what the felon in Prime Ministerial underwear wanted. That Decievin Stephen is a closet nazi and a virulent racist can’t be doubted on the evidence. And once again, don’t let his recent conversion to the Zionist cause fool you. Stephe is one third of the Stephe and Tommy and Tommy "anything for a buck" team.

We must investigate May 2, 2011 before it’s too late.
Elections Canada needs the power to investigate and to indict.
Letting Harper get away with his extremely serious crimes would be a serious mistake. There are others of the CPC ready to take advantage of any future situation.
The CPC is full of Dean del Mastro’s. Financial fraud is a fundamental part of their tool kit and was used almost universally during the elections of May 2, 2011.
Anyone who doubts the basic criminality of the CPC and the degree to which they relish bringing back the barbarity of capital punishment, simply doesn’t understand the barbarity of right-wing politics. And every time you hear SJH pontificate otherwise you’d be well advised to remember that he would far sooner lie than smile.


Dumb dangerous Stephe

So let me see if I’ve got this right. You can inject whatever your doctor prescribes and you can swallow whatever your doctor prescribes and you can feed your long term nicotine addiction any way you want while in uniform, but if you’ve been prescribed an ancient medicine that’s used essentially like the most common nicotine usage, that, you cannot do while wearing the uniform.

Interestingly enough I just watched SJH on a video telling what I think was a great big lie. He said that he had led a drug free life. I’m assuming that he means he’s never had an aspirin or any other drug. I know he claims to have never had alcohol and yes, he looks boring enough to have even passed on Xmas pudding. Just to be on the safe side…but no inoculation, no tetanus shot, nothing.

What does he do? Hang upside down in the bat cave until time to go do some Canada destroying.
A little aside here. Starting with a rhetorical question. Stephe are you completely out of your mind? Is all that science crap real and not just political scat. Do you not realize that the best asthma relief on the planet is that which you want to incarcerate for. Now Stephe I gotta tell ya I could not care less about your comfort except when it allows me to point out just how stupid a committed fascist can be in pursuit of power.

You claim to be asthmatic and yet for creepy political reasons you refuse to get the best relief. Stephe even for a slug who’s education was topped off by little Tommy Flanagan at the Calgary School, you sure are dumb.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Mounties and prohibitions and CPC oh my…

Stephe and Israel

Does Stephe’s hugely anti-jewish past have no meaning at all?
I wrote quite a while ago that it was comical, the photo of SJH being awarded for his politics by an American Jewish organization and being photographed between an obviously very right-wing rabbi and one of the planet’s great criminals Henry Kissinger. The thing that was funny was that in such a potentially joyous occasion, there was Henry, Stephe and the rabbi captured in photo and all had the same "what the hell is that disgusting smell" look on their faces.

I have too long and deep a history that includes Jewish friends, lovers and social and artistic associations to ever get anywhere near an anti-Jewish or neo-nazi organization. So that is not where I’m coming from. And I apologize for how much that sounds like "some of my best friends…".

But, I believe that in both Israel and in the local Jewish community, the same thing is happening as is happening in Canada. A cynical and well positioned minority is destroying the aspirations of a less intense majority. Sort of the same way Hitler came to power.

Netanyahu, Harper and the amorphous mish-mash that is single party USA have far more in common with Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco than with thinkers such as T.C.Douglas, Noam Cholmski, or the Lewis’s, father David and son Steven.

The evil pact that is America and Israel over middle east domination is something that the psychopath that wears PM socks is trying desperately to be evil enough to gain admittance to. It is our duty to make sure that doesn’t happen and that he is rendered harmless and if I’m right about the extent of his crimes, permanently incarcerated.

I believe that a very large percentage of the obscene bill for security to keep Harper alive is likely to protect him from former associates whom he has turned against in his quest for more power.
If I’m right about Stephe’s crimes it is obviously imperative that they be dealt with severely.

David and all the other creepy Frums

You talk about David Frum as if he were a rational being and not the little piece of crap that helped murderer moron George Bush kill many many people who’s existance did not help the whole US/Zion/NWO thingy. David’s Frum’s got a lot of Iraqui blood on his hands. Why does Canada line up and wait in the cold to kiss the butts of the Frum family 20th & 21st century. I just do not get it.

As one might say. back in the day in the neighbourhood. "the CBC’s been tickling your funny bone a long time." Meaning that they must be doing something which predisposes you to saying, "yes, just like that, oh yeah, that’s it" to the crap they feed you as news.

Comes to mind here that electoral fraud is treated absolutely inappropriately. We have the same dolt wanting to put people in prison for doing something that’s good for them, treating electoral fraud not as a form of treason but as a kind of joke.

Members of any political party whether little and young or respected pillars of the community need to be held to a high standard and punished severely for any seditious crimes. The state isn’t what you see today. The state is what you would see if the sins and crimes of any currency being perpetrated against it were removed.

Essentially all thus is to suggest that in my mind the political math of the last seven or eight years suggests that The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper is neither right, honourable nor the Prime Minister and richly deserves a prison uniform. How anyone could not discern the criminality hanging off SJH is beyond me.

He thinks you’re stupid

Do you see how stupid he thinks you are. Or maybe he thinks that you are so committed to his fascistic vision that you take naturally to the Leo Strauss, “lies are part of the weaponry” concept. But besides how it works for whoever it works for, does anyone who has any grasp of Canadian politics believe a shard of what SJH is submitting to be who he is; second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, his entire time and space is a hologram. There is no substance there, only dry empty evil twisted right and further right carnivorous-like thought.

Business is sacrosanct.
Human is a commodity.
Greed is good.

Now, do we have the courage to hold him and they accountable for the damage wrecked on Canada during an administration that was the product of robocon and financial fraud. Of treason. And do we have the courage and will to painstakingly review and ascertain that which is the product that should and would never have come into being except through such an administration as they and restore it. Restore Canada. Harper has twisted the future in a criminal way and surely must pay for that.

I make no apology for insisting on severity in the sentencing of that which I’m sure will be made known. It is obviously important and must be a harsh deterrent.
The world is becoming more dangerous daily and vigilance is required to hold our place in it. There are challenges of economics and science. But joining the fascist race to the bottom is not the right way and it’s not the smart way. Harper’s way is to scrape everything possible to the top, the one percent. He can see no limit to the disparity between top and bottom and that makes him very dangerous to you if you are in the bottom half. But his inability to deal rationally with science is even more dangerous and his stance there testifies that he is psychotic.
Con-jobs and wreckage and frauds oh my

Racist names, slogans and mascots Nov 17

Now if we can get the rest of America and Canada to join Saskatchewan in pushing racist slogans and mascots out of sports…would that mean that we Canada and America would of necessity begin to revisit some of our dishonest "histories."

The recency of the essentially Christian based so-called residential schools travesties in Canada have pretty much kick started our reassessment of our vicious past. But what of all the race based naming for comedy such as the Edmonton football club and any and all others such. If Canada and USA wanted to make an awareness campaign that could get both countries on the page that they’ve both been lying about being on for many years they could decide what team/city had the most egregious example and have a huge ceremonial changing of the guard, with brass bands and jugglers and all manor of hoopala and thereby help the "Cleveland" economy while cleansing them of over a hundred years of verbal insult coupled with as insulting a graphic as has ever insulted an entire continent or two, of worthy human beings.

Way to go Saskatchewan. Way ahead of Ohio. Now since you invented it perhaps you could show the US how health-care works…Are you getting the feeling that we need more TC’s and far less Stephe’s. It makes me feel a little dirty putting their names in the same sentence. TC’d hate me for saying it (as best as TC could hate anything), but I feel dirty even thinking of them as common species. In fact in a very real sense they aren’t. It’s the part that’s human that’s missing in Stephe. It’s not the humorous picture of the "handshake". It’s the reality of the "handshake".

The psycho brain has to rely on statistical memory, and figuring out the "solution". That means Stephe has had to keep too many balls in the air. Emotions make a lot of memory work redundant.
It’s two days short of six months since I left Victoria city hall on my quest to focus attention on The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper and his crimes. I’ve experienced temperatures above 40c in Osoyoos and Grand Forks and am now experiencing -17c in Lethbridge. That’s about 14c lower and 10c higher than I’ve felt in Victoria over the last 13 years.

Since I have to be at Chinook Hosp. on December 12 I’m here for about another month. In that time I hope I can carve out a more comfortable niche. Must explore L&M that’s where it all seems to go through. It’s like L&M is the downtown crossroads of any music community that it’s in. I worked for Jack way back at Yonge & Asquith and argued politics with him in the Morrisey of a Saturday evening over beer after closing. There was one L&M store at that time and it was in their second location butting up against, on opposite sides of Church St. Canadian Tire…wow that’s a lot of Canadian success. It’s not exactly Glen Gould who at the same time was making a recording venue so famous that it was "heritage preserved" seven floors up, but business success in spades, for one spot, not even two corners between them, to generate.

Well there you go. I heard about the Saskatchewan slogan/mascot/banner being de-racisted and had to applaud.
Good on "the Green".
It’s hard to think of Saskatchewan without thinking green. The good kind of green. The kind that doesn’t have the stink of bitumen on it.

Getzlaf and Ti-cats and Sheets oh my


There’s a guy that was head of the RCMP. His name is Zaccardelli. Giuliano Zaccardelli. He’s got awards and commendations up the ying yang. Exemplary was a term one might hear to describe him. Yet he more than anyone else is responsible for CPC gaining in a very criminal fashion, it’s initial minority government.

Zaccardelli played a game in the middle of an election of casting criminal aspersions and launching an official investigation at one party and tilting the field to his fellow felon, The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper.

Using one’s position as head of the RCMP to politically destroy the opposition should be a serious crime.
Zaccardelli should be in prison. That is a traitorous act.
The smell gets worse the more layers you get into the cesspool that is variously CPC or The Harper Government and it’s early relationship with the RCMP. Though that may be changing. One can only hope.
The fictional RCMP relative to the reality. Well it’s not quite Leave It To Beaver being based on The Manson Family but it’s in that direction.
The initial felony. The manipulation of facts from the State Police or RCMP was the beginning. There was of course in the CPC future robocalls and financial fraud but that came five years later. And at the time there was a great deal of unanswered questions in the Zaccardelli rear-view-mirror.

It was Stephe’s first foot-in-the-door and it was delivered by Giuliano Zaccardelli. It Seems that the RCMP’s fascist bent didn’t stop at the new century. It just focused on raw ongoing politics, not on the subversive law breaking by the RCMP of the twentieth century. That act by Zaccardelli, casting what turned out to be false aspersions at one side during an election must equal the most grievous public action by the RCMP head ever.

Was he punished?
That’s cute.
Has anybody of the Harper stripe ever paid for crimes committed in aiding SJH and further corporatising Canada. Did I read that young Michael Sona is lying on a sun dappled beach in some tropical clime.
Let me remind you of what Mussolini said. "Fascism is just another way of saying corporatism."
It was a rhetorical question about anybody paying for their crimes. His punishment was a cushy very well paid job representing you on the world stage. He’s telling Africans how to deal with terrorism. He should, and probably is showing how to subvert common desires and replace it with ultra-fascist governments. Hell SJH isn’t just exercising fascism, he’s now exporting it around the world.

Folks this is the same scumbag, Zaccardelli who had his hand so far into the pension scandal cookie-jar that he should have been in court defending himself until forever.
When I say things about Zaccardelli I’m not saying that he’s guilty of anything. No. I’m saying that from every angle that I’ve ever been able to see it from, it just looks exactly like that. I’m not saying that Zaccardelli is guilty of anything, I’m simply saying that from everything I can see about it and him, he adds up to GUILTY.

Everything that subsequently happened to Maher Arar is squarely on Zaccardelli"s invoice.
Top cop. Shelf full of accolades. BS
More of Harper scraping the bottom of this barrel the same way he scraped the three senatorial barrels and most other appointments.
Essentially Zaccardelli lies about Maher Arar to the Americans which gets Arar a whole bunch of torture and Zaccardelli a cushy job. Then he lies about the lies. Does he ever have to pay for any of the lies.
Don’t bet on it.
But what does any of this matter?
Well it matters to see how Stephe has manipulated every level of supra-government and government to his illegal cause. From the propaganda/information organ CBC, and the domestic military RCMP, judicial Supreme Court, extra-governmental Senate.

And it’s interesting to note that just about everybody close to Stephe is either an accused or affirmed serial liar. It’s that game again folks. Its the Leo Strauss "lying is good" Chicago/Calgary school crap.

And remember as well sisters and bros 2011 was a robocon/extra-legal/financial fraud, COUP D’ETAT

ARP becomes ITL

Let’s do a little bit of comparing. Adolf Harper with Stephe Hitler.
Huh did I get that wrong?
Actually I have to admit I did it on purpose. They just seem so interchangeable.
Seems they both had hate-ons for what Hitler referred to as non-Aryan and this manifested in greater prison populations early deaths and brutalisation of the non-Aryan population, such as Jews, Romanis and others such as unionists.

Smarmy Stephe on the other hand targeted the native people and people with too much pigment. And how has that manifested?
Well in the same way as it did for he who I suspect is Stephe’s hero. More early death, and more and longer prison terms with more and more state work being done free or cheap by someone wishing to relieve their asthma or arthritis or migraine with the illegal use of a powerful medicine which is tetrahydracanabinol.

In many cases it’s far cheaper and far more effective with no side effects except elevated sense of well being. What Stephe wants you to use which may or may not have debilitating side effects, certainly helps big pharma’s bottom line. In fact if one is in the corporate world, money making is your business and there are laws which place money making on a higher legal footing than medicinal success. You have shareholders to answer to and they have lawyers to insist that you make every buck possible. Altruism is cute but it has no legal standing.

Assuming that you are a good person and a good parent…Stephe and the neo-fascist cabal from Calgary are the absolute opposite of what you teach your children, of what Sunday school teaches your children and what common decency demands of you and your children.

Every measurement of disparity between the "Aryans" and non-Aryans has increased. Given Stephe’s penchant for lying, his salivating at the thought of increased military and in much the same lying and obfuscatory method, his sycophancy toward the rich, powerful and those in position to wage war is over arching. But perhaps what is most obvious and frightening is his hatred of all things Union.

If you do not understand the importance of unions in today’s world let me draw you a little picture.
In Alberta they have a huge and very dirty reserve of energy that is difficult to extract and far more difficult and dangerous to move. As a result people who are at risk are pushing back in a somewhat concerted effort. When you think concerted effort think union. Now of you don’t think that the other side is united to make wealth then you don’t understand the game. The thing is that thanks to the likes of SJH, you have become second class to the corporate first class. You with your history, your family, whatever art you’ve produced are second rate to piles of cash, piles of bricks and piles of arms. And stealth weaponry notwithstanding you can eventually expect that you will be told that you and yours make great cannon fodder.

Please people, connect the dots. There may possibly be somewhere such a thing as a free lunch but I guarantee that at the other end you’ll find a blue collar union member and definitely not a silk and diamonds tricked out, tar-sands pit, energy czar.

You’ll smell blood, sweat and perhaps tears, not cigar smoke, twenty year old single malt and Paris perfume. And you might find a little heightened pigment and a lot of heightened respect for nature.
You might want to bear in mind also that Stephe’s hero Adolf kept his pilots aloft with the very debilitating drug methamphetamine. Meth can easily lead to psychotic events and depresses feelings of guilt. I.E. it makes for better killers.

Just thought you should know.

Population “under the bus”

So how many minions has Dictator Stephe kicked under the bus now? How many denials has he had to make?
And look at the level of accolades he’s been accorded in the press for an essentially CPC supporter loaded, and Canada generally unloaded, pact.
Stephe continues to be the "BSingest" PM ever: which is what you get when you get "the fake".
Every single day points Stephe in the direction of the denying psychopath. It seems probable to me that Stephe could pass a polygraph test from any angle of any question.
A characteristic of fascism is initial success from a ruthless minority that is ready to legally or illegally, radically change the character of a nation to one that is corporate, at the expense in every facet of the living mass population.

Christian-corporatism. Holy moley whodathunk?
Well folks that’s who Stephe is. And phoney opportunistic halleluleh shouting Stephe notwithstanding… Psycho-Stephe will say anything that moves the greasy ball toward the goal.
Surely people must be bored at the need for daily denial.
And surely folks are saying "Wait a minute here Stephe, that’s six hundred and four people that you hired in the first place, that you’re now saying are lying about you. You one of the most recognized serial liars of your time".

No accountability, and nothing under any form of oath. We need to get Stephe and others under oath.