by electionfraud2011

I’ve made a couple of errors that I dont know how to fix but I do know how to apologize for.
The first is tiny. It is that I named the last and the third last posts identically "KreepyKweenKhristyKlarc" big time gap and a few balls in the air in between them. And the one in between them. Number two. Similar. I’ve got a fixation going here. Actually I admit to something like that. I’m sincerely fascinated with the Lonesone Rhodes quality in KweenKhristy. I keep hoping someone will leave the mic on or of course today the phone.
A government by cabal that is as frightened of records as FASCIBC must quake at the sight of a phone at the wrong point in the backroom hotel room limo deal.
Must be some tangled webs. Let’s hope some of hers get discovered before they’re untangled or… TRIPLEDELETED