The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Month: August, 2016


I’ve made a couple of errors that I dont know how to fix but I do know how to apologize for.
The first is tiny. It is that I named the last and the third last posts identically "KreepyKweenKhristyKlarc" big time gap and a few balls in the air in between them. And the one in between them. Number two. Similar. I’ve got a fixation going here. Actually I admit to something like that. I’m sincerely fascinated with the Lonesone Rhodes quality in KweenKhristy. I keep hoping someone will leave the mic on or of course today the phone.
A government by cabal that is as frightened of records as FASCIBC must quake at the sight of a phone at the wrong point in the backroom hotel room limo deal.
Must be some tangled webs. Let’s hope some of hers get discovered before they’re untangled or… TRIPLEDELETED



The facet of the KreepyKween that I find most, not only but by a country mile most, disturbing, is the callous and dismissive, irrelevance attitude she and FASCIBC ("Liberal" makes no sense whatsoever) project toward the most vulnerable and defenseless in society.
Children, the infirm, the disabled and life changingly ill, the elderly. The unconnected.
The government of FASCIBClark are a cowardly lot displayed in tilting the already tilted scales with taxes of the Hoi Poloi going to private schools and at the same time making massive cuts and closures to an already underfunded most important public asset, public education.
Truly they are FASCIBC and she FASCIBClark.
This legally elected government has been as illegal in office as any in Canadian provincial political history, and move constantly toward corptocracy.
Services are cut and prices soar while top-ups and dividends are the norm in KreepyKweenKhristyKlarcland…
I fear that the snake oil performance coming from main stream media wrapped skillfully in "bread and circus" could make people forget the avarice and willful negligence that has lined the pockets of KweenKhristy’s
backers who have in turn doled out what we’re led to believe is legit… something called variously top-up, stipend and bribe. Frankly there is no area that incompetent stupid and greedy ideologically motivated decisions made by KweenKhristy haven’t negatively affected the health of B.C.’s and the bulk of its citizens futures. Its human resources and natural resources have been degraded by yet another narrow minded and greedy right wing band of scoundrel with a hint of nut job thrown in. Much like her Con & Wildrose pals who now haunt Rachel did, and the quickly sinking thuggish CPC eho mill about Stornaway hissing at SOPHIE.
Horrible stewards and incompetent management at best. FASCIBClark
The gang that can’t shoot straight
Everything from her self agrandizing yoga-noyoga-yoga-noyoga drama to passing 18th century child labour laws. FASCIBClark
The products of those two brilliant moves?
A huge bill for squat and a lot of permanently injured-on-the-job kids.
But I digress into the nuts and bolts of bad government when the important issue here isn’t one of incompetence. That’s self evident. It’s a matter of utter lack of honesty coupled with lack of empathy for any part of society that isn’t on socioeconomic level that serial liar unconscionable climber FASCIBClark has attained through her personal academically zero results shmooze tour of universities. One of which threw her out for utter disdain for the straight truth or just being a jerk or something. No I jest. It was the honesty thing. But to be fair that really is an area of personal weakness. Scamming, making it up on the fly, bullshitting her brains out?Nobody better. It was a feather in John Horgans cap that he squelched her into a week meek wimp over a bribe err gift err… Put away any sexist attitudes. This ain’t tweety bird’s granny with an electric car. This is a viper channellng Margaret Thatcher at her lower class roots insecure let’s go to war best. John is good. But she is the post child for "aging female right wing reprobates" and she still had money crumbs on her mouth that she’d missed whipping off and was caught…
You might want to join that club next May
Not her "disdain for the truth" coffee klatch, the other one the kick her skanky ass out of the legislature, like her original riding did and like one (that we know of) of three universities did.
Remember the strange true irony that in politics…
We need better than FASCIBClark.
John Horgan is the honest man to FASCIBClark’s pathalogical lies and NDPBC aren’t aimed in the right direction.
They are aimed in the correct direction