The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Month: October, 2013

The smell from here

Do you remember that pithy old saw the rejoinder of which goes "if you believe that, I’ve got some Calgary oceanfront property…" Well you might want to mull the Euro-trade deal from exactly that perspective, because the reality is that Decievin Stephen is at his lyin’ best anytime he’s pontificating about how much he’s improving your life. And this deal is no different. It’s a deal made under extreme duress in the hope that you and I and everybody who is not a CPC "made man" will be snowed into believing the headline hype, and forget the lie he was caught in a minute ago and the ones he was caught in an hour, a day, a week, a month and a year ago. The reality is that it is somewhere between a somewhat poor deal and an audaciously terrible deal. A deal that the farther your chair is from SJH’s base, the worse it is for you. For example if you can look out and survey all the property you own or rent and the number of pigs and/or cows you see is in single digit, then you probably ain’t holding a winning ticket. That is unless your chair is way up the energy food chain, in which case you probably pay someone to count your nonexistent livestock, because you’re busy counting your money and glowing in the knowledge that keeping this serial liar in power is the best thing that your bottom line has ever seen. And why should you care that the mechanics of it are as of a siphon, and that at the other end of the hose is a few million people who you are never going to have to encounter in your society circle, who’s lives become more polluted and shallower on a daily basis.

Wake up and smell the coffee while you can still afford a cuppa. This lying smarmy, smirking, minion of the rich and powerful is your worst enemy whether you realize it or not. The minute you get past the headlines you’ll be wondering "whathehell is that gawdawful smell."

Stinky lies, stinky, stinky, stinky, lies.

Lot numbers and tarsands and and barons oh my.

Seventy-one years, not all well spent, have me hunkered down in Lethbridge for some hopefully and in fact presumably minor medical (gotta keep a good thought) problems. I was as always looking forward to moving forward. Now I look forward to experiencing Lethbridge. As I posted yesterday, so far, so good, thanks to the wonderful people at Chinook hospital.


To Lethbridge with trepidation

I spent last night at a vacant service station in Monarch. More gorgeous Alberta countryside.
It went down to -15c and my overworked RV batteries ran out at about 2:30. So I had to get up and open the cab to start the engine and replenish the RV batteries and get some heat from the engine.
When I lay back down I discovered a golf ball size lump at the confluence of my neck, chest and right shoulder. Needless to say I was shocked and chagrined. But whadayagonnado. You knew that if ya was smart and had croaked before seven-one you’d have probably saved yaself a lodda pain to say nothing of uncertainty. But it’s been a fairly positive trade-off. I still appreciate pulchritude though I can’t do nearly so much to prove my appreciation as was once the case.

So when morning came I made myself some coffee -didn’t even look in the direction of oat meal- and took off for the Lethbridge hospital.
But enough about me.
Today’s question.
How many bodies can the slimiest, most cowardly, disgraceful piece of flotsam to ever flow over the septic tank rim and find it’s way to parliament heap under the bus. Now I’ve got to admit that anything short of being subjected to Stephen Joseph Harper wouldn’t move me to sympathize with the greed twins Duffy and Wallin or way too short on character "Uncle tomahawk" Patrick Brazeau or Nigel Wright or the next person Decievin Stephen finds necessary to sacrifice unless he starts throwing children under the bus. But compared to SJH they are all saints.

Harper is destroying Canada and it’s become more obvious daily that his mandate is nonexistent.
If he had an honest mandate he’d be tripping over himself to give Elections Canada the power to prove or disprove the same. Elections Canada has petitioned him for over two years for just that power. Folks your elementary school children don’t believe crazy stuff like "him being on the level." Its time you caught up to little Jimmy or little Jenny before this thug destroys every good thing that Canada ever was. Time is running out. That other thug Baird is selling out Canada to China. And please show a little aplomb and look at the Euro-deal. A pig in a poke is high finance comparatively. If you voted CPC and that’s okay nobody expects you to admit it, your boy is a loser. Don’t let him drag you and us down the drain. Join the millions who want to see the last of him being free and among society.

Stephens and Josephs and Harpers bad guys.

And by the way. I think I got a pretty clean bill of health. Just age related stuff teasing me. Won’t know for sure for a while. But I have to say here that I got superb and extremely friendly attention by everyone that I encountered at the Chinook Regional Hospital. The woman at the front desk set the tone. I’m part fool and she laughed at my foolishness and when she took my blood pressure was able to relaxed me. The young man who did the ultrasound was able to shut me up for those times that he needed me to be so and was engaging otherwise. But I have to put the greatest praise on the doctor who directed/managed the whole affair which I’m sure was as nothing in the overall scheme of things medical but made it seem important. As one gets older and realizes that all things medical could have more and more serious consequences around the corner, one tries to put on a brave face but one is more frequently play acting than truly being brave and a concerned and reassuring doctor like Dr. Regehr is more appreciated than he knows or one wishes to admit.

Thank you Chinook.
Thank you doctor.
I hope it isn’t a cheap shot for me to point out to Decievin Stephen that when he shows so little regard for science and scientists, societies front line scientists are very hard working people that we call doctors.

Lethbridge and triage and best care oh my.

Blackfoot Country

I was going to leave it to the last, kind of like a bitter afterthought but nah it belongs at the front. Get the Euro crap dealt with straight out.
The third line of the very large sign at the eastern edge of the Piikani Nation reads
Peigan Indian Reservation # 147
So what does it mean? Well it means that the people of the Blackfoot Confederacy were evolved and secure to a point that they weren’t about to jump on the religious bandwagon of those who’s book the Bible was in the left hand while the gun was in the right hand as Euro have-nots were helping themselves to everybody around them’s stuff. I.E. land. They had their own strong and sustaining beliefs or religion.

So they were pagans or Peigan.
Now i gotta tell ya. I’m somebody who has had a world of problems with the use of the word Indian to describe anybody who is not from Asia in the last couple of centuries or hasn’t played baseball for a racist named mlb team in Cleveland.

Of course in the manual for racial subjugation it plays strongly that robbing people of their identity, their nationality is a powerful method. I mean how can you have a Nation, or be a Nation if you haven’t even got a nationality? And here we are centuries later when even famous professors like arch racist and Stephen Harper’s best friend forever little Tommy Flanagan is disenfranchised for his support of child pornography, his other great crime against humanity is still popular amongst the politicos that run the show and paint the signs.

And Reservation? Isn’t that an appointment one makes with a restaurant so that one won’t have to eat standing up.
It’s curious that on a sign that embodies so much dignity the government is able, and sees fit, to squeeze four separate insults into one line. And a line at that, which only has three words, a mathematical sign and a three digit number. Whoa, I sure hope some Euro got a bonus for that one.

And what of lines one, two and four.
line 1
Oki (Blackfoot for hello) Entering
both in a flowing cursive script
line 2
line 4
member of the Blackfoot Confederacy

Maybe I’m just really lucky because the only three people that I met while walking through the PIIKANI NATION were three very warm and wonderful people. But I did get a lot of thumbs up and horn honks of the positive kind and the last person I met was a political representative of the Nation and I, a guy on a walk from Victoria B.C. to Ottawa to protest politicians of the lowest order crave to be represented by one as obviously bright and obviously curious to know "who is walking my country with a big yellow sign on his back. And what the hell is his problem."

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Doyle, Tokyo and Angela. May we meet again.

Legations and tribunals and beliefs oh my

Stephe sucks, but the good folk at RBL are pure love.

Is Stephen "say whatever you must" Joseph "because we’re in charge" Harper, the most disingenuous slug to leave a trail on the PMO carpet, ever. He gives creepy a bad name. And is there any subterranean level that this jerk doesn’t have to slither up to. He’s an embarrassment to the country, to the political system, hell, to the species.

Now he would have us believe that he fired Nigel Wright not that Nigel resigned. Next he’ll be telling us that what actually happened was that he The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper levitated old buddy Nige’ up through the ventilating system which discombobulated Nige’ to the point that he miss remembers some of the salient factoids. "Geez it’s hard being Prime Minister of a country that barely deserves me when for a few hours a week I gotta tell God what to do. Ssssssiiiiiiiiggggggghhhh."

Today’s the day I’ve got to look way back to when "the mechanic from hell" that I bought Toto from had me in his clutches. That guy, I suspect he’d lose but he could give the psycho serial liar that wears PM underwear a run for his money in a lying contest.

Anyway the way things shook down at that point the gist of the situation was that twice for thirty days each time an amazing organization came to my rescue. That amazing organization staffed with amazing people was the "Rock Bay Landing in Victoria. They gave me a warm place to be, a comfortable bed to sleep in and fed me food, smiles and sensitivity. They deal with the bottom rungs of society (zero judgment there) as though they were the top rungs, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the two individual months, separated by three months that they kept me in a situation where my very limited resources were not quickly depleted. Don’t know what I’d have done without them.

Thank you very much for everything including the great haircut that I left wearing.

Oct 28 . 12 Kliks toward Lethbridge.

Harper is trying to weasel around the truth.
"Of course I told Mike to pay his bills."
This guy wears disingenuous like it was a silk tie.
Now I’m quite insane. I must be. I’m typing this on a little field entrance from RGE RD 250 and the field is owned, I would guess and operated by a gentleman who stopped by to see why I was where I was.
Very pleasant and understanding man.
This is about 1/3 or 1/4 of the way from Ft Macleod to Lethbridge and other than the fact that my propane furnace would not fire this morning, I had to use the engine for heat and I’m about 30 hours away from -10c this is a beautiful day and aside from ongoing swelling in my right knee I feel right with the world.

So let’s discuss Deceivin Stephen. This is by anyone’s estimation the most micro-managing, which is a term for dictatorial used when you don’t want any form of the word dictator used, Prime Minister, legitimately elected or otherswise in Canada’s history. But he keeps insisting whenever it becomes necessary to, that he knew nothing of what is now becoming a long list of very smelly items.

He knew nothing of the robo-calls even though we have a photo of "Joe micro-manager" in as close to an intimate pose as he’s ever been with anyone, with none other than Michael "Pierre Poutine" Soma circa burner-cell, robo-call, denial etc. Who knows? Maybe the moon is made of blue cheese…

And then we have the little matter of a majority of CPC engaging in electoral-financial-fraud. First of all when the CPC speaks of the financial fraud they couch it in terms and with inflection that would make it seem that they’re referencing the bending of a little rule. No not bent, but broken. And definitely not a rule or guideline or discretionary issue, but a law. Not a law that was enacted one day in the law making room because "we’ve got so much extra time on our hands and all this paper and pens sitting idle. Let’s make up some silly laws that people like Shelley "Sarah Palin wannabe" Glover can use to prove their team player, bonafides willingness to break laws, so that the dick-tater will promote them to cabinet." But massive though it was the "micro-managing-mastodon" never knew. It begs the question "does Deceivin Stephen walk around with his head tucked in where it’s physically impossible to tuck a head in. No one has accused SJH of being a moron, but even a moron (no I’m not talking about you. Dean) would glean more than The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joe Harper just by walking through the physical plant that is the PMO.

Now anybody with even half a brain knows that Deceivin Stephene is deceiving. The evidence that SJH is a psychopathic serial liar is everywhere. Even a partial list of his deceptions here would be too long. Look it up fellow Canadians. And then ponder the two years plus that the head of Elections Canada has been asking for the power it needs to do it’s job.

You might ask and logically so. "How did E.C. managed until two years ago without those powers?
The simple honest answer to that question is that everything previously did not embrace a majority Harper Government.
I invite you and beseech you to ponder what did this person with so many unsavoury connectons all the way back to his teens mean when he said "you wont recognize Canada by the time I get through with it."
What unsavoury connections? Read about Bruce Carson serial felon, or his first campaign manager who for years subscribed to the MAN/BOY love publication. Read also of his very close connections to neo-nazi organizations going a long way back. The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper has left so many little piles of effluence in his wake that amount to "Stephe Harper Is Tenacious" mountain.

As I mentioned above I filled up with propane yesterday afternoon and my furnace today blows only cold air. I’m looking at -10c so I’ll get back to this if I don’t freeze.

Daily blat

On 2013-10-23 3:00 PM, "Ted Musson" <electionfraud2011> wrote:
> I’m sending this from my phone. Gonna see if I can construct an entity of humour or something to frame the absurd workings of the gang in charge.
> People have been very good to me on my walk. It seemed to kick off in Cowichan Bay and just keep happening. Crofton was great. Listened to Rene and Jennifer and Monique and met some wonderful people who were driving between Chemainus and Crofton who stopped and engaged with me and obviously made me feel really good.

> Trying to find a groove.
> I found a groove but unfortunately too late to keep my knee from getting unhealthy and a bit swollen. Too bad I wasn’t secure enough to have picked a rational tempo that had a less taxing pace and I’d be at least as far along, and healthy. Yeah, I have to admit that it’s a delicate thing that I must do what I can to slow down and stay functional.

Duffy and Harper and Canada

So I read this morning that Mike Duffy has dropped the "O". The "O" in question isn’t the octave. He’s not feeling more "manly" like that other former friend of Harper’s. His BFF who gutlessly called for the assassination of a man that the pedophilic little creep couldn’t begin to be the equal of. Assange is a hard core stand up guy s far as I can see.

No this "O" is the "O" in PMO which stands for "office" and that leaves the guy wearing the suit jacketish shaped flak-jacket in the Duffy cross-hairs.
That’s right Mike Duffy, one third of the senate greed gang is saying that The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper lied to you, to me, and more importantly to parliament. Can we get him under oath? It’s creepy that that’s a rational question. Do we have a dictatorship here. Because it seems that SJH dictates just about everything. What the flyin’ fiddlers flamadoozy is going t’ foog on.? Eh!

Is there no way short of him pulling out a gun and murdering someone on the floor of parliament that we can get this creep out of politics where he has no business being, and into the prison cell that he so amply deserves.

The machinations of this are going to be interesting and surely it will put a little starch in the spines of some of the others who SJH has dumped on over the last few years.
He’s been crapping on Canadians for so long that now he has a stain on the back of his trousers to prove it.
"HEAD OF INDUSTRY HERE STEPHE. WHAT THE FLIMMEDAH ARE YOU UP TO BOY" "get right son. Or we’re going to blow your ass up"
I’m here to tell you folks that that’s how it shakes down.
Yes, yes and yes. The American experience has been fun but it’s time to look at the bill. O.K. who had the synthetic chicken salad?
I was taken for a ride across the river across the narrow bridge and out on some originally bison run roads. I gotta say that so far, southern Alberta is stunningly beautiful.

Alberta and Mississippi

Time to do a little 55 years and two countries apart comparisons.
The parallels between the Alberta fascists of today and the KKK of Mississippi of the early twentieth century and the connection to the 248 year history of American slavery are profound.
I just walked across the Crowsnest Pass and the very first thing I encountered was The Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp. Now what’s that got to do with anything? Well did you know that well into the 20th century every single head of the KKK (Grand Cyclops I think they were called) was an ordained Baptist Minister? Folks in North America religion has gone hand in hand with genocide and apartheid. Oh yeah we invented that one and the extremely religious folk in South Africa used Canada’s disgusting vile history of murder, torture, theft of everything and total disenfranchisement, followed by the absolute horrors of residential schools as a template. And by the way calling residential schools, residential schools is tantamount to calling Kingston penitentiary, The Kingston Older Boys Club.

But let’s get back to Alberta of the 20th and early 21st centuries. Now we have a cliche come to life and writ large. The cliche "religion is the last refuge of the scoundrel" by good old Samuel Johnson who might have been looking in the psycho-smooth face of one Stephen Joseph Harper.

You remember Stephen. He’s the guy who used his old neo-nazi buddies as security for that other bastion of religious rectitude Pre-stone Manning the guy who’s daddy had the other right-wing jerks who used to run B.C. rather like a personal fiefdom, name a beautiful park after him. The same guy who got his education and marching orders from "Bible" Bill Aberhart. You see where I’m going here. Bible, bible, bible and a touch of fascism that the disingenuous slug called Social Credit.

Now whathehell got me so cranked up on this? Well I’m not sure. But having just mostly double-walked from city hall Victoria to the Crowsnest Pass, and then today having double-walked for six kliks into Alberta, difficult as it is for me to do so and truly gorgeous as B.C. is, I have to admit that these first 6Km of Alberta are probably the most jaw-droppingly beautiful. And it reminds me of taking the train that Arlo sang about from Chicago to New Orleans (have I mentioned recently how much I love trains) and just being mesmerized at the placid beauty.pf Mississippi. Blood soaked Mississippi. So many disparities. So many parallels.

And who’d a thunk that me, a boy from Toronto who spent most of a winter in Edmonton and has driven more than once from Toronto to Winnipeg and beyond in winter, experienced his worst snow storm ever on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Louis Missouri.

Go figger.!

Ltte take 2

On 2013-10-12 2:45 PM, "Ted Musson" <electionfraud2011> wrote:
> In May 2011 many of us were disappointed at the results of the election. But as believers in democracy we were getting over the loss and planning for victory next time.
> Within months we were seeing that it was naive to think that narrow victory might translate into narrow hubris. and within half a year we saw the arrogance of this little dictator as he manipulated in the most undemocratic ways again thwarting the will of the vast majority of Canadians.

> At the end of ten months the whole page changed as we became used to the term ROBOCALLS. There were more changes to come. And as time went by we learned of more of the scummy use of "burner" cell phones and misdirection of the elderly away from their voting stations.

> Then we started to hear of the financial fraud perpetrated by what would turn out to be a majority of CPC candidates.
> By Aug of that year I could bear it no more to have all of these cheap sleazy tricks run at you/us/me by a serial liar with a history of hanging out with convicted felons, organized racists (his recent conversion to the Zionist cause notwithstanding) and entrance to his inner circle was a product of proof that you were ready to commit harperia.

> I’m a 71 year old former carpenter still sax/flute/piccolo player, who because the math said distinctly,loudly and profoundly that we don’t have a legal government decided to walk my arthritic aching body to Ottawa.

Election fraud 2011

On 2013-10-12 2:20 PM, "Ted Musson" <electionfraud2011> wrote:
> So let me see if I have this correct the head of Elections Canada wants the people who broke the law to make it easier for themselves to be caught. Hmm, whadaya think Stephen do you think that’s a good idea. Doing something that would have you and dozens of your minions serving time in one of the concentration camps you want to build. No I didn’t think so.

> Now here’s something you hardly ever hear of. Someone close to The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper being accused of lying, cheating and stealing. Why its been almost five minutes…But what about the case of Carolyne Stewart Olsen. She not only lies, cheats and steals but like SJH who has the power to thwart any investigations like what Elections Canada’s Cote is trying to enact she sat on the panel that looked into senate lying, cheating and stealing. And it was she who "softened the language" with reference to the Wright-Duffy caper.

> These people, these harpercrits have no shame, no morality, no honesty, no integrity and no shortage of greed, hubris, and sense of entitlement.
> Talk about yer foxes and yer hen houses.
> Please somebody tell me I’m going to wake up to this being a long and painful dream.
> I’m about halfway between Fernie and Sparwood and I’m looking at some gorgeous and huge mountains that would disappear next to the evil of that most disgusting of semi human beings Stephen Scumbag Joseph Excrement Harper.

> His plan is almost complete and your Canada is almost completely a thing of the past.
> Wake up Canada. The coffee is burnt.
> Liars and miscreants and waste oh my.