Electoral change also skanky KhristyKlarc

Right off the top here. There are a few things that are as close to non-negotiable as it gets.
Sea change in relationship between the let’s face it folks… Euro government and call them what you will. First Nation, Indigenous, Native as long as it’s respectful, and in my mind "Indian" doesn’t qualify. Indian is a wonderful beautiful name that belongs to the people of India and has been used on the Natives of Turtle Island negatively for five centuries.
Nuff said. We could be on page five hundred before I let go of that bone.
Nation to Nation(s). About time Joe Euro started to pay some real rent…
Next up is sincere, aggressive effort to rather than talk about it… make large voter turnout a reality.
You are a bunch of can-do entrepreneurs ya-da ya-da and you want me to believe that you can’t figure a way to get close to 100% of the populace to vote.
Well I can and I’m not nearly as smart as you. You have way more money than me so you must be smarter.
That is the criteria. Right?
We know that guaranteed income is somewhere around the corner. Do you need remedial help in processing the concept of tying it to compulsary voting?
Oh yeah I remember the argument. It’s against some sacred code that you live by that says it’s terrible to pay someone to vote.
Everybody gets it. Oh I see you don’t want the bottom rung to get an unfair advantage. They are already so top heavily represented in decision making.
Okay! What can we tie it to for people that make more than our declared minimum income? I’m pretty sure we could find a tax thingy that would make them smile.
I got it.
How about an across the board, no matter the amount one percent reduction in your tax bill.
Let’s imagine that this is the prism that the sun shines through to manifest the opinion of all or as close to all of the people as is possible.
See the thing is that I believe in democracy, and I guarantee that this will manifest a far superior result than a system that for some reason reflects the wealthy far more than it does the hoi poloi.
Okay economics.
If you think money and politics aren’t constant bedfellows, then you do need some remedial help.
Hope you’re sitting down.
They are! constant bedfellows who have been doing the nasty longer than politically, forever.
Billionairehood is one of my favourite, right up there with doing the same thing and expecting different results, examples of insanity.
"How come you are being such a cheap-ass meanie Ted?" You’re thinking.
It’s bad for humanity for a private citizen to have that kind of power.
If you were expecting me to say taxpayer rather than citizen well frankly pally that makes you and me philosophical enemies.
And remedying that little problem is even easier than the huge voter turnout thingy.
Ski-slope shaped tax code.
In a nutshell we alter the codes that define the shape of society and economics to benefit the majority rather than an almost always ethics challenged minority.
Okay so that’s the background.
What would I want the system to encompass.
A system that uses modern technology. A system that recognizes and reflects modern philosophy. A system that was readily responsive rather than glacially encumbering. These I believe are exactly what most democracies were 2.4 centuries ago in the case of the U.S.ofA. and more like 5 in the case of the Westy. But both of them are so far behind the tech curve that it’s a wonder they both don’t dress up Like Fred And Barney to play their ridiculous games…
We need recall and referendum. A government that is untouchable for four years or until it commits the ludicrous? Nah that’s not it.
A system most notably like Proportional Representation until someone shows me otherwise I believe, in fact I’d bet money, that less than 5% of current electorate could pass a what it is exam. So I suggest to the advocates, educate.
But having said so I also say that understood it may well be the best. But not understood it’s worthless.
My overview of Cuba is that when you live that close to the almost absolutely constantly at war snd absolutely always meddling in others affairs U.S.A. the rules have to reflect that.
Vouple of things that are difficult to authenticate but since you’ve been believing unauthenticated fantasy for years anyeay I’m going to put it out there.
There was far greater democracy within the various soviets that made up the USSR than America, Canada or Britain have ever imagined.