The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Month: June, 2014


You’ve been had folks.
As Malcolm X once said in a speech in which he pointed out that "We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on us." he went on to say ”you’ve been hoodwinked, you’ve been bamboozled"

Well to all you bright Canadians out there who "actually" voted for Harpy that same creep who stole the election and wants to befoul the planet for thirty pieces of silver, has stolen your dignity. In the case of the military, your honour and in the case of all so-called first nations with the exception of you who like Patrick Brazeau are "uncle tomahawks" which is another way of saying "indigenous quislings" your birthright. I say, so-called, as an oblique way of referencing the theft of your proper and hobourable identity. None of Ojibwa, Cree, Blackfoot, Dene, Salish, Haida, Mohawk, Iroquois or any other of the nations that were the targets of Euro genocide had names any less easy to remember or say than "first nations". It’s all just part of the con.

The band of disgusting perverts, criminals and traitors, led initially by child porn advocate and outspoken anti-indigenous racist, Tom Flanagan has found ways of insinuating themselves into every level of Canadian social accomplishment that used to be laudable even while the tragedy and travesty of former official genocidal crime hung over us like Damocles sword and perverted it to the neo-nazi or neo-naziesque reality that it is today under CPC. (criminals perverts con-men&women)

It seems that a ratio of about 10:3 is the margin they work on.
That obscene piece of pornography disguised as legislation known as the Fair Election Act exactly like the excreta known as the Temporary Foreign Workers Program has a bait and switch agenda that plays to Harpy’s base and is part of his scheme to destabilize all things truly fair and democratic and all things equitable and collective bargaining.Union. They use the 10:3 ratio. They make things utterly barbaric at 10 and pull it back to 3 which is merely obscenely horrible.

If you are one of the top 1%, who as a matter of fact scraped another 1% of the finite 100%, onto their pile this fiscal year, fine. If you are a businessman or even a businesswoman (when was the last time you heard that word in this sexist, fascist controlled country), fine. But if you are the other, the huge majority of this once rational, non-neo-nazi-nation, too effing bad jack. You are not yesterday’s news, you are yesterday’s leavings. Which is a nice way of saying garbage. It’s the same as that disgusting bit of flotsam Julian Fantino saying soldier, when he really means garbage or perhaps baggage.

I’m afraid many of you think Unions and similar organisations thanks to the obscene, perverted "news" that issues or issued from the criminal scum that support Harpy and were members of the same fascist organisations who belly up to the trough that has the DNA of Basset, Blacks, Worthington and Asper dripping from them are telling you truths because "well they’re rich they must know something". They do, they know that you can be conned the same as hockey night in Canada knows you can be conned. Hockey is a very profitable game for the few. Much more so for the con artist than the player, and the exact same thing is true of politics. They are playing you for chumps and you are rolling over like Rover to get your belly scratched. They, the cons of today, just as a "for instance" aren’t going to tell you about that other disgusting "war hero" con, Conn Smythe and the criminal methods he used to get Maple Leaf Gardens built. It’s history and as Yogi Berra was want to say "you can look it up" Maple Leaf Gardens was the home of child sex scandals and tax evasion scandals and just about every other kind of scandal as well as letting George Wallace speak before he was shot and had his miraculous conversion away from "segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." And that after one of the truly great cons of cheating the desperate people who built it and were trying to feed their families during the "Great Depression" called great I’m assuming because it was great for the 1% of the time, who are approximately the same families then as now. And if not the same families, definitely the same gutter morality. But they wouldn’t let Mohammed Ali fight there when he preferred to go to prison rather than kill Viet Namese.

By the way LBJ, how did that work out.
Wake up Maggie I think I’ve got something to say to you. You led me away from home just to keep from being alone. You stole my soul and that’s a pain I can do without.
Rod was singing about a slightly different form of getting it in the shorts folks. But it’s still about getting it in the shorts. No matter how cute Maggie was, or how good it felt for a moment.
She conned him, and it’s still about getting used, confused and abused, getting left on the ash-pile.
And taking it in the shorts.


Who cares.(fp)

I’m aiming everything I’m doing; walking, writing, protesting, the lot on the 40% who didn’t vote last time. Whether you were too young to vote or not, you’re in. If however you voted last time this isn’t for you.

I guess you’ll think twice about that next time eh?
So scat. Go on. Git.
Okay now that we’re rid of them, hands up those of you who think your aunt would have won more than one Stanley cup with those guys that Don Cherry had. Okay just had to get that out of the way. Don’s bigotry and generally low take on life are sad. It’s really confusing when he sits there in that get-up and blathers about P.K. Subban. On the one hand he "looks" like someone who is totally and fairly tragically colour blind and yet subtly and not so subtly he "sounds" like someone for whom in some areas colour, like ancestral country are perversely important. I mean he acts and sounds like an arch bigot. But hey, he must be widely regarded as a coach. I mean the show isn’t "Failure Coach’s Corner", it’s "Coach’s Corner" and I don’t think it means Maclean.

Okay now listen up youse guys I’m going to make this as smooth but as straight up as it’s gotta be, and as it is.
We are on the brink of the greatest calamity in our history. No, much greater than those ultra profit making wars of the 20th century. This time the enemy is within. And give yourselves a hand. You caused it to happen. All the experts say that if you had voted…because you are not enslaved and ensnared in concepts that only the very propagandized would be trapped in, you with that hint of high-ideals, that cleaner slate of realities than many of the people who did vote, would have voted for Harpy even less than those who did vote, and he wouldn’t have gotten close enough to complete the heist.

The treason.Yes I know we could blame it on our lax election laws, or we could blame it on a system so old and out of touch with reality that it was ripe for a political Harry Powell, Max Cady or Hannibal Lecter to defile. Well Bucko this ain’t Happy Days and Fonz ain’t gonna tool up and make everything temporarily right by 6:30 each night.

But you have the opportunity to become a far bigger hero than Fonz.
But you gotta vote. I’m not about to suggest that it’s because you’re lazy. Hell most of you work your butt off. No, no and no to the lazy thing. I’m convinced that not starting with Harpy, but cranked up like on methamphetamine by him voting is seen as irrelevant. It’s not. That’s a con game played on you by assorted cons. Conservatives, convicts and constant greed. The lower the vote the greater opportunity to replicate the treason that they perpetrated last time. The quality of yours and your families future depend on getting rid of the Harpycrits. Pally I’m telling you that they are utterly toxic. They are so inflated with greed that they don’t even know you exist except as another commodity. They and their buddies who are so far from the grease patch that produces the world’s most dangerous and toxic sludge called bitumen are also so high up in a Calgary skyscraper that they can’t see or smell it and their greed stacked up against planetary degradation, doesn’t even get into the conversation.

Don’t be the chump that in your heart of hearts you are beginning to know that you’ve been. Be the hero your kids, your siblings, your parents and your high-school coach knew you were and know you can be.
And unless you are an arch bigot and I don’t think you are, how can you work on the grease patch which all but the totally co-opted, Native groups, are totally against. And after all it impacts them more negatively than any other groups.

Do the right thing. Vote. Vote Harpy so far out that his felonies can’t bring him closer to the fascist state that he so covets. Then if Justin or Thomas has the jam for it you can sit back after work, crack a cold one, and switch back and forth between watching the day’s treason hearings and court case of Harpy and the Harpocrits, and a hockey game with two genuine competent coaches.

And if my life goes like I’m planning you can envy me having had the opportunity to call Pee Pee Boy a scumbag right to his smug, hubris distorted face.

Stephen Harper’s buddy Michael Sona

I for one, didn’t expect other than what happened in the Michael Sona "trial", and frankly I’m not at all surprised that the "corporate shill "news" on my BELL phone" gave it very short shrift. The "trial" used approximately the same ratio and intensity as the election fraud investigation. About 200:1. That is to say that the investigation was designed to find not eggs, not chicks nor hens in the great hen-house investigation.

Simply put Stephe the dick-tater could not afford an omelet or a chicken salad sandwich and what the dick-tater wants/needs Adolf "the dick-tater" Harpy, gets. Sedition is the order of the day, and Canada with all of it’s racist, right-wing leaning, anti-ecological history, has been being force fed steroids since 2006 when little Tommy Flanagan took a break from lusting after little boys and set about making der furher of Rob Fords little playmate, the sub-geek with the preposterous glasses that put one in mind of Foghorn Leghorn’s neighbour chicken/kid of whom he bemoaned "Somethin’ kinda ee-ee-ee about a boy that don’t like baseball," Stephe J. Harpy. (You might want to Google "Stephen Harper Reach For The Top" to see how preposterous and while your at it you might want to Google "Michael Sona / Stephen Harper photos")

The "trial" designed to assure the Canadian electorate that Michael Sona who after all has 600 arms, 47 sets of vocal chords and the ability to see around corners did it all. All 200 plus. Oh and by the way, that dog turd on your front lawn, your missing rose bushes and broken window…all Michael Sona.

Harpy’s fingerprints?, I don’t think I heard you say that. Don’t go there. That’s too dangerous for you. I’m not sure you could survive that.
Think "Rob Ford and Harpy are lifelong buddies." Now think of how many murderers, thieves, and assorted, oh I don’t know, let’s call them scallywags are members of the Ford Nation inner circle. Ya see. Just don’t go there, "there be dragons".

It’s obvious even to a mind as addled as Ford’s, as juvenile, evil and shallow as Pollievre’s or as criminal and insincerely trite as Shelly Glover’s that with over 200 ridings reporting robocalls, with financial fraud everywhere Stephe’s footprints, fingerprints or venom can be found that we have witnessed the world’s first, nine years in the making, robocall and flim-flamery based coup d’etat. This is the most elaborate political-two-step ever. The CPC tie it all to little Mister Scumbag, but little Mister Scumbag is getting the velvet glove treatment from the court. The "trial" is Canada’s most embarrassing moment since the uttering in the Canadian parliament of the statement "none is too many" during the reign of Harpy’s hero in Germany.

"But Ted" you ask "how come none of my Probe and Fail, National Joke or Hun Newspaper, nor my Criminal Bull Crap TV/radio tells me this stuff. Are you sure. I mean Stephe is after all a self professed person of a religious persuasion."

Well, now it was only fact based fiction, but so was Harry Powell the guy who in the movie "Night of the Hunter", stalked two children for the money they had. Much like Harpy’s stalking the vulnerable Dene, Cree, Blackfoot and any others whose lives are being further shattered by the "tarsands".

And since the criminal government and greedy energy industry chose to change the name from the more honest "tarsands" to the typically CPC dishonest "oilsands" perhaps "greasesands" is appropriate. Name change for the Manning, Day, Harpy clique is their only successful maneuver. Oh yeah, that and the treasonous election fraud.

In a nutshell folks…since 2006 when two perverted criminal minds, Tommy and Stephy, cranked it to the sky to get their high profit, high degradation, world’s dirtiest, most dangerous and toxic energy sludge to any market at any cost to the planet and to the true guardians of the land, Dene, Blackfoot, Cree etc. the order of law and the order of fair honest elections and every other life factors, were shit on.

I don’t enjoy using such language. I feel one should try very hard to make one’s point without the use of the scatological. Occasionally with the scum and dross that is the basis of CPC and all things Adolf Harpy that is simply not possible. You, I, the rule of law, common decency and humanity are ready targets of the product of the CPC and truly friends that is shit. Excreta, waste, worthlessness.

Remember the (admittedly sexist, perhaps the first sexism most of us were subjected to) definition of what little boys and little girls were made of…well if there was a third category which was "what are Harpy and his inner-circle made of…that would be the content list. Excreta, garbage,waste, worthlessness. Shit.

No sugar and spice and everything nice, no snails nor puppy dog’s tails… excreta, shit, garbage, shit, waste, shit worthlessness, shit.
Stephe Harpy Ideologue Traitor
Nothing will come of the Sona trial that isn’t more "bread, circus, obfuscation, and bullshit".
Smoke and mirrors.
Are you enjoying the harpocrisy.
No question mark needed. It was a rhetorical question.
Hope you like wars, prisons and racism because that’s what Harpy/CPC is all about. Actually I hope you like peace, freedom and humanity and together we can fit Harpy and whoever else with horizontal stripes and steel bars.

"Stone walls and iron bars a prison do not make." But throw in what festers in Harpy’s little skull and your getting really close. Concentration camp would be a nice name. And I guarantee, at the first possibility Harpy will impose capital punishment, and he’ll be racing his moron buddy Bush and friends in Texas and Louisiana for the execution numbers totals. And like in the time and place of his hero Hitler, lefties and union-members will be the first to go.

Wake up decent Canadians. To quote Malcolm X speaking to black America "You’ve been hoodwinked."
Trust me Canada. Harpy is every bit and more the racist bit of social scum that Malcolm was referencing.

Lyin’ Spyin’ Zion Stephe

If you come to a philosophical point from a particular perspective and you seem to be out of step with everyone else you should probably take a magnifying glass and closely scrutinize your conclusions. That’s what I’m going to do to the whole Harper/Israel thing.

First of all, make no mistake about it Stephen Joseph Harper has a long and deep anti-Jewish history. Make no mistake also, that people can see the error of their ways and change. However people can also change their opinions for all the wrong reasons, and that is exactly what Harper has done. His very recent embracing of all things Jewish is absolutely nothing more and nothing less than a desire to be in on the ground floor of a Zionist/American anti-Moslem power-pact in the middle east. And from my perspective the Zionist message is the same there, as the Euro-Christian message is in the Americas.

The message here was we’re better than you and far more accomplished at war than you. And whether you are a member of one of the many human groups that America and to a very slightly less degree, Canada brutalized and murdered for hundreds of years, or a Palestinian, your future is thin, very thin.

Judao-Christian power and war is what the American/Israel pact is all about and if one takes a careful look at American and Canadian histories one finds what is probably the world’s greatest genocide and very likely the greatest theft of children, torture of children, sexual abuse of children and murder of children by the prevailing governments and belief systems of the time as in America and Canada.

Residential schools, reservations, and in the American minutes of Congress terms such as "wars of eradication" and "wars of extermination"
How about the term "Indian giver". Euro thought has made them out to be the active participant in the cliche even though it is the diametric opposite of history. Rather like referencing what happened in Germany circa 1930s and.40s concentration camps as German victims, rather than Germany’s victims.

And how about the scalping thing that was in fact an American way of keeping track of bounty for "dead injuns". Scalping, much like torture was far more Euro than otherwise.
Think Inquisition.
To precis it, early Euro histories in the Americas, both Christian, Jewish and otherwise was terror from top to bottom.
Surely in over five hundred years we’ve evolved not just militarily but morally. Surely we can find the ability to atone for so much evil past and not repeat and enhance it.
But don’t expect that from Harpy. I am perfectly serious when I reference SJH as psychotic. There are too many psycho events in Stephe’s past, there is no sign that it’s abating, and it would be absurd to think that politics would not appeal to such a person. Have you ever seen a well balanced person kick so many former allies under the bus, or who’s account of recent history is so at odds with his confederates, to say nothing of the 3/5 of all Canadians who know him for the consummate liar he is. Canadians who hope and/or pray that the next thud they hear is Stephen Joseph Harper being kicked under the bus by CPC who found something different this time in their jockey shorts or panties

Zions and geysers and bitumen oh my

Stephe the nazi

It’s difficult to know where or how to begin. The media which over here on the left of center is frequently referred to as the corporate media and they certainly live up to the title astonishingly well, have done their best to protect Harpy from his past,and have worn kid gloves through every crime he’s committed, every convention he’s sullied and defrauded on multiple levels, every criminal he’s embraced, and the very huge crime of theft of government. The fact is that from the CBC all roads go through the PMO. And in light of the Nigel Wright, Mike Duffy scandal it’s apparent that all roads from the RCMP still go through Harpy. One can only wonder what it would take to get an honest unbiased action that wasn’t tainted with Harpy DNA. His fingerprints and excreta are all over every criminal thing that has happened around the PMO the RCMP the CBC. I do my best to stay on top of the Harper crime front here in my blog but there are others who do a far better job and one such place is harperscrimes.ca .

This very twisted man is destroying Canada on every level from every perspective. You and I friends, are being sold a handful of beans for the family cow. The cow gave milk the "magic" beans give…? farts,… gas,… methane. Even bitumen at some temperature, I suspect. Is the health of your country and the health of your children and your aging relatives, worth cheap gas. Is the health and welfare of soldiers who used to be peace keepers before warmonger Adolf Harpy stole our country.

You’ve been conned Canada.
Don’t feel too bad. These are the creme de la creme of con artist and liars. They couch it in sappy fictitious contrition after exhausting every phony ploy like Shelly Glover or sad and betrayed beyond human endurance Dean (of liars), delMastro. It is axiomatic that the closer you get to Harpy the stronger the stench and the greater facility in lying. It’s no one on a back bench that that smell comes from, it comes out of cabinet. Every single member if the Harpy cabinet is a consummate liar and has a stake in a very, very over the right-side agenda. And that agenda has far less of you in it than it has the corporate, oil soaked, 1%.

The important thing is that among members of the CPC this type of criminal dishonesty, this way of conducting ones self, of general comportment, is almost like a uniform in the Harpy world. It’s what’s expected. You could be that brightest bulb on the Xmas tree, but you ain’t gettin’ the big star at the top if you haven’t shown that you are ready to commit election fraud or similar criminal credentials. If your lack of morals don’t meet the subterranean level expected if a harpercrit you ain’t in. Harpocracy isn’t your true calling, and only the truly amorally gifted need apply.

Try organized crime. Their standards aren’t quite as stringent as ours are.
The Liberals have acted like gangsters in the past. Playing fast and loose with the national treasure. They should have and did, pay for their crimes. But their crimes did not include the act of treason which electoral fraud is. Some of the Liberals stole money. Of that there is no doubt. But they did not steal an election.

Think about it folks.
These criminals, this cabal of traitors manoeuvred themselves illegally into a position to direct your sons and daughters into war. If one Canadian soldier was killed after the very first decision of an unelected usurper government, that constitutes murder. And the only logical person to be at the head of that perp-walk is Stephen Joseph Harper

Then to have that disgusting little fascist lout, spout his insane overview of history in the twentieth century and what side of the political spectrum caused the most damage and what class of what political philosophy gained the most. Harpy is simply a disgusting, filthy, mindless little piggy on the make who is no longer deserving of any civility. His existance is the bane of a great many people’s lives.

I believe, because evidence, history and logic say so that this little dictator is a traitor and by extension a murderer.