The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Month: April, 2016


I walked from Victoria B.C to Ottawa over the course of two and a half years. My modus operandi was to drive east for 10-15K then walk back to where I’d begun, turn around and walk back to my vehicle. I’ve got an old knee injury which blew up between Cranbrook and Fernie has left me with water on the knee and is affected to a lesser or greater degree by weather and probably my attitude on a day to day basis. Since that point I changed my strategy to drive forward, "hitchhike" back and then walk forward.
I got to Ottawa in late September and because of being out of B.C so long I had to become Ontarian to get my vehicle insured.
Staying with a nephew and his family and surrounded wirhin a hundred kliks by much of my siblings and family I spent a wonderful winter in Guelph.
Intending to return to BC I stayed plugged in to events there and after my walk to Ottawa I was a much more political person, recognizing better the amount of damage on every level that a criminally predisposed group like the CPC Harpy Gang can do. They’ve slid a little in their approach from Harpy’s criminal to Ronalee’s low intellect and information and high degree of obfuscatious. Where they once snuck around guiding minions like young Mr Michael Sona and old Mr Bruce Carson creating financial fraud such as the IN/OUT scheme they reverted to misdirection and fabrication and more directly appealed to the racist and fascist thought which ironically has been promulgated most strenuously since the war against fascism, WWII. And fear, they continued and increased the Hermann Goeing principle of control through mass national fear.
There are myriad obvious cases of illegal manipulation before and since the election and if we had an RCMP commissioner who wasn’t an integral part of team Harpy and had done genuine investigation there would have been far more evidence uncovered in the area of election fraud and far more charges like those not laid against such as Nigel Wright for a bribery scheme. Bob has shown from before the ink on his contract was dry that he was far more if not completely, Harpy’s handmaiden than he was Canada’s protector. In a position such as his he has the power to control the board and unless JTLPC take matters in hand he will tilt it against them.
Fire him.
Investigate him.
Charge and hopefully incarcerate him.
But that was CPC then and this is BCFASCI now.
Since leaving Guelph, planning by this time, to walk back across BC to protest the presumably legally elected, but post election criminally operating, rampantly greedy, completely opaque, utterly unaccountable triple deletions and quadruple mistruths and utterly stupid BCFASCI party.
There should be some kind of infringement law that when something, particularly a political party calls itself something it should, if called on it, be forced to prove veracity to at least some small degree. Lying & committing fraudulent actions beyond liberally shouldn’t be justification to name yourself such.
I’m typing this from between Mark’s and Real Canadian Superstore in Cranbrook. I’ve walked from Crowsnest AB/BC border through Sparwood, Fernie, Elko, Jaffray and I’m now on the eastern edge of Cranbrook, it’s Friday, two days after the WhiteSox swept the Jays and I’m a bit ill. No biggy just a tad out of sorts.
I’ve given interviews to the Sparwood Crowsnest Pass Herald, the Fernie FreePress and the Cranbrook Daily Townsman and also to Cranbrook radio stations The Drive & Summit 107.
I’ve just propaned and groceried, must do some banking, get gas, get around to phone company so will probably drive 5-6K Monday and either walk back to about 2Kliks I haven’t walked east of here or wait until Tuesday to do the walk. From Tuesday on I’m off and need a pace of 7-8K to stay on schedule.
I’m far more a detracter than a supporter of our Parliamentary system and if I understand the minutea of the current situation if KKKK had to step away from the at least, and personally I think it’s far more, $1,000 a day she scrapes onto her pile the same group doing her nefarious bidding would do it for whoever within the Bitch Kassidy and the Scumdance Kids gang won whatever such a maggoty band do to pick a new Bleeder. Make no mistake bleeding is exactly what they’re doing to us.
17th century "medicine" for the 21st.
So I want focus. Focus on what this insanely right-wing party that calls itself liberal is doing. BC is as extreme an example of right-wing party reinvention as AB and Cda.
The Riled Woes in Alberta and the Original ConServeMyself’s will probably change name as they slip into the three legged race pants, like Conservative Reform Alliance anything but honest Fascist. BC invented a different dance where as when your right-wing destroys itself running up and down halls with fists full of money or however they do it this time…no problem there’s bound to be a moribund political skeleton we can inhabit.
Thus the great Gordon race of Wilson, Gibson and Campbell that saw virtually all the discredited Social Crediters leap slide or pose their way into the cadaver of the nominally, and only nominally, liberal party of B.C. British Columbia’s small "f" fascist party.
BC MSM is every bit as much handmaiden to BCFASCI party as say the Globe & Mail is naked and in bed with the CPC party in Canada. And let me point out that given the genuine canadian Conservatives distain for and non embrace of your little Harpy cabal, the willing trysters you are in bed with arent even teenagers yet.
And KreepyKweenKhristyKlarc ain’t wearin no kloak.


Nothing actually

I ran out of rational things to say about Harpy and no thoughts that I had to express quite a while ago.

This is two things. Just a test to see if I’m on track and also a hello I’m walking back across B.C.
Neither B. or C. are resonating well with me. If Maggie and Raygun weren’t shmarmsters enough PM pig fucker has besmerched the British Empi-ah to its holey underwear. And don’t get me started on "C" that asshole should have stayed home. A better caliber of "discoverer" and who knows maybe not quite so much need for bullshit glossing history.
OK the test is on…