The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Month: August, 2014

Middle east

Conceptually I like democracy.
I really like it a lot.
I like to quote a favourite former Blue Jays player Aaron Hill, who hails from some idyllic little town in California and when asked about life as a major league ball player in Toronto, fired another ten watts into his permanent smile and with a self-evident/mystified look said simply "what’s not to love about Toronto?"

Well Aaron, and "freedom lovers everywhere," the harsh truth is that even Toronto "the good" and democracy "the best" occasionally get it terribly wrong either by an unseen psychological/chemical/criminal malignancy such as the entire Rob Ford drama/crime, or a five hundred year old political system that’s more a hoary collection of weaknesses than a model of rational thought, and which allows a criminal opportunist like Stephen Harper to use "Robocalls" and his signature move, "financial fraud" to gain purloined CPC victories in 2011 are but twi negative scenario possibilities.

Many people think of democracy as an absolute. Some think that almost as firmly as the concept of "up". Not like, for example a colour. Let’s use red to depict democracy, and let’s use green to depict the as equally broad totalitarianism. Shades of both red and green are infinite. Just like politics.

I’m laying out these obvious setup, scenarios to suggest that practically everything in life is complex, and to suggest that the more ardently one is committed to a single point, the more one is unable to see past that point to the heart of a problem who’s complexity perhaps covers a huge philosophical swath.

Thus the Middle-East.
Israel and Palestine.
If your synapse can deliver you a philosophical, mathematical picture of "there" that makes Israel, as it manifests with Zionist Netenyahu at the head, a force for reason or anything but one more fascist entity in a world where disingenuous criminal types like Harpy and the coterie of various miscreants surrounding him wish to succeed at the conquering of which Mussolini and Hitler failed, then you my friend have a very plastic memory.

The numbers say otherwise.
The numbers say the Middle East represents the greatest "blame the victim" since Hollywood started making "Cowboys and injuns" propaganda obscenities. (injuns is purposely misspelled and not capitalized. There’s too much Christo/capitalist horsecrap around the word to rehab it) That men like Franco, who afforded Hitler the opportunity to hone his killing skills preparing for WWII during the absurdly named Spanish civil war and thrive, and that Pinochet and many others such, were allowed to wield their evil for as long as they did says much negative about the "democracies" that prevailed in 1945. To compare the "democracies" of Sweden, Finland and Ecuador with Canada, Israel and The United States for example, is laughable. To compare the totalitarianism of Fidel Castro with the totalitarianism of any of myriad U.S. and Canada supported continental South and Central American murderous dictatorships from Chile and Argentina to El Salvador and Honduras, in light of, for example Cuba’s hugely successful medical, musical and educational programs, and the number of mass graves and poverty and lack of education in South America, Central America and southern North America is ludicrous. It’s equally as ludicrous to give the United States of America a pass on why so much of the world to the south of it, is in such tragic state.

Iran-contra/Reagan-murderer. Ring any bells? Ollie North? etc. etc. etc. Any of this ringing any bells?
Nothin’ eh…
Well of course we can fantasize that none of it happened. It’s so unlike American…alcohol damaged "dubya" and his gangster buddies Don and Dick can’t possibly have lied and engineered the deaths of countless Iraqis. America ain’t like that. What the hell is wrong with you?Ain’t you never seen no "Cowboys and injuns" movies. We’re Christians for gawud’s sake. And stop saying "weapons of mass destruction."

There are both democratic and totalitarian communist states and similarly democratic and totalitarian capitalist states. The Bush in the U.S. and Harpy in Canada "elections" put in serious doubt which camp Canada and U.S. fall into.

Canada is currently a totalitarian state, one that for years basked in the glow of universal praise for it’s commitment to democracy. I don’t expect that Harpy and his minions have the clout currently for a coupe d’etat. But it is doubtless Harpy’s favourite fantasy. Although with that nice looking single young guy living over the coach-house, single youngish Nigel and many other young single guys on the make in the Harpygang and Tommy. Let’s not forget everybody’s favourite if iffy uncle. Uncle Tommy Flanagan. Tommy’s predilection for little boys and his predisposition toward racism made him too hot to be publicly Stephe’s BFF.

In 1948 Albert Einstein signed a letter to the New York Times warning of the treachery of the zionist movement and comparing it as being parallel to the Hitler nazis of the thirties and early forties.
Was Albert Einstein anti-Semitic? Am I anti-Semitic for having the identical thoughts 65 years later?
Google it.
And get Googling apace. Doubtless there’s an amazing amount of lies on the internet, but your job as a citizen is to sort Harperscum from truth. Don’t doubt for a second that as yet the truth is somewhere on the internet.

The future of the planet is in your hands. Harpy and the harpycrits are committing crimes against humanity nature and their society. They must accelerate their lies and political violence or be caught convicted and incarcerated.

Many, if not most of them belong there. In prison not politics.
In the penitentiary not parliament.
Harper and many of his closest are plainly and obviously criminals of the worst kind.
Some Liberals of a decade ago sank to low levels.
They were just tourist.
That’s where Harpy the harpocracy and all the little harpercrits live and thrive. With no sunlight.


Already an addenda

There is something I missed in my last post which I have entitled "What does Ted want" which without it, isn’t a semblance of what Ted wants. That is for Canada to reverse the Harper insanity which is to gird our loins and exude support for any war stance, particularly of right-wing bent, around the globe.

Typical fascist dictator.
As I walk from Victoria to Ottawa the most common specific of what Harper has done that people disagree with, was whether legally, or as I believe illegally, to take Canada’s peace keeper reputation and reality away. Most people, myself among them had a pride that no matter what else we did wrong with regards the environment, treaty rights etc we always felt good about being peace keepers. War mongering is a common part of fascism and the "Harper Fascist Government" is no exception. On the contrary, it is exemplary of fascist dictatorship complete with overthrow of elective process through fraud and false fiat, racism in all things, militarism universally, upward expansion of profit particularly from the proceeds of (crime?) war and the machinery that war runs on.

Typical fascist dictator.
We need change from this illegal mandate and we also need radical change of elective form.
Peace keeping is cool.
If they still wore those tight at the knee britches and puffy sleeves in Parliament the Westy’d be fun. Oh, and swords. They should wear swords. But they don’t. And the Harpycrits play this absurd crap without any redeeming charm, costume, dance or music.

Typical fascist dictator.
And they absolutely love to, perhaps live to, lie, which is where the boss shines. Harpy loves to lie. Watch his face in the context of the "Westy" They have arcane and ancient rules there that if you look closely enough you can see sexual excitement building in the Harpy cortex when he perceives a falsehood of some sort coming up.

Typical fascist dictator.