The election of 2011 was fraudulent, and the only person with the power to revisit it is Stephen Harper.

Harpocrisy: 200.6, 200.8, 201.1 and 201.5, nazi and beyond. Racism meets fascism…again.

Deceivin’ Stephen is high on the CPC hog again.
Whipping out his "Cowardly Lyin’" creds.
"Am I hiding in the closet on a multiplicity of personal shallows?" "Politics is the last refuge of the scoundrel," Samuel Johnson.
"Am I appealing to our lowest instincts?" "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel." George Burnaby Shaw.
"Am I afraid of who I am on so many levels?" "Religion is the last refuge of the scoundrel" Goerge Orwell.
Character flaws. Warts. Pathological liar. Genuine war monger. Anti-democracy. Psycho-stephe covers it up well. But if you look closely you can see pure deceit, chicanery and power avarice.
It must put strain even on a psychopath like Stephe, having to play creepy games with his sexuality, fantasy religiosity, utterly nazi character (fascism X racism) and his very sick "let’s have a racist, religious, fascist war. I’ll hide here in my favourite closet while our valiant soldiers protect me and with a nudge here and a nudge there terrorize the crap out of my unworthy constituents… and please don’t let the soldiers come back in an expensive state…dead is cheap, damaged is expensive…"
I have to admit to great sceptisism about pollsters. If it wasn’t already in full swing…that creepy Matt Meier punk who worked for Harpshit and his fasci scum buddies through "wrack nein" or some such bullshit company, has the very same stink on him and the same fake name, right-wing obfuscation crap one finds throughout CPCland, but most concentrated in the PMO and the Harpy CPC cabinet and would convince a saint to steal. Coincidentally, it would seem, that like the great Harpscum himself, Matt cannot swing a cat without hitting a felon.
Sue me Racknine and Matt Meier.
So it’s hard to know what game is being run on us when the scribes pollsters and outright bullshitters are all working for the same fascist end.
Take all of the problems the planet is confronting…war, disease, poverty, economic incarceration. They’re all on the side of the ledger marked "wealthy fascist". Top floor on the right.
Economic incarceration exists across a vast panorama but is probably best understood if understood at all by focusing on the diabolical insanity that is the world’s "drug" history. A history that reared its very ugly head in America of the twentieth century’s twenties.
A triple trillion scam.
More than a trillion dollars, with all the skimming and scamming that you could imagine spent on police, prisons and courts since Richard Nixon declared "war on drugs". Another trillion with much of the same cast of characters, think CIA, Bush Family etc, of drug profit made possible by the inhumane and otherwise insane destructive laws surrounding "illegal drugs". Police prisons and courts.
That is to say that the expenditure of the first trillion created the existance of the second trillion. The final trillion goes to the utterly reprehensible. nature destroying, big, mega, or perhaps best referenced as gargantuan-pharma.
In a rational world the first trillion would not exist in any format. No drug cops. No drug cartels. No drug prisons or prisoners, no innocent bystander casualties, as shown by the brief history of such things in places like Portugal and Switzerland. And of course none of the pay-offs that are intrinsic to those enterprises.
The second trillion would be reduced to the parameters of a rational enterprise virtually identical with alcohol production and distribution. Alcohol besides being fun and delicious is a drug which is highly addictive and a poison. All currently illegal drugs should be for example, perhaps distributed by an adjunct of the liquor store. In this context, selling dangerous drug commodity alcohol in the corner store while incarceration and forcing into ever more dangerous situation for the entire population with so called "hard drugs" is cynical, insane, greed on steroids.
Frankly I have to admit to seeing much of it as "You’ve offended my Christian sensibilities and I’m going to make you suffer for it." multiplied by "Ooh look at all that lovely money.!"
The misconception that Mega-pharma has as much altruism as it has greed in our capitalist system is more "royalty like" self serving fantasy. Dedicated science in a science respecting environment rather than dedicated profit in a science disregarding and disrespecting environment… evilly ludicrous in the extreme.
Mega-pharma, perpetual war, scammed elections, Franken food, manipulated media (always upward and to the right) John Baird types putting Canada in precarious circumstances and walking away with golden hand shake jobs.
Anyone who believes or even contemplates believability in any integrity of Harpscum’s and by extension the CPC marching us to war "onward Christian soldiers marching (as) to war" hasn’t a clue as to what is really going on.
Has Harpy and the CPC got the issue hermetically sealed?
He has an astonishingly criminal disingenuous cabal of underling-overseers in place. He has utterly criminal liar, criminal enabler, Bob Paulson at the head of one of Canada’s politically corrupted police agencies the RCMP, publicly discredited wretches as Richard Mosley on the Federal Court, CSIS and similarly across the board fascist minded enemies of Canada and of humanity in most pinnacle positions, the question remains…is it already hermetically sealed?
If it becomes clear to all that the gaggle of pollster geese that waddle behind Harpslime deficating and honking have been leading us down the garden path, the same garden path that racists like Ezra Levant and the zionazi cabal he slug trails with – Monty Solberg and the Frum punk come to mind – does Harpshit have in place the conditions necessary to invoke a War Measures Act? This time minus the integrity of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, a permanent dissolving of all human rights. By the end of 2015 we could be saying hello to fullbore nazi Canada complete with plans for concentration camps for the "wrongly" pigmented or the "too leftly" leaning.
I’m predicting that the 160 CPC gutless, minions that suckle at the Harper teat, if on track for defeat will suspend democracy permanently. Prison population will go through the roof, perpetual war will be your kids future and the absolute destruction, obliteration, (final solution?) of all that is culturally Native, will ensue.
There are simply too many signs that Stephen Joseph Harper’s favourite pronouncement is the lie. Everything since the assurance that we would be in the middle east for one month and only in an advisory capacity has been a double or triple thrill to him. Lies, wars, death and accelerated affluence transfer (theft). Throw in mega prisons closely followed by capital punishment which doubtless will follow the Hitler model and enact death sentences for harsh criticism and you’ve got your worse nightmare. It could happen to Chile to Argentina to Spain to Greece. It could happen as far afield as Patrice Lamumba in the Congo, any number of Central and South American countries…but it could never happen in Canada.
We, Canada invented apartheid but…
Frankly folks there is a logical progression here. We’ve always been a racist society that’s been sucking on the imaginary teat of that most idiotic and fascist of families…the Royals, the Windsors. The streak of nazi character that runs through that crew gives credence to the cliche "idle hands are the devil’s workshop".
We need to get Harper and the CPC out of power and where possible in prison. We need to toss the Westminster system. Toss, deodourize, stuff and mount like a five hundred year old taxidermy subject. It’s pure elitist fantasy to think that the ancient "Westy" has been of any value this side of protecting the elite from kingly arbitraryism or the hoi poloi from an elitist mace to the back of the head and It’s pure "in the tank for the 0.01%" media propaganda.
Principally Euro, but not exclusively Euro, negative propaganda has been so all pervasive that the concept of Native exceptionalism is too foreign a concept, to be taken seriously. Yet, Canada desperately, critically needs what the decedents, principally pre-Columbian polytheistic, inhabitants of…let’s call it Turtle Island have to offer.
Of course when Euros landed on Turtle island they/we had all the trappings of a violent, war and inquisition sated horde and the continuing history, from here to beyond New Zealand, bears that out.
Time for an historic "timeout"…
It’s what we do best. It’s what the European experience has ever been about. The gulf between the direction science and politics was going on North/South Turtle Island and Europe and Asian is one of the most profoundly misunderstood and misrepresented pages of history to ever be perpetrated. Turtle Islanders were less advanced in things essential to warfare. Written communication for one example and the ability to slaughter human brings wholesale is another. Brain surgery unthought of in Europe was in its infancy in "the Americas".
Ah.. if only Columbus had been Atheistopher rather than Christopher. How freaky is that…one of the most prolific genocidal monsters ever, named for a popular diety and our brainwashing is so constant that ever since we’ve tagged everything available after him.

I don’t think we’re in Topeka anymore Toto. They just changed the name to Kalumbia.


Call Together to Stop the Secret Police Bill C-51

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1915-2015 Bush-Walker century of crime

It’s hard to imagine what tiny fraction of the 350,000,000 plus, population of U.S. and Canada has anything close to a realistic overview of the past hundred years of history. Perhaps rather than ”history" the word should be "hysteri"…you know the first seven letters of hysterical.
This AmeroCanadian century of the most phenomenal mis-truth believed by the majority of the American & Canadian citizenry is astonishing. And it gets crazier to realize that the truth has been substituted, for the most part, by it’s factual opposite.
The lie.
The con.
The scam.
The right-wing hustle. Not an exaggeration but conversely very understated.
Put bluntly, that Prescott Bush and a boxcar of his obscenely wealthy traitors and murderers was neither imprisoned nor executed for his and their myriad crimes is utterly against the truth of 20th century reality. Besides being the principle motivator and financial backer of Hitler’s Poland invasion and WWII, his psycho-scum kid GHW and useless punk grand-kid Dubya led directly to the totality and the minutia of the current slaughter of large parts of the Islamic world, the deaths of the Kennedy’s, King and Malcolm and in short the complete criminal alteration of American history.
Beheadings are entirely as repulsive as everyone knows they are. But how would "you" go about getting the attention of people bent on your destruction. At least half a million dead in Iraq, a country that Saddam Hussein was keeping a lid on. Women children the aged…half a million and probably many more.
Maybe wave your arms in the air or…and what of Libya? How’s that been going since NATO and the United States engineered the death of Muammar Qaddafi. How much better is Libya now?
World and North American histories have been fiddled by the mindless, except in financial matters, murderous 0.01%, the people who create and profit from war.
The thought that Qaddafi and Hussein combined are as evil or as responsible for as many deaths of their own or any other people as any one of the Bush family, including the repulsive vicious racist matriarch, Barbara, is stupid to the point of insane
The twentieth century was all about war(s). War is when profits soars. The century was also about increasing the percentage of profit that gets to the penthouse and how small a percentage goes back down from the penthouse to the "evil" tax-man.
Simply put: extreme conservative capitalism benefits the wealthy.
They make out like bandits and they make out as bandits. Period.
Don’t get too comfortable hoi poloi. They’re coming for you as soon as there’s too many of you. With boxcars, big wide horizontal striped uniforms, whips, chains and maybe the occasional oven. Though they’re probably more efficient than ovens this time.
Almost 0.3 billion deaths that’s 300,000,000 coincidentally the approximate population of the United States of America. That’s right folks one to one ratio for every man woman and child directly on the evil balance sheet of possibly the most evil family in the history of the planet. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if most of the ten or twenty natives of Turtle Island killed didn’t purposely run in front of the guns just to make whitey look bad for posterity. And if you can get your head out of the idiocy ass that holds that Christians are better than everyone else, bear in mind that although I think dopey doper dubya has converted to the Evangelical, the same group that Harpy professes belief in, you can’t miss the stink of crime and evil. The Bush crime family is historically Episcopalian, which is the religion invented by King "isn’t royalty cute" Henry VIII so that he could murder his wives when they didn’t deliver him a boy.
I’m sorry if that’s too creepy close to the Harpy, Thomas Eugene Flanagan relationship, denials, bullshit, RCMP favours and political murder. Lots of perks for Tommy but no boys. Why don’t you just join NAMBLA Tommy?
Flash for you here folks. The gay cabal that is running Canada isn’t Liberace, Nathan Lane, Harvey Milk or Strays, gay who like the vast majority of gay people are like a majority of all people, positive, contributing but as a result of the scorn and idiocy heaped on them, more attuned to human deceit than most. It’s much more Caligula, Ernst Roehm & John Wayne Gacy gay. Mental sickness has absolutely nothing to do with race, religion or sexual preference, but you’d never know it when you look at Harpy, Baird, Kenney, Wright, Novak or Poilievre all very sick Christian or nominally Christian, very white and very, very twisted.
I think you can scrub that out of your memory with a brillo pad and some carbon tetrachloride. But admittedly I’m just guessing.
You’ve got to have your head way, way, up your ass if you think that anything in the Islamic world compares with the Borgia Papacy or Hitler’s boy Pope Pius XII, the Bush crime family or for that matter our very own neo-nazi psychoscum monster Stephen Joseph Harper. Throw in Franklin Graham and you got nightmare wall to wall hidioso.
America parades its innate racist insanity by painting admittedly disappointing Barack Obama as more evil than the Bush family which is somewhere between insane and Dick Cheney evil. But then racism is always insane and evil. And then they up the insanity ante by giving the disgusting scumbag that unleashed his rabid-dog brother Dubya, the latest Bush mass murderer, on an unsuspecting planet, the probability of becoming the third president of the United States of America from this most insane, most evil, of criminal families. Ever.
Yeah I’m exaggerating. Once they hit 1/3 billion they’ll probably slow down. Anything, even hideous sadistic murder gets boring eventually. And they’re almost there. Another forty or so million and done and they’re stencilling targets on the backs of that number of Islamists as they misinform.
Oh yeah and having them sew crescents on their jackets.

We’re off to meet the wizard the murderous wizard of Galveston Bay

The metre sucks but that’s probably appropriate.


Just about the saddest thing I can think of today, the day after Valentine’s day, is that yesterday marked the celebration of romantic love, and every other day since the treason that foisted Stephen Joseph Harper on a half asleep Canada has been a celebration of racist, theological, profit driven hatred and fear.
I’m told by a media which is largely if not wholly "in the tank" for the CPC and Harpy and therefore could be simply exercising their signature action, deception, that Harpy and his fascistic minions are on the political rise. In their study of why Hitler was able to be so successful in shutting down democracy and replacing it with vicious, racist totalitarian dictatorship they’ve presumably stumbled across the use not of the lie, but rather of the very big lie. There is a train of thought coming through the Leo Stauss mental decay that says a big lie, the bigger the better, has with constant repetition a better chance of traction than an almost believable small lie. But let there be no doubt whatsoever that regardless of size, danger or importance, for the CPC, Conrad Black and the rest of the criminal element which is the blood thirsty harpocrisy mob, the lie is the primary weapon.
Consider if you will.
If they are on the rise can it possibly be as a reflection of the "Harper Government’s" idiotic one trick, world defiling, two or three region supporting and screw everybody else universally reviled tarsands. Sorry I keep forgetting that the translation to current newspeak is "oil"sand and I say current because "perfume"sand or "bodywash"sand is available when the "oilsand" pig needs a bit more lipstick. But the constant "in the tank for Harpy" story is now in the toilet. What the hell good is a million dollar lie if you can’t make obscene profit and kill people. Where the hell’s the fun in that.
So it ain’t the economy which took Harpy twice as long as normal to get a degree in, and is the only degree of higher learning that astonishingly brilliant SJH has been able to cadge. It’s like a cobbler not being able to figure out tying shoelaces. The boy is a bozo. In his world it’s spelled E-CON-OH-MY (E as in Twitter @electionfraud2011)
So maybe it’s the skyrocketing of Canada’s international reputation. Well again they spend millions and have many friends among the residual connections of convicted felon Conman Black. To say, that as Shelly Glover’s heroine Sarah Palin would have it, the "lame-stream" media is up Harpy’s kilt, is like saying the Bush family are murderers. It’s a "duh" moment. They, the CPC cabal are spending millions of our treasure slathering lipstick on that particular oinker.
John Baird would have you believe that he’s leaving office with our reputation at an all time high. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jonny boy has spent his time and our money holding million dollar sexual soirées around the planet, sucking up, down and every which way on the zionazi and Canadian teats or whatever, leaving Canada in disrepute among the world’s hoi poloi but high enough among the greasy wealthy that soon after his resignation he’ll be well on his way to insider wealth debauchery and whatever else a phony creep like Jonny Bared does.
And by the way a gentleman by the name of Mohamed Fahmy who Harpy and Baird Fangs have been patting each other on the bum over, the Al Jazeera correspondent who is languishing in an Egyptian jail, disagrees with their take on the situation and opines that his problems come directly from Harpy and Fang.
Speaking of "oinkers" the popularity that the media oinkers are selling you about the grandeur of all things RCMP…the utter avoidance at the street level of questions concerning degradation of women within the ranks and the refusal to see the possibility of murderous connections to missing and murdered Native women is another example of media "in the tank", for a succession of Hitlerian RCMP commissioners who’s actions like Zaccardelli’s knife in Paul Martin’s back and Paulson’s lipstick all over Nigel Wright’s ass says the RCMP would be better thought of as the Castapo (Canadian State Police) who are, like the Gestapo were, above a certain rank, immune from prosecution.
Everybody knows that it’s a dangerous gateway drug…right? Well actually they don’t. As far as both gateway and dangerous, THC is a fart in the wind compared to the hurricanes that are alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs with regard to danger, of both you and anyone geographically close to you. The entire panoply of illegal drugs barely registers in terms of danger except for those dangers legally applied to their reality. You know. Gangs. Huge profit. No product regulations. Make Popsicles illegal and watch the sultry summer explode. Make alcohol and pharmaceuticals at random strength and watch the increase in funerals.
And gateway? Well considering that in the festering little minds of Rona Ambrose and her lying misfits the only thing worth mentioning that are inside the gate are things which are illegal, the discussion ends there. If we are ever in a position to honestly observe and debate that issue we’ll find that legal pharmaceuticals use, alcohol use and tobacco use of the most casual or necessity users hope that their involvement with will never get them onto the other side of that gate.
THC users know their use won’t ever get them on the other side. To quote that epitome of American debate "I’m just sayin’ is all"
If you are coming at me in a semi on a no boulevard, two lane highway and you’ve either been toking, imbibing or taking any of dozens of common pharmaceuticals…guess what I’m hoping for. I’m jist sayin’ is all.
I’m inclined to believe that a large percent of the natural constituency of conservative thought is congenitally racist. Those are people for whom misrepresentation and mistreatment of Native people and the subtle denigration of people who don’t fit the Judao-Christian mold is either a positive or non factor. (Yippee or don’t give a rat’s ass).
What are we left with? The stratosphere that Harpy and friends, henchfolk, aiders and abetters hang out in. If you’d walk unarmed into a room populated by Fords, Flanagans, Carsons, Sonas, Porters, Brazeaus, Poroshenkos, Wrights, Paulsons, Zaccardellis, Blacks, Neyenyahus, Mosleys and delMastros and by armed I mean large calibre and automatic, then you my friend are either much dumber and/or much braver than I.
As an aside here…it’s possible that Federal judge Richard Mosley is the most dangerous to the public of all of Harpy’s enablers.
So whatta ya got left.
Terror & terrorism.
Okay what do terrorists do? Well they fill you with irrational terror. There are so many things in your life that have a far greater chance of doing you danger, harm and death than terrorism that the only solution is for the titular Prime Minister, all of his party minions as well as all of his non member minions particularly media minions to work tirelessly as terrorists. See the thing is that you are not going to be killed by a terrorist. Banana peel, cherry pit, lightning, kick in the head by a unicorn…maybe. Terrorist not a chance. But again the job of the terrorist is not to kill you, it’s to scare the living crap out of you. To invoke terror in you. And that’s the job of Harpy, his illegal CPC government and his Conman Black connections.
It’s like those very committed guys and gals who stand on street corners holding up a magazine which as a nonmember I’ve always thought mis-stated. I don’t think they mean "awake". I think they mean "awaken". Well until the blood lust and greed rises to the top I’ve got nothing against the monotheistic. It’s just that every second somewhere the greed and/or blood lust rears its ugly head.
Back to the folks on the street corner. I want society to heed the magazine and put an "N" on the end of it.
AWAKEN: Wake the hell up. It’s an example of how far down the "this way to hell" path you’ve come. That ain’t coffee you’re smelling. It’s the new fenceless and gateless Auschwitz. It’s free form terror improv and death, death, death. Auschwitz was very real and very evil. Today’s tailored of whole cloth scam is fake, fake, fake.
See how easy it is. Say it three times, click your heels and Burt Lahr in a lion outfit…hell cowardly lyin’? Toto yips and you got a pee stain.


Toto I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kanada any more

Democracy change

Let me open by saying that the Westminster system is about as bad as one would expect a 5-600 year old system to be. Great back when it protected whoever owned you from being attacked by whichever nut case royal was in power. But for the twenty first century it makes no sense.

We need a system that I call PERPETUAL THREE R’s. DEMOCRACY I got the Perpetual, Recall and Referenda from a friend Pedro Mora who once ran for mayor of Vancouver, and who blogs at "pasific.ca" and has a community TV show at "pollingnow.ca" I believe he missed the most important factor, which is

RUN-OFF which is simply that a so-called democracy being represented with virtually dictatorial power by someone with less than 2/5 of the vote is absurd. A second step in voting between the two candidates who garnered the greatest amount would give a true majority in 99.999% of cases that in the first round produced less than 50%+1 result.

RECALL would very quickly remove anyone who’s campaign promises were insincere and not followed. A sitting Prime Minister sinking below a percentage of perhaps 25% approval rating, again as an exercise of e-scape with your election code and replete with criminal sanctions for fraud, would automatically trigger an election with predefined timetable.
Perhaps three months from the moment the 25% depth was reached

REFERENDA should be used when decisions such as to go to war or not come up. I.E. for only the most important things and of course again it’s an e-experience

Since we have an e-scape reality that is instantaneous, in the case of Run-off one wouldn’t need to go to the polls even once unless one wanted to. Similarly Recall would be entirely an e-scape "change your vote" action. In this case, if one is computer free the library would have free access. Rural non-accessibility or problems of the elderly could be accomplished over the phone. Referenda is obviously also an e-scape/phone action.

That we have a system in which a majority of the electorate believe that every election since 2006 has been scammed by financial fraud and voter interference by the government/party which is rushing us to war and that the closest allies of us, our perhaps scammed, government are the two most sanctioned by the U.N., governments on the planet, both of which are the main causes of the planet being in war flames. Weapons of mass destruction coupled with Dubya’s Zionist top-heavy cabinet.

There’s another problem, and that being that only the people of Calgary South got to vote for Harper. Again a majority is wanted, but as long as the party has a seat majority we’re stuck with whoever the party constituents decide they want as leader.
There should be a permanent standing committee struck with one purpose and that to find improvements to our system.
We have to find a way to have our elections overseen by an independent body who’s only dog in the fight is fair and honest election. Whether that is an internal or external agency is less important than it’s veracity.

Let me finish by saying that I am enthralled with democracy, but Stephen Joseph Harper has shown us that of the thousands of ways to do democracy, ours is about as irrelevant, insecure and fraud susceptible as it gets. That Harper and the CPC was able on the wings of a legitimate or otherwise election to immediately dismantle the entity Elections Canada, that might have exposed him and them, is nothing short of insane. Of the hundreds of ways of doing democracy the Westminster system is scraping the bottom.
That the most important job in the country has a "you can’t be fired for four years by the thirty-five million citizens. Only the 160 or more people who’s pretty nice salaries and perks depend on no one else but you" is insane beyond belief.
Finally if with a clear majority in each riding we are still left with a government with less than a majority of seats the powers of the Prime Minister should be limited. War and the extremes of trade deals come to mind. Full power (bear in mind that full power is virtually dictatorship) to a Prime Minister with a seat majority.

Very sincerely
Ted Musson

I blog at electionfraud2011.wordpress.com and I tweet at @electfraud2011

And my phone is 778-350-3625

Sent from my phone from Sylvan Lake where I’m wintering on my walk to Ottawa protesting illegal government. I walked from Victoria B.C. to Lethbridge Alta May-Dec ’13 and. Lethbridge to Sault Ste Marie Apr-Nov ’14. My RV support vehicle is stored in Soo and I’ll walk from there to Ottawa starting Apr of this year.

Robocalls and financial fraud a government do not make.
With apology to Oscar Wilde

This was sent to CBC and posted to my blog

Thunder Bay to the Soo

I’m at a bit of a crux point here. I can’t walk much more than 100 meters or so. My right knee is flaring up again. I’ve written before that a guy who drove by the Braille method, kind of like Harpy shilling for the grease patch, let nothing between him and the parking space (0.01%) be real, because it didn’t affect him. If that jerk had run me over rather than having just knocked me flying, he’d have inspected his tires and fenders first and if I was dead or dying he’d probably have said the same thing he said as I was lying there bloody and in a lot of pain. "C’mon get up you’re not hurt that bad. I’ve been hurt far worse." Well I was hurt bad enough that ICBC paid me $48,000. It took a long time to get that settlement and it wasn’t nearly enough, but by then I was desperate.
Can you see slimeball Harpy the CPC and the history of our insane parliamentary system as it relates to Native people being reflected here. I’m not quite arrogant enough to see myself as symbolic of the many Nations that make up Native Canada. But…same mindless ancient evil Parliament. Stupid, stupid form of quasi-democracy. It could result in an evil creep winning…naaah no chance, right?
And while we’re on the subject I’ve wanted a forum to say this and I guess I’ll just have to create one here. I heard Justin Trudeau on CBC this morning. I was so impressed that I’m not even sure if it was Anna Maria Tremonti interviewing him. And that is very odd because though I detect the subtlest drift to the right with all of CBC, I am in love with Anna Maria’s voice. I have 11% and much noise in my right ear and about 60% in the left due to a flu that took me years to recover from. It was easy to measure from as it happened twenty minutes after midnight post New Year eve 2000. Played Auld Lang Syne and twenty minutes into 2000 nausea. Four days later, that much hearing compromise. Anna Maria has the most perfect diction/pronunciation, and not pedantic like Donald Sutherland which is theatrically rich, but natural, steeped in personality and void of affectation. Due to my hearing and not wanting to respond incorrectly as I go through life I’m constantly saying "what?". I never miss a syllable or nuance from Ms Tremonti.
Anyway, Justin Trudeau was on CBC and he was magnificent. He and I agree on very little, but the man is sincere intelligent and frankly more connectedly savvy which is another way of saying more focused, more capable and with far greater depth, than any of the Harpacrits. They grope for the Leo Strauss, through the Calgary/Chicago School, "noble lie", obfuscation and deceit, trying to sound like what they think an adult should sound like. Leo Staussians do that because you are "too stupid for the truth" and they are too stupid to be genuine adults.
Think Pierre Pollievre.
Meanwhile "naive" Justin, seemed to be groping for sincerity and clarity.
The CPC to a man or woman are adept at the deceit that Harpy focuses on when he promotes them. A dirty parliamentary or electoral trick, like a criminal lie, goes a long way in Harpyland. Just ask Shelly Glover, who’s promotion to cabinet and attendant pay hike came right after proving her disingenuous bona fides to the Harptator. Financial fraud, costly denial, phony contrite admission of facts. Costs you handsomely , handsome pay raise for her. And if you, like she, work for a psycho-micro-manager you don’t really have to do anything more than say "That’s my position" about anything he, she or it (Harpy) gives you to read.
Just kidding when I said ask Shelly. She’d lie.
We all thought that the marshall arts/thug in Patrick Brazeau was going to trounce genteel Justin. And it looked at first as though that was about to happen. But Justin had a plan, and the plan was to let the entire CPC caucus punch itself silly on his shoulders and mop up the floor with their phony hubris and deceit filled mugs in the fullness of time. And in the process make the "sun" "natpo" and other "up Harpy’s panties" nominally media, look as stupid and in the tank as they truly are.
When are the mentally challenged, angry, greedy, self serving minions that make up CPC world, going to realize that the miniscule amount of anointing of Justin doesn’t alter the fact that he is smarter and more capable than any of the CPC bright lights, smarter and brighter than any two middling and any three Anders, Baird, Pollievre, Glover etc bottom dweller types. And although he was closer, more sincere, and more genuinely interested and concerned than the entire CPC, including Aglukkaq who is herself First Nation I believe he got it just barely off the mark when speaking of First Nations.
He referenced in a very respectful way Turtle Island (he didn’t call it that. I do) Native history and referenced the "warring" that historically happens between neighbours. But contrary to our contemporary beliefs, I believe that the polytheist people that Euro conquest encountered not only hadn’t developed antibodies against Euro diseases, they hadn’t developed armed savagery against each other to use against Euro greed. War is the great laboratory for weaponry and medicine. The people that Euros met five centuries ago hadn’t developed weaponry, medicine/immunity or domination of personal property like Euros had. In other words the Euros out savaged them, out greeded them and out diseased them. Justin, with all due respect, and you’re a very impressive person, the monotheism that landed on them was such that they didn’t stand a chance. Monotheism was a "Johnny come lately" on the world stage. Turtle Island polytheism was far older and simply didn’t have the greed and lack of respect for "the other" and male dominion that seems to exist in some form in all monotheisms.
Every cliche that one hears about Native reality, from childhood on, is the diametric opposite of the historic, cultural and still existent truth, both before and since 1492, of traits common to Turtle Islanders. Euros encountered strong, courageous, healthy, generous and sincere people and have ever since tried to paint them otherwise and brutalize them into that picture for obvious reasons. That’s how one paints and brutalizes ones victims. Listen to Harpshit and Netenyahu and any other greedy hubris pumped Christo/capital/ zionazi creeps on the make sniffing for petrol. My point is that that is totally consistent with the past five hundred and twenty-two years on Turtle Island. Christoper Columbus was by all accounts the finest slaughterer of non-Christian human beings and apparently the benchmark ever since.
I’ve double walked until recently when I arrived in Thunder Bay and from Vancouver Island to Thunder Bay the disparity in generosity between Euros and Native Turtle Islanders is astonishing. They didn’t stand a chance. Any group with that little greed and arrogance doesn’t stand a chance against armed and greedy Europe.
We Euros have so much to learn from them. Maybe when the colonial violence dies down we can listen and learn.
The MONOPOLY game of twenty-first century capitalism is about as absurd as illogical gets. The 0.01% all live on Boardwalk and Park Place, have gold plated, permanent "get out if jail free" cards and every exemption and perk there is in "Take a chance" (I’m doing memory and a bit of guessing here since I’m in a no communication zone on Lake Superior north shore) and Community Chest (?).
Stupid. And unnecessarily stupid, way to run a planet.
Getting back to my knee.
Well that was number one, the accident on Hastings St. The next time it really got bad was in Fernie thirty years later after having double walked from Victoria B.C.. At the time of the accident it was a basketball, in Fernie it was a volleyball and now it’s just two parts that are swelling like crazy. Bulges outside and above kneecap and inside almost at the back and parallel with the bottom of the cap.
It’s swollen less but hurts more now. And it seems to be saying that walking could damage it.
The point is, that I’ve stopped "walking" across Canada just east of Thunder Bay. I now drive 20K, park for the rest of the day and that night. I try to stand by the road with my sign although it’s now a lie, a "harper". It says "walking to Ottawa protesting illegal government". Besides the knee I have a lung virus that wants rest and I’m starting back on prednisone for the happiness of my old arthritic body. A few weeks after starting Magnesium I was easily and comfortably able to stop the prednisone which is hard on other parts of ones body such as bone calcium. But I’m hurting in enough places at the moment that I’ll see if low dose eases the pain.
Don’t get me wrong here. I consider myself very lucky compared to others. For seventy-two my pain is nothing. But it is pain and all pain sucks, even the one in the ass that Harpy is. Actually "particularly" the one in the ass…
I look back at those last two sentences and it rather trivializes the extreme evil criminal, that The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper is. I recognize that I take a very extreme view/stance on Harper and the CPC. As tough times call for tough measures, crime filled times call for vigilance. The caustic eye. A crime based mob, the harpocrisy is destroying what little good component of our Eurocracy that has existed. For just a second let the probably crazy 72 year old Canadian born, double Euro, Irish/Belgium guy walking to Ottawa try to convince, warn, plead, that we have been an unbelievably bad influence on the neighbourhood. NHL, cars, electricity, phones etc. if it takes until tomorrow to list all the good stuff…it is the epitome of the cliche that "all great fortunes (ours) are the product of a great crime" We, the Euros have been the organized crime family. And family means Aunt so and so and sister what’s her name and etc etc botchi ball & spaghetti if you think organized crime is Italian which is really dumb but understandable. Hooray for Hollywood…it’s not wall to wall crime, it’s crime and culture and romance and the bodies are buried where the bodies are buried.
I’m groping for a way to convince somebody, anybody that within the parameters of Turtle Island, it is we (Euros) who must act differently. You. Me. We. We think we’re doing important shit when in fact we’re destroying the planet. To me the word, the concept, of reservation other than a place to house animals is repugnant. But nobody in the worst or best, Rez in Canada is destroying the planet and millions of lives. Someone who lives in Palatial South West Calgary is.
With regard to the walking I must do an anti-harpshit here, and admit that though I’ve pontificated about "This old man walking to Ottawa." some times lately it ain’t so. I’ll drive about 25K a day and park where Toto (my 37 year old RV) can be seen. It’s 7 meters long, all white and tarted up with one foot tall and extending above and below another eight inches


and above "fraud" is a freehand reproduction of a black on yellow poster of Harpy with the word RESIST under the evil harper visage. That’s on the left side and on the right side I’m in the process of a different multicolour visage with the word OBEY under it, over the "ctio".
In my world all human lives have the same intrinsic value. Jewish lives as an example are worth exactly, to the proverbial scintilla, what every other human life is worth. Palestinians, Turtle Islanders, Euros, Asians, Africans, (Masai to Pygmy) Indians, (Ghandi, not Geronimo. Geronimo played for the Turtle Islanders) Australoids or Australians (Abo or Aboriginal is just plain disrespectful Euro-stupid, there’s so much more there) Maoris, everybody. It’s kind of a proprietary thing. Only you can diminish you. The 0.01% prove it daily. But Stephen Joseph Harper may be the perfect, most dramatic example of that. From the geeky little nerd, (Foghorn Leghorn’s nephew trying to grow into his humongous spectacles) the best his and Rob Ford’s high-school had, even if they got their asses handed to them by a future medical doctor (how about that, a scientist. Oh the ignominy) on "Reach for the Top", through life as a neo-nazi and then learning Leo Strauss at the knee of Thomas Eugene Flanagan in "the Calgary School" to the zionazi on the make who is in the process of getting very rich and very powerful by assaulting your planet and your neighbours and making yours and your kids lives hell and/or short.
Josh White used to sing a song.
Back when he was alive. (I think the over obvious, self evident Ontario highway cautionary signs are getting to me.) Can’t remember the name of it, but one of the lines was " ’cause every man is the same when he’s got his skin off." I thought I was just listening. Turns out I was also learning.

Solberg, shows he’s ready to grovel

I think what Monte Solberg is saying is that Justin Trudeau is unwilling to suspend all rational thought and defend terrorist gained Israel regardless of the insanity of it’s being placed in the last place on the planet that it should have been. Totally provocative, racist and irrational. A mentally challenged eight year old in 1948 would have been able, not to predict, but to know, that what is happening would happen. Justin is just not willing to accept that every Israeli zionazi is superior to every Palestinian, and that the concept can be extended across the middle east.
Let’s look at Iraq and ISIL.
Monte, let me ask you, I’ll suspend my real thoughts and assume you to be at least for the moment a rational individual with individual thought outside of the Harpy/zion/sun con. What would you do if a little scumbag recovering drug and alcohol abuse pissant like Dubya on at best, a handful of lies perpetrated by his top- heavily zionazi cabinet, set in motion with an invasion into your country, action that killed, oh for dramatic purposes let’s call it one twelfth of the possibly disputable number, however once it get into seven figures of insane genocidal murder it’s crazy to quibble over how close to eight figures it was. Hitler, truly an evil being, murdered in as hideous, simply for its machine efficiency, a fashion as possible, millions of Jews, Romanis, Commies, Homosexuals.
That’s right Monte half a million thanks to his as best I can see, totally zionazi supported/directed (Wolfowitz et al) destruction of Iraq.
So what do you do, or want to do if that many of your children, spouses and neighbours were slaughtered. Can you give me one reason why Palestinians rather than the 0.01% Americans who saw your ancestors problem with Hitler as a golden financial opportunity to get rid of many successful competitive Jews and cuddle up to a burgeoning vicious right-wing Aryan reality, while making out as bandit profiteers, should have their land stolen rather than have a chunk of America expropriated.
And, please don’t insult yourself with the history horseshit that zionazi’s seem frequently to have at their fingertips. You, sir are living on what was Kainai land, much more recently than one, two or three thousand years ago. Their belief seems to be that they’ve been here into antiquity.
uh geese and ganders…
So you make the Palestinians pay for the sins of America and in particular the same Bush family the Grandpappy of which was Hitler’s banker/backer and who absolutely knew about the big order for people sized ovens. And in the meantime another zionazi creep named Dan Snyder is exacting another emotional pound of flesh from the picked over bones of Native Turtle Islanders.
Sir, your hypocrisy is breathtaking.
So now the lowest level of journalism (Sun) performs a bullshit routine that would have pro wrasslin’ salivating. Tag team every available zionazi hack in Canada to pummel the, possibly even better than his father, who was recently voted most important Canadian ever, in the most hideous of newspeak gutless manner possible.
There isn’t enough space here to list all the truly scummy zionazi’s engaged in this endeavor but the scum that collects at the top includes: Second generation media obfuscatory punk, Dubya’s (see the across time connection here) finest liar, the zionazi punk that has the blood of 500,000 Iraqi’s on his hands for putting the racist words in dumb little Dubya’s mouth. David Frum. Ezra Levant and David Frum, like your screed are dishonest and shrill.
There isn’t a single member of Harpy’s illegal cabinet (I like to think of them more as the kitchen-knife-in-the-back drawer, than as a cabinet) that I’d waste a nickel betting against being zionazi. (The knives with the most blood on them are named Baird, Alexander, Pollievre, MacKay,)
Another layer of this despicable insanity is the Asper family tag teaming and barely hanging on, off the right edge. Admittedly I haven’t had time to visit it, but by all indication the new Asper Holocaust museum in Winnipeg is a gigantic elitist insult to every group that isn’t either Jewish or zionazi (in my mind Jewish and zionazi are almost diametrically opposite.) and in particular the Cree people.
I’m assuming here that some part of the zionazi game is the concept that the land Palestinians have lived on for millennia belonged to the Jews. Hmm. I guess that’s kind of okay if you are a zionazi that lives somewhere other than in the middle of Cree land, otherwise as an honest person (was that the voice of Leo Strauss from the grave erupting in laughter I just heard) wouldn’t you have to support those who want it back. Yet short shrift hardly defines what again one hears, of the denigration by denial of the Cree people.
I’m fortunate enough to have been close to a great Scots/Cree saxophonist who shared leader role at a burlesque/stripper theatre, back when the ladies wore pasties and no full naked bellow the naval, with a wonderful Jewish saxophonist. The reason I bring this up is to remember and report that I’ve seldom seen greater respect and admiration from one human to another as flowed from Jewish Dave to Scots/Cree Bill. They’re both gone but I’m sure Dave would be chagrined at the Asper family’s shoddy treatment and misrepresentation of Bill’s ancestry and the history therein compared to the minutia of all things Jewish and zionazi. Both in the museum and in print.
Gotta get down to what it’s really all about. Gotta reiterate that the jury is still out but I’ve got my gelt on monotheism being the problem.
Perhaps the most telling thing about the zionazi movement is that if Stephen Harper’s bloody agenda didn’t require that he support Israel for ulterior motives, and if Israel’s bloody agenda didn’t need him to , you Monte and Israeli Jewry would know Harpy’s past and wouldn’t forget it for a thousand years. Harper is a former(?) neo-nazi and you know it. He is doubtless a psychopath and you know that as well. Your hypocrisy is astonishing and appalling.
His has been even worse than the historically horrible treatment of the negatively propagandized Kainai population. And you know it. But wait a minute. I misspeak. You didn’t "know", about it, you were an integral part of it. Do you have to squint to have Baird not look like a rabid dog when he’s spouting the Likud and Calgary Prevaricator Club two parties line? I know I do.
And while we’re on "what you knew" you would throw a fit if scumbags Zaccardelli and Paulsen had acted as political thugs in the opposite direction than what both did. In other words we’re demonstrably closer to nazi-Germany than at any time in our history. And you know it.
You and yours, however you want to interpret "yours" are presiding over the nazification of Canada.
And you know that as well.
And assuming that’s you are of the same insane "the devil’s a commie" opinion as harpshit let me remind you both. No commies in the 20th century would have meant no Jews in the 21st. Devastating thought for different reasons and intensities, for you and I. Very pleasing thought to the scumbag you follow/lead around. Shame on you.
Monte please don’t tell me you don’t know about Stephe trying to keep Nelson Mandela in prison nor that you didn’t know that he hung out and plotted with fellow scum who with himself should be in prison when he was at Mandela’s funeral.
The graciousness and dignity of Nelson Mandela like for instance Noam Chomsky is something that not one member of Harpy’s cabal of evil and racist destruction will ever be able to understand.

Addenda: that little Franco Spain thing

Sometimes you forget what is perhaps the most important part of your argument. For our purposes perhaps, and I say this not meaning to offend Jews, Romanis, Lefties, Homosexuals, Soviet POWs, Poles, Slavs, some disabled, Jehovah’s Witnesses or Freemasons. The death camps was Hitler at his most evil, but the act that was most telling as to his and our, character and intent was his joining forces with Mussolini to help Franco defeat the legally elected government of Spain. The anti-Semitic, right-wing character of the 0.01% (look up "none is too many") made it illegal for an individual of conscience to go and help the legal government defeat Franco. It’s also possible that zionazi’s of the day shared that view in order to facilitate the U.N. decision and the ensuing 70 years of zionazi murder of Palestinians.
The Right-wing Dishonourable Crime Monster Stephen Joseph Harper tells you that commies were the twentieth century evil. The slimy little moronic punk knows less about history than he knows about playing the piano. And wouldn’t you know his mindless little band like everything else around him is shot through with sexually deviant character. I guess perverse evil scum likes to hang out with it’s own kind.
Like I’ve said elsewhere, this must be increasing his recent and convenient religious fervour. He’s been praying for wars and fascist causes to save his skanky ass. And his prayers have been answered.
The disgusting evil little scumbag has probably been praying for ebola.
The horseshit that flows from the RCMP’s Paulson says loud and clear why he is where he is. Nigel etc.
Are all RCMP commissioners devoid of character, with no class and no worth. Because that describes Giuliano & Bob to a tee. They are Canada’s enemies.
Drummer Phil and Stephe and creepy little racist piggy Thomas Eugene Flanagan live at the same subterranean depth. Would you really trust your children with any of the three ?

I tweet at electfraud2011

Nazi Adolf Harper

One reads that almost two thirds of Canadians support our illegal P(C)rime Minister dictator Stephe, in his desire to join the U.S. in the middle-east killing fields.
Let’s look at how this came to be.
On infamous 911 two planes crashed into two buildings in New York city. "Three fell down. hmm" Kinda like a 6 10 split. Yet the low level of investigation and high level of obfuscation over the ensuing dozen years is suspicious beyond belief. Automatically ruling out zionist involvement is exactly as stupid as automatically ruling out Mounties in the twelve hundred female Native disappearances in Canada. New York is more the philosophical and cultural center of US than anyplace else including the capitol Washington or mega movie Los Angeles, particularly to anyone who is anti-Israel or anti-Semitic.
Contrary to what you have been propagandized to believe, Being anti-Israel is absolutely not the same as being anti Semitic. Israel is neither a race nor a religion. It is a political entity like Canada, Sweden or South Africa and actually much more like N. Korea. And it has race and religious laws as crazy as anybody’s Which is what S.A. was like. South Africa was and as a matter of history, Stephen Harper tried very hard to keep it, an ultra racist apartheid society much like Israel which is an ultra racist, ultra fascist, ultra theological and since 1948 a terrorist pariah, set, among other things, in the center of centuries old rights grievances and the place on the planet where the inhabitants wanted it the least. The animosities which argue persuasively that far more than any historic claim Zionists which also is not the same as Jewish or Semitic, wanted what has happened in the late 20th and early 21st centuries to happen. Israel has been provocative regionally from it’s absurd zionist driven, U.N. granted existance. To ask the rhetorical question "do Jews not deserve a homeland?" is disingenuous to the nth degree. I’m too lazy over here or I’d do the math to answer the question "what miniscule percent of the earth’s surface did Palestine used to be?" "Hey pally, it’s a big theatre. Sit somewhere else…, Or you could torch the theatre." Hmmm
Before we take another step let me point out that although it seems a majority of Jews support zionist Israel, many of the brightest Jews are vehemently apposed to Israel’s existance. In fact almost as much as the people that brought it into existance, are in favour of it. And the zionists are in favour enough to have killed almost as extreme a ratio of Palestinians as Hitler’s Germany was able to kill, Jews, and over a period of 66 years. That is admittedly a gross exaggeration, the ratio is less than 1:100, but the direction is profoundly sound. I have no problem accepting the number six million even though it is open to debate. I believe to my core that Hitler was evil, evil, evil. I believe also that Israel front office has been and is remarkably well situated to more than hold their own in any propaganda battle, and I believe that most, if not all of the men and women who have represented Israel as Prime Minister have been zionists and again if not all to the same degree definitely in the same direction of evil.
Everything that happens in the middle east impacts everybody else in the middle east. You cannot simply put up a mental wall between Israel and Iraq.
So let’s go back to the planes crashing into buildings in culturally profound New York city which just happens to be among other things, the home of the greatest by far, fraction of the population, than anyplace else in America with the possible exception of winter in Florida, who refer to themselves as Jews.
You watched it on TV and had it explained to you ad nauseum, so that you would leave your TV set with the explanation you were supposed to leave with. The one any of the many hardcore zionists that were directing dopey Dubya for instance would want you to have.
Now. Let me be the first to say that there has never been a conspiracy to commit crime since the beginning of time. (I do not know how Bill Shakespeare got away with all those…) Therefore the ridicule of anything even vaguely like a conspiracy to have ever happened on US soil is entirely justifiable. (At this point, just to make sure that we’re on the same page, you might want go make yourself a nice cup of tea, and while waiting for the water to boil look up sarcasm and maybe also facetious.)
Okay got that?
So, what did our little felon Crime Monster Harpy, learn from a collection of neo-nazis back when he was living down the street from the Ford brothers, before he realized that it was time to go west and soak up some bile from racist (sorry folks, I can’t think of a more appropriate terms than) scummy racist, child sex-pervert performer or wannabe Thomas Eugene Flanagan.
They realized in the course of their extreme and very close relationship during which they co-authored some insane drivel, that if they had to perform treason to thwart the will of the electorate and if it was merely financial fraud, they could just pay a five digit fine to take over a thirteen digit economy. That for the slower amongst you ain’t billions. It starts with a "T". They also realized that when the time was right they could squeak a majority victory through the use of direct fraud such as robocalls, financial fraud, destruction of valid ballots and just about any other form of crime, as long as on election eve they were declared the winner of a majority. Because then they had the power which they used immediately, to shut down any investigation, and act as a dictator answerable to no one except the CPC slugs that owed their salaries to his regal scumminess The (nigel) Wright (dis) Honourable Crime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper. Yeah, there’s a good chance they’d question the golden egg laying harpy (if you don’t know, please look up "harpy". It is a perfect description of the monster from Calgary by way of Etobicoke, by way of Leaside who is directing the destruction of Canada on the alter of Israeli zion) and U.S. hegemony.
We haven’t touched yet on what brought us ultimately to this point.
Step one: have alcohol sodden to the point of spontaneous combustion, son of mass murderer G.H.W.Bush (we can’t talk about where he was and what he was doing relative to the Texas School Book Depository on the day JFK was assassinated because that would involve conspiracy and everybody knows conspiracy doesn’t exist) clean himself up enough that he doesn’t pee his pants, and for gawd sake make him titular president of the local baseball team where the others around him won’t allow him to devalue it to nothing in no time. And then, notwithstanding his myriad "can’t fail" ventures that against staggering odds he failed spectacularly at, as soon as he can get his head around the Texas cliche "the bidness of bidness is bidness," buy him the presidency.
So that little punk wound up, on the wings of many lies including 911, weapons of mass destruction and anything else the top heavily zionist, cabinet that again super-murderer-daddy built around him, eventuated in even more death than his daddy managed.
Do you think that little boy molester wannabe Tommy and neo-nazi scumbag Stephe didn’t take note of the goings on in Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004.
"Holly crap batman our system has even more holes than theirs… High-five time."
Well as we all know Dubya’s little week or two war on Iraq lasted well into the third week. (Uhn uhn uh I warned you about sarcasm and facetious)
Now at this point I’ve gotta ask you. If a little rat-face punk like Dubya was the author of the deaths of yours and your friends children and wives through the most idiotic and joked about pretence called "weapons of mass destruction" and more of the same death and destruction of your country for eleven or twelve years, can you look that far into the future and tell me that you wouldn’t at least fantasize about the possibility of wreaking vengeance on the perps.
It’s unfortunate that we’ve kinda gone backwards or upside down with that one. Time was it would have been George’s head in ’03 or so, and tomorrow we’d all be invited to perhaps Lansdowne Park to see the beheading of ”King Stephe the Despicable". The good old days. You could make a picnic of it.
They (middle-east) were treated despicably by US., Britain, and Canada also, if Harpy had already done the treason thing. Fortunately for history and our reputation he was busy learning the very dark art of deception at the knee of Tommy Flanagan back then.
So what have we got here.
First: Harpy purloins a felony election which, with the power inherent,
Second: he shuts down any investigation that is detrimental to himself and thanks to an unbelievably cosy to the point of seditious relationships with a succession of malleable fascist RCMP commissioners he receives some decisions from the RCMP crime fantasy world that would boggle the mind of H.G.Wells.
These are thugs folks. Dangerous thugs. Dangerous RCMP Commissioner thugs.
I don’t give a rat’s ass who or what Paulsen thinks he is. As the very dirty commissioner of the RCMP at the time of the Nigel Wright decision, he is your enemy. He joins RCMP commissioner Zaccardeli as among the most traitorous Canadians ever.
Third: Harpy, with an underling doing the honours, cons a gaggle of naive/confederate professors and other "hats" to deliver for him an election law that would without the bait and switch and malleability of said "pros" never have been signed without a knock down and drag out…
Fourth: we dismantle Canada’s wimpy peace keeping and replace it with he-man sabre rattling and even he-manner sabre using, anywhere we can help anyone become more Hitler like. Such as ironically Israel and Netanyahu. Not ironically. Poroshenko a fascist racist illegitimate leader from Ukraine traipsing the world imitating Popeye’s friend Whimpy caging a loan today that I shall gladly repay you next…Remember Hermann Goering wannabe bullet-head Petro MacKay lying his bozo face off about the low, low price of aircraft.
Fifth: to quote Mr. Chretien "we’re all in". By that he means that Harpy can’t go ten minutes without lying. It’s what his voters love about him. These are people who have a natural Leo Strauss bent. People who even though it’s them being lied to, they believe in the concept.
Sixth: make sure that rather than the barefaced lie of thirty days, it’s permanent. He’s counting on what he believes is your innate cowardliness and need to have a nazi figure like himself protect you. Is he correct? Watch as the coverage in every conceivable way becomes ever more gory. The initial absurdity of that is that he’s a gutless whimpy little punk that is protected to the hilt. You and your kids aren’t. We’ve spent more money keeping his lying, murdering, treasonous ass functioning (maybe that’s too subtle. He’s shitting on you and yours) than we’ve spent on all others combined. And justifiably when you consider the neo-nazis he’s had in his inner circle since childhood who now hate him for his Israel stance. That isn’t a good side bad side thing, any more than an organized crime war has good and bad.
We are at permanent war. It’s what a zionazi dreams about. Death and dying of others. Power and prestige amongst us and our allies.
And parades.
Scum like Stephen Joseph Harper and most of his minions such as Pee Pee Boy who got to deliver the obscenity known Orwellianly as "Fair Elections Act", unbelievably lying piece of crap Jonny boy Baird and given how naziesque the CPC is, even Mr Chong who everybody else is in worship mode for. He’s one of them. He’s Harpy’s. He may be the best but his membership is his membership.
So that’s it folks. Sure hope you like war and being force fed bullshit because Harpy’s overlords, the "money & power junky" 0.01% where one finds the highest incident of psychopathic non health, needs more and more. War is super for the economy and the CPC kitchen just whipped up another batch of particularly wretched smelling bullshit. You might want to use a clothespin… and a napkin so you don’t get any on you.
"Mister Harper there’s someone on line one who wants to talk to you about the design for the new swastika, star of david, maple leaf flag. Oh, apparently they just need to know, since the "H" pretty much covers the whole flag where do you want those three subordinate icons placed."
If you aren’t in the top 3 or 4 percent and you vote for this despicable troglodyte you are helping to destroy your children and everyone else’s children’s lives.
Did you know that his hero Adolf Hitler carried an approval rate in the nineties for most of his time as racist dictator and was lauded by Henry Ford, Reader’s Digest many corporations and virtually everyone who voted Conservative in Canada Republican in the US and even more completely, the good old 0.01%. until of course many of those people became half awake and then he was rotten. But only many.
1.STEAL MINORITY in election 2006 IN/OUT
2.STEAL MAJORITY in 2011 robocalls etc
3.DESTROY ELECTIVE PROCESS and like the audacity it takes to name an illegal government after yourself…call it the "Fair Election Act"
4.NOMINATE FASCISTS TO HIGH POSTS and even though you look like what you are when doing it, thanks to the short beer and sports attention of potential electorate…and only a trickle of your scummy choices gets through…but so far so good.
5.GET CANADA INTO AS MUCH WAR AS POSSIBLE and join forces with the side with the greatest amount of fascism in it’s makeup.
6.HARPER FLAG swastika, maple leaf, stat of david, on huge shimmering "H"
7.CONCENTRATION CAMPS we prefer to call them "attitude adjustment with a large possibility of never getting out centers"

Now yo go feed those hogs before they worry themselves into anemia

Hitler supporters

There’s a person who because of his initials I’ll call "Afterthought". He’s a very smart guy but he thrives on twisted logic, selective focus and is doubtless a selective racist. His words say he is a fascist, and he believes Hitler was a "good man". He’s an old guy like me. One of those guys who knows how to fix lots of things electric and mechanical, unlike myself who have late in life become a pretty good sax and flute player but couldn’t fix a conservative election or a Tom Flanagan reputation. He’s a sharp guy, but very out of balance. I’ll list things that he must have to reconfigured into a form that allows for him to justify his innate racism.
As he is a fascist I am much closer to being a communist.
He, I believe is anti-Semitic whereas I am unabashedly anti zion and anti zionazi. I think Joan Rivers was and Adam Sandler is creepy and in my mind typically zionist. Not typically Jewish. She for wearing her ugly shrill racism on her sleeve and him for his personal stereotyping. Sorry Adam, not all Jews are comedic. Thanks for proving that you’re an unfunny unintelligent slug. I truly hope I’m being accurate when I say that Don Rickles was vamping comedically, Joan was viciously sincere. I have great respect for cultural Judaism. Jewish food is to die for (a little sugar there) and frankly I believe that Jewish traditional culture has never gotten it’s share of accolades for the development of Jazz music, the biggest thing in my life.
I’m an atheist and I haven’t a clue what A.T.’s. religious beliefs are.
What does he have to distort to come to the conclusions that he does?
Some of my views on Hitler.
1) Like Harper, upon receiving the go ahead from a very aged, hanging on by a thread chancellor/(Elections Canada), Hitler set about destroying any semblance of democracy. He was more successful at it than Harpy has been so far.
I believe profoundly in honest democracy. However the Westminster Club (even now in our most dangerous time it’s disfunctioning as an "old/got mine" boys club) is hardly modern, nor hermetically sealed against thugs like the CPC.
We obviously need a system that embraces 1) Run-off elections. Neither Hitler nor Harper would have stood a chance with run-off. That’s obviously just an opinion not a fact. Hannibal Alps Elephants etc. 2) Referenda. 3/4 of the effluence to slide down the Harpy chute would have been tossed by referenda. 3) Recall. I’ve spent a while trying to imagine what is stupider than a painless process in the computer age by which to throw for instance Rob Anders etc out into the political cold. Surely there’s nobody who cannot see that the robocalls and financial fraud scams won’t work unless of course they rig the recall. Genuine arms length needed.p
2) He wished for, plotted for and exacerbated situation as it fit his feverish machining for war. Just like Harpshit. And just like America’s "far up the ladder and to the right, 0.01%
3) Kristal nacht: the indiscriminate destruction of Jewish businesses. Harpscum hasn’t that kind of power so the destruction and marginalizing in a pyramid occupied by the 0.01% at the top and the poorest of the poor at the bottom of the bottom, of the poor, is his pursuit and is carried out slower, subtler.
I so wish we could poll all Russians who were youngish adults at the time of Gorby dissolution to see how they feel. All evidence says that if that rarest of political happenstance came about, a fair and honest vote, Russians will vote the nasty "commies" back. (read "commies" with a Harpy accent) Harpy don’t know from shinola.
4) Night of the long knives: the slaughter of Ernst Rohm and too many others to list here. To quote Yogi Berra, "you can look it up" Wait til Harpy can stick a target on one’s back. Folks, don’t doubt that he’s working on it.
5) Boxcars as a means of taking people to work/starvation camps. Again you can look it up and see photos of the most emaciated people who were predominantly Jewish but many were Romany, trade unionists and communists. Phase one is well under way. Again slowly. Is Harpy’s pipeline frenzy a way of freeing up the trains for more "important" work. I’m being symbolic…I sincerely hope.
6) the use of identifying Star of David patches sewn onto the clothing of Jews. Harpy’s target enemies for the most part carry their badge in the form of pigment making the patch unnecessary
7) scorched earth policy. Harpslime duh ! ! ? Ask any Dene.
8) far less extreme but very telling was the snubbing of Jesse Owens. Harpscab does little bits to Native folk, lefties, unionists, scientists, as often as the delighting opportunity presents itself.
9) forced medical experiments. It’s impossible to imagine what a criminal lying sluggard like Harpy is up to in that regard. The opposite actions/attitude of his own creepy self and bullet head mackay toward long term deadly but huge profit to the 0.01% pharmaceuticals vs. beneficial and far safer tetra Hydra cannabis hardly compare but they are definite signs of Harpy’s sickness. His control at all levels sickness. Think here in terms of his own kid under or barely legal age. First time outta the box and you’ve got a teenaged girl being rushed to the hospital with, in the medical attendants words "alcohol poisoning". Since there has ensued official gag order we’ll never know if I’m right that the RCMP detail were either trying to get her into easy rape state or are covering up just like with Tom Flanagan to protect Hatpslime. Why are Canadians not enraged that this kind of thing happens at Sussex at a time when it’s inhabited by a Crime Minister wanting to throw your kid into prison for smoking a little weed. Harpscum is the worst thing to ever come in your life.
10) murders on his way to political power and summary executions once he destroyed democracy. Let me inject Fidel Castro in here. He did not destroy democracy and the executions were anything but summary. Fulgencio Batista’s "elections" were as phony and US thug and politico supported, as Harpcrap’s. There is no denying the public executions of Cuba’s criminal elites were rapid and dramatic. Anyone who can show any innocents who lost their lives I’d be glad to look or listen. Cuba, with America bullying it for 61 years has never once since the revolution been on the wrong side of history and is at the top in producing well trained doctors. The death rates poverty rates and prison rates are far more civilized than every other country of the Americas. The distance between Hitler and Harper is paper thin. H&H are on different planets than Castro, Chavez or Allende and in a different galaxy from Jose Mujica. No fair Paraguay get’s a man in a bug and we get in bug in a man. Much like the unfairness of America getting "freedom fries" and Canada getting a "dick-tater".
Afterthought would have gotten shiny new boots and a crisp swastika bedecked uniform, while I’d have gotten a boxcar or worse.
Afterthought made a point of vilifying Churchill, FDR and Stalin.
Churchill didn’t do too badly for a dyslexic who’s father died of syphilis and that he was the biggest reason for the defeat of Hitler is presumably A.T.’s problem here. FDR was obviously and demonstrably too far left to meet with After’s approval. His engineering US into WWII was thus, the final straw. And I’m sure it isn’t particularly endearing.
Fascism is another way of saying corporatism. Nazism is that, with a severe racist component.
Stalin represents one of the great ironies of history. That the great man Vladimir Lenin died unexpected at just 54 only to be replaced by ruthless Stalin whom he had warned against is ironic, but multiplied by the irony that seldom in history has ruthlessness been so desperately needed. Lame is the speculation on what would have happened at Leningrad had Stalin not directed it. Maybe Lenin would have lost to…am I allowed to call someone who directed that much death and in the end he and his methamphetamine cranked Luftwaffe lost…, ruthless?
Well A.T. I’m very proud to be way over on the left, a believer in trade unions as long as capitalism is the absurd competitive way we belly up to the trough. It’s extremely unpopular to say, but I must, that I’m one of those atheists, y’all bin hearin’ ’bout. You know horns and a tale.
An interesting thing I’ve observed is that there are more people who lie about being real believers in whatever monotheistic religion…than any thing else in life. Age, worth, sexual preference. See if you can guess which one Harpy lies most about. And remember before making your choice that there was this cute young guy living over the coach house…
I believe that a monotheism probably didn’t invent war. But then Black America didn’t invent basketball either. Monotheism is a two handed shooter with "in the paint" game.
Against all odds since a scumbag like Harppus is in control, let me wish all including After Thought a great life. The thing that gets my greatest respect is my species and except for a few members of the illegal harpocracy who are a little iffy we all are that. Pee Pee Boy, Baird and Alexander for instance look much more like rabid dogs than… And look at the peripheral characters like Flanagan, Carson, Levant, Brazeau Wallin, Duffy, Sona, Wright.

Holy crap Dorothy, they’ve blown up Kansas. Sic ’em Toto.