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I’m no economist over here but my nose works pretty good and middle of the road economics smells like middle of the road, "it’s been there for days" skunk…
Mainstream neoLib modern day economics is dealt "at" you from a loaded deck. If you don’t feel afronted by the market bailouts, and the untouchability of the greed mongers on the right that’s a good thing. It’s a sign that the propaganda is still working. It’s a sign that no matter how audacious they get, a more compliant market you could not be.
I meant it’s a good thing for them.
Not you.
You can be counted on to watch the game, buy the deodorant, hate the enemy, support the local team, sing the fight song, the hymn song and the love song. And show up for work semi-conscious.
The Harpy Gang has you Billy-Bob dumbfuck by the nuts.
"I don’t bother with politics"
Are you kidding Billy-Bob? You are going to be long dead and your kids will still be paying for your stupidity. But no matter their heads will be every bit as fucked up then as yours is now and they will have been propagandized to where they don’t even know their pain and the shallowness of their lives is your fault. So go back to sleep. Sorry to have disturbed you. Want a little soma drug before I go? Three fingers of sour mash?
Whoa, They? Who is this "they" that you speak of Ted. You’re always bringing in this nebulous "they".
Well B-Bob "they" are the cabal your newspaper is referring to when they the newspaper, say’s that the other they, the obscenely rich cabal, the 0.01% mentioned otherwise, on the business page, managed to scrape another 1% of that finite 100% onto their pile this "fistful" year. See the problem B-B isn’t so much how obscenely wealthy they are and how many of you world wide are starving, nor the tiny part of that obscenity that would solve all the poverty problems in the world. No. The problem is that it’s still growing. There are more people on the planet this year and a higher percentage of them have a shit heap for a life, at the same time that at the other end the decadence and obscenity is off the chart. Their "Caligula would be green with envy" existance, is an afront to everything that is not rotten and poisonous, and it continues to improve. The yachts get bigger etc. All the trophy stuff…gets trophier…while you, you lazy bastard get further in debt and think that the 0.01% can live off your love of your family. "Nice try mooch now back in the barrel." Remember it could be spelled "pee-on"…and from up here…
The NDP is surging and they should be. I have to admit to not being a huge "fan" of Thomas Mulcair. He’s not show biz enough. Hey gimme a break. I’m baring the gray parts of my soul here. I’m not proud of it but it is me. And there’s a lot of people like me who are thus and better get over it before it’s too late. The day after election day 2015 might…make that will…, be too late.
I know the beard…what’s he hiding behind it? He’s a former Quebec Lib, and he’s almost as hip as Lawrence Welk. But even Larry shaved…
Well Bucko, Harper’s idol Adolf hid millions and millions of deaths deprivation and destruction of every kind from guillotine to ovens to war, war and more war behind a little toothbrush ‘stache. Harpshit on the wings of three quarters of a billion in gifts and…oh let’s call them other gifts, but enter them as zero interest loans, has done some of the same and is just warming to the task of deceit, murder and racist subjagation behind a smarmy smirk. So get over how much Mulcair doesn’t look like Sidney Crosby or Robert Goulet, or anybody named Justin and remember that when people have had the audacity to pencil in the toothbrush, on Harpsycho…it chilled you.
And should have.
Trudeau isn’t "more of the same" he’s less of the same. I mean that in a good kind of way. He is far, far less of what’s wrong than Harper is. Almost no comparison. Between the two of them, no comparison. Justin is sane and saintly compared to The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper. Psycho on the hoof.
But they are on the same side of the fence that keeps Canada more or less (harpy more or Trudeau less), doing what’s not quite right vis a vis war, poverty, progressive social programming and a host of things that Thomas and NDP aren’t less wrong than LPC and Trudeau are… No. The NDP and Mulcair are actually on the right side of the fence (which in this instance is of course the left side of the fence). Too close to the fence for my liking but are probably "hugging" the fence from the right, which again is the left side of the fence to a degree that is perceived as good by many/most of the electorate. If you think that in the current situation largess, generosity and compassion are unaffordable or undesirable in any way…you have a much bigger problem than the woman and her two kids who spent the night in a cardboard box.
Go slow.
Change takes getting used to. If you’ve been eating out of garbage bins all your life you’d probably distrust first-hand food.
At first.
I’m told I lose some credibility when I insist that Canada wake up to the, obvious to me, fact that micro-manager, workaholic, Stephen Joseph Harper is a very unbalanced person. The character in fiction that he coincides with and to a chilling degree parallels Canadian citizenry with two very young children in, is Harry Powell in Charles Laughton’s classic "Night of the Hunter". Watching the psychoPM sitting by himself after a speech he’d just given in Calgary I believe it was, a speech that a moron would see through, with a smirk that was utter self congratulation, finally convinced me that whatever else is true…there is probably no depth, no limit to the damage this person, this felon Prime Minister could do to this country with the only thought behind it being self agrandizement. His hero Hitler left Germany in ashes seventy years ago. Harpy and tarsand refusal to clean up is hardly in the same league…but it’s the same sport. The same game.
There’s no doubt in the world that Justin Trudeau is a monumental step up nor doubt that Mulcair would be a monumental step up from Justin. Seeing through the cynical Tetra Hydra Cannabis insanity is a good start Justin and Thomas should take note, but just not enough.
If we elect the NDP, we should be prepared to get flack from America. Unless they, Americans have the intelligence to vote for Elizabeth Warren, (that proposition is an entry at a Vegas book coupled with gravity failing for a few hours this week) you can bet there will be friction from the country next door. The country that has been at perpetual war for 95% of its existance and always on the side exhibiting the most fascist traits, is one of the great genocidal powers to ever emerge on this planet and a place where money and power flow ever upward even faster than it does here.
They don’t seem to be running low on cops that want to shoot black men either. It’s a country where frequently being homeless makes one a criminal.
And America seems to have a crush on a certain Canadian psychopath. Imagine Jeb Bush with both houses and Stephen Joseph Harper and the ignominious one-sixty…
We’re off to kill the lizard, the slimy, lying, self agrandizing, greedy beyond belief lizard of Leaside originally, then Etobicoke and finally Calgary.
Did Calgary vote for RacNot as well? Miracles. Don’t you just love ’em?
I mean kill politically of course. Are you kidding me? Gutless Stephe has security that costs weekly what some country’s annual GDP can’t cover the vig on. And the paranoid asshole is shutting down rational conversation about, like Canada, "sprung to life through terrorism", Israel. And if you have any spleen angst toward the neo-nazification of Ukraine better vent it now before they’re put on the "no criticism by order of fake government" list. Oops, could that put me in the big house? I don’t mean digs on The Bridle Path or other fancy. I mean the "Big House" that buddy Conman Conrad recently vacated at state’s insistence.
Conrad Black is the classic: not only knows the price of everything and the value of nothing, but knows the meaning of all the words yet can’t connect morality to any underlying philosophy or principle.
He’ll continue to teach we the great unwashed, from a TV which hasn’t an absurd prepostrous aphorism built into its name or a "newspaper" which does.
The people who hover around Conrad Black and those who hover around Stephe Harpwhatever, cumulatively define what is wrong with our system. When the psycho-twins have access to the cutlery and the family gun…the family is in trouble.

Kansas? Get a grip Toto. America was changed to KBU years ago. Good old Koch Bush United promises every human unit a proper disposal whenever KBU feels the dropoff in production…..and the resultant profit drop…

Oh…and the Canada being "terrorist… for five hundred years" thing. Puts me to mind of a movie. I can’t remember the name of the movie but the plot was about a common law situation that had always been more forced and aquiesced than mutually desirable. And very abusive…and I’m just sayin’ boy oh boy oh boy injuns and eskeemoes sure do walk into a lot of door jambs and fall down a lot of stairs…that the abuser has to keep explaining away and the bruised knuckles thing and the screaming at night. It’s Harry Powell and them damn kids all over again…

And of course… I apologize profusely to the real Billy-Bob dumbfuck who usually goes by the name of Chris Alexander or Pierre Pollievre or Dean delMastro or even on occasion Rona or Lisa or more frequently and most believably Shelley Glover…y’all don’t deserve my wit and we don’t deserve your……. excreta.
Personally I’m glad that other word was invented. Have you ever tried yelling "excreta" upon hitting your thumb with a hammer. It sucks. Makes you not even want to mutilate your digits.

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