Children and CPC

by electionfraud2011

So tell me little mr or mrs cpc supporter is it scumbag stephe’s and his cpc henchfolk’s record on children that gets your tiny heart thumping’?
Assuming so and curious…is it Stephe, his own fetted self and his predisposition toward child torture and in the case of Native Canada the dangers and denigration heaped on their children from the government that thrills you. Or are you one of those knee-jerk seals at feeding time that claps and honks every time Slimin’ J Heartless blows a snot ball and calls it Omar.
I try to keep the thought that humans have an intrinsic common value…and then OK and SJH come in sight and the disparity is so overwhelming that if Omar were a diamond or some other gem, relatively, stephe would still be a stinking piece of garbage, if Omar is platinum Stephe is plastic. Harpslime is so close to being utterly valueless…and the more one sees and hears "from the horse’s mouth…" of Khadr…the more impressive. Omar was tortured for years at gitmo and sjh loved it. He’s just like his idol, his hero Adolph Hitler who loved to exact pain. The unbelievable mindfuck necessary to paint *OK* evil is just about the only thing impressive about sjhcpc (lower case for the very lower class).
It sounds at first blush like an insult to say that I sincerely hope that SJH spends more time in prison than Omar Khadr did…but on the contrary. I want Harptraitor incarcerated as soon as possible and for life with no (zero) chance of parole, for treason. I’m merely wishing him a long life with very little comfort. No torture like the child torture of badly injured Omar Khadr in his early teens endured at the hands of the sickest thugs America had to offer, but very few amenities. That is far more than the little skunk wished for OK.
Or is it the other children that impress you? The ones that Harpcreepyashell’s original BFF little tommy flanagan stalks. The little boys that tommy wants to fuck that has you supporting the cpc cabal of infamy? Is tommy’s anti Native slime spewing a cover for wanting to put young Native boys in a more vulnerable more rape prone situation? I charge yes.
Did that other bit of traitorous garbage bob paulson make sure that tommy’s sexual criminality was never looked into. I charge that yes that is exactly what happened. Bob is a charter member of the illegal cabal that is running Canada, and tommy’s history with stephe is too much public record, and therefore too dangerous to stephe. Stephe and bob need to do the perp-walk all the way to perma-prison. And I’ll bet that Jonny boy and "trophy-wife Pete" would both have a bitch of a time getting past a real investigation of their shenanigans. Ten or twelve years ago Pete (rhymes with cheat) showed anyone who gave a fuck that bottom was way further north of where he lived, paraded his lack of integrity for the world to see. Wouldn’t you say David Orchard?
What do you think Joe Clark?
I have to admit that the ranks of honest right-wingers is pretty depleted. After Joe and Dave I’m stuck.

I had a very wonderful person helping me connect to media etc. He was a school teacher and he cautioned me about using any degree of scatalogy. I usually followed his advice.
Very suddenly and far too young, at twenty years my junior he died. And Dwane I sincerely hope you’ll forgive me for succoming to the use of the colourful language used so far in this post and to extend that forgiveness to my final reference here, which is writing that sjhcpc are a melange of racist fascist stupidity that should stop fucking our country, our citizenry and particularly our vulnerable children in myriad ways and just simply FUCK OFF !

Stephen Joseph Harper I look forward to visiting you in prison. I hope many of your minions matriculated to the big house with you.