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You read and reread and still make mistakes.
I said in last post that Harpy ‘ generosity stretched to a quarter billion. It’s actually three quarters of a billion.
Whatever (Lola) Petro wants…Petro-boy gets…

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electionfraud2011 posted: "Canada is nudging a quarter of a billion dollars given and loaned to Ukraine. Influence in the latest nazi regime, not merely fascist, Ukraine has the nazi stink of Aryan racism on it, in a burgeoning nazi regime for less than a billion. Not a bad deal…"

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Canada is nudging a quarter of a billion dollars given and loaned to Ukraine. Influence in the latest nazi regime, not merely fascist, Ukraine has the nazi stink of Aryan racism on it, in a burgeoning nazi regime for less than a billion. Not a bad deal…if you’re the zionazi, criminal, phony prime minister of a complacent Euro dominated non-euro country.
Keep scaring the crap out of them/us while crowing humanitarian and acting war mongerellingly.

I’m well and truly back on the road. Spent last night in the turnaround of an abandoned house on the edge of Thessalon. Cool name eh? Thessalon…
I spent the night of Fri/Sat on the side of the highway, halfway, which is 10K, from Bruce Mines, and in downtown Bruce Mines the night before. Bruce Mines is 600 folk and a tiny mecca of second-hand/used/antique shops that feature items from the mundane to the "holy crap"…’twas there that I met the lovely, and gracious Shannon. Shannon introduced me to Krista. Also lovely and gracious.
Lovely name Krista. And Shannon’s another interesting name. Shannon has meaning all over the place for me.
We talked of the river and the airfield and Limerick and Tipperary and before I knew it most of Friday had disappeared into an Irish fog over Turtle Island.
I left with the wallpaper that will help me spruce the goose thanks to Bruce. I’m sorry…I tried really hard not to type that…I even reminded myself how much Toto hates being compared to geese but to no avail. Ham I am…!…!

Wrote recently to a friend that we need to agressively encourage the very poor, the very youngest eligible and the very pointedly "ignoring politics" to vote this time around for something radically different…if we can convince, principally Justin but definitely also, Thomas, Elizabeth and Mario to suspend their egos and to stretch the parameters of the Westy (Westminster Parliamentary System) in far less destructive ways than did Harpy and the CPC (criminal persons conspiring) with Fair Elections Act and the attempt to ram hitlerian security measures C-51. Yet, ironically and honestly for the express purpose of ridding ourselves of the Westy once we’ve formulated a path through the myriad, indeed infinite number of ways to do democracy. There are probably worse and less relevant democratic paths than the Westy…America’s insanity springs to mind.
White cops shooting Black men seems like a very dark fantasy rather than a modern day reality but then few things on planet earth are less represented in their reality like the absurdity that is the American fantasy. The relevance of American style capitalism springs to mind.
We need to go to where the poor, the dispossessed, the truly suffering, live, and convince them that now is the time that they should get engaged in the process to turn an historic corner. To make greater and more relevant change in debate and in a truly peaceful arena than has ever happened on the field of battle.
Scum, and there’s truly great justification for using that expletive on a criminal and his coterie of thugs, social deviants fraudsters and in my mind the nexus: of fraud election, war mongering, war footing, actively killing and being killed, which makes Stephe Harper a murderer.
These are things that I believe the aforementioned "people who don’t vote" not only can, but frankly can’t help but relate to.
But in this context I believe they’ll only relate…, if profoundly sincere and profoundly sweeping. The people who avoid voting don’t do so because they feel it’s going great without them…they’re not voting because they too see the Westy as a rigged game that they can not win with.
We must change the game
Another way of expressing my point of view is by referencing it to Russell Brand. He has very publicly come out in favourite of not voting. And he makes very valid argument for not being involved with a truly gamed reality. He’s right. So let’s reflect that. Let’s make the direction away from slope into fascism/zionazis the direction of a committed coalesced "we ain’t leaving this room until we find a path through democracy that the likes of Rona Ambrose, Nigel Wright, Vic Toews, Dean delMastro, Michael Sona, Bruce Carson, Arthur Porter, Bob Paulson, Julian Fantino, Giuliano Zaccarideli, Richard Mosley etc can’t deficate on and defile with amateur level financial and vote blocking fraud that is then giggled about. Yeah a title for the destruction of Canada’s admittedly far less than the fantasy system could be the "The Snicker Revolution" Make the a illegal actions of the Harper CPC since 2006 and before…serious prison offenses.
Penitentiary not parliament for everyone involved in the more than 2/3 of all electoral ridings experiencing robocalls.
I know "fair" "honest" "equitable" "non-criminal" are naive and cute terms to use on an election, but if we could promise to deliver that I believe the "in their twenties" set will give the sixties set an electoral run for for the money.
The media must be held to account for misrepresenting and misinforming. Media should have a stringent legal obligation to fact. Misinformation, adjudged so by a legally constituted court should be a criminal offense. Corporations should have their legal entityship turned on its head. They are not people,but the people who pull their strings are as guilty as gangsters when they emulate gangsters.

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