1915-2015 Bush-Walker century of crime

by electionfraud2011

It’s hard to imagine what tiny fraction of the 350,000,000 plus, population of U.S. and Canada has anything close to a realistic overview of the past hundred years of history. Perhaps rather than ”history" the word should be "hysteri"…you know the first seven letters of hysterical.
This AmeroCanadian century of the most phenomenal mis-truth believed by the majority of the American & Canadian citizenry is astonishing. And it gets crazier to realize that the truth has been substituted, for the most part, by it’s factual opposite.
The lie.
The con.
The scam.
The right-wing hustle. Not an exaggeration but conversely very understated.
Put bluntly, that Prescott Bush and a boxcar of his obscenely wealthy traitors and murderers was neither imprisoned nor executed for his and their myriad crimes is utterly against the truth of 20th century reality. Besides being the principle motivator and financial backer of Hitler’s Poland invasion and WWII, his psycho-scum kid GHW and useless punk grand-kid Dubya led directly to the totality and the minutia of the current slaughter of large parts of the Islamic world, the deaths of the Kennedy’s, King and Malcolm and in short the complete criminal alteration of American history.
Beheadings are entirely as repulsive as everyone knows they are. But how would "you" go about getting the attention of people bent on your destruction. At least half a million dead in Iraq, a country that Saddam Hussein was keeping a lid on. Women children the aged…half a million and probably many more.
Maybe wave your arms in the air or…and what of Libya? How’s that been going since NATO and the United States engineered the death of Muammar Qaddafi. How much better is Libya now?
World and North American histories have been fiddled by the mindless, except in financial matters, murderous 0.01%, the people who create and profit from war.
The thought that Qaddafi and Hussein combined are as evil or as responsible for as many deaths of their own or any other people as any one of the Bush family, including the repulsive vicious racist matriarch, Barbara, is stupid to the point of insane
The twentieth century was all about war(s). War is when profits soars. The century was also about increasing the percentage of profit that gets to the penthouse and how small a percentage goes back down from the penthouse to the "evil" tax-man.
Simply put: extreme conservative capitalism benefits the wealthy.
They make out like bandits and they make out as bandits. Period.
Don’t get too comfortable hoi poloi. They’re coming for you as soon as there’s too many of you. With boxcars, big wide horizontal striped uniforms, whips, chains and maybe the occasional oven. Though they’re probably more efficient than ovens this time.
Almost 0.3 billion deaths that’s 300,000,000 coincidentally the approximate population of the United States of America. That’s right folks one to one ratio for every man woman and child directly on the evil balance sheet of possibly the most evil family in the history of the planet. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if most of the ten or twenty natives of Turtle Island killed didn’t purposely run in front of the guns just to make whitey look bad for posterity. And if you can get your head out of the idiocy ass that holds that Christians are better than everyone else, bear in mind that although I think dopey doper dubya has converted to the Evangelical, the same group that Harpy professes belief in, you can’t miss the stink of crime and evil. The Bush crime family is historically Episcopalian, which is the religion invented by King "isn’t royalty cute" Henry VIII so that he could murder his wives when they didn’t deliver him a boy.
I’m sorry if that’s too creepy close to the Harpy, Thomas Eugene Flanagan relationship, denials, bullshit, RCMP favours and political murder. Lots of perks for Tommy but no boys. Why don’t you just join NAMBLA Tommy?
Flash for you here folks. The gay cabal that is running Canada isn’t Liberace, Nathan Lane, Harvey Milk or Strays, gay who like the vast majority of gay people are like a majority of all people, positive, contributing but as a result of the scorn and idiocy heaped on them, more attuned to human deceit than most. It’s much more Caligula, Ernst Roehm & John Wayne Gacy gay. Mental sickness has absolutely nothing to do with race, religion or sexual preference, but you’d never know it when you look at Harpy, Baird, Kenney, Wright, Novak or Poilievre all very sick Christian or nominally Christian, very white and very, very twisted.
I think you can scrub that out of your memory with a brillo pad and some carbon tetrachloride. But admittedly I’m just guessing.
You’ve got to have your head way, way, up your ass if you think that anything in the Islamic world compares with the Borgia Papacy or Hitler’s boy Pope Pius XII, the Bush crime family or for that matter our very own neo-nazi psychoscum monster Stephen Joseph Harper. Throw in Franklin Graham and you got nightmare wall to wall hidioso.
America parades its innate racist insanity by painting admittedly disappointing Barack Obama as more evil than the Bush family which is somewhere between insane and Dick Cheney evil. But then racism is always insane and evil. And then they up the insanity ante by giving the disgusting scumbag that unleashed his rabid-dog brother Dubya, the latest Bush mass murderer, on an unsuspecting planet, the probability of becoming the third president of the United States of America from this most insane, most evil, of criminal families. Ever.
Yeah I’m exaggerating. Once they hit 1/3 billion they’ll probably slow down. Anything, even hideous sadistic murder gets boring eventually. And they’re almost there. Another forty or so million and done and they’re stencilling targets on the backs of that number of Islamists as they misinform.
Oh yeah and having them sew crescents on their jackets.

We’re off to meet the wizard the murderous wizard of Galveston Bay

The metre sucks but that’s probably appropriate.