Democracy change

by electionfraud2011

Let me open by saying that the Westminster system is about as bad as one would expect a 5-600 year old system to be. Great back when it protected whoever owned you from being attacked by whichever nut case royal was in power. But for the twenty first century it makes no sense.

We need a system that I call PERPETUAL THREE R’s. DEMOCRACY I got the Perpetual, Recall and Referenda from a friend Pedro Mora who once ran for mayor of Vancouver, and who blogs at "" and has a community TV show at "" I believe he missed the most important factor, which is

RUN-OFF which is simply that a so-called democracy being represented with virtually dictatorial power by someone with less than 2/5 of the vote is absurd. A second step in voting between the two candidates who garnered the greatest amount would give a true majority in 99.999% of cases that in the first round produced less than 50%+1 result.

RECALL would very quickly remove anyone who’s campaign promises were insincere and not followed. A sitting Prime Minister sinking below a percentage of perhaps 25% approval rating, again as an exercise of e-scape with your election code and replete with criminal sanctions for fraud, would automatically trigger an election with predefined timetable.
Perhaps three months from the moment the 25% depth was reached

REFERENDA should be used when decisions such as to go to war or not come up. I.E. for only the most important things and of course again it’s an e-experience

Since we have an e-scape reality that is instantaneous, in the case of Run-off one wouldn’t need to go to the polls even once unless one wanted to. Similarly Recall would be entirely an e-scape "change your vote" action. In this case, if one is computer free the library would have free access. Rural non-accessibility or problems of the elderly could be accomplished over the phone. Referenda is obviously also an e-scape/phone action.

That we have a system in which a majority of the electorate believe that every election since 2006 has been scammed by financial fraud and voter interference by the government/party which is rushing us to war and that the closest allies of us, our perhaps scammed, government are the two most sanctioned by the U.N., governments on the planet, both of which are the main causes of the planet being in war flames. Weapons of mass destruction coupled with Dubya’s Zionist top-heavy cabinet.

There’s another problem, and that being that only the people of Calgary South got to vote for Harper. Again a majority is wanted, but as long as the party has a seat majority we’re stuck with whoever the party constituents decide they want as leader.
There should be a permanent standing committee struck with one purpose and that to find improvements to our system.
We have to find a way to have our elections overseen by an independent body who’s only dog in the fight is fair and honest election. Whether that is an internal or external agency is less important than it’s veracity.

Let me finish by saying that I am enthralled with democracy, but Stephen Joseph Harper has shown us that of the thousands of ways to do democracy, ours is about as irrelevant, insecure and fraud susceptible as it gets. That Harper and the CPC was able on the wings of a legitimate or otherwise election to immediately dismantle the entity Elections Canada, that might have exposed him and them, is nothing short of insane. Of the hundreds of ways of doing democracy the Westminster system is scraping the bottom.
That the most important job in the country has a "you can’t be fired for four years by the thirty-five million citizens. Only the 160 or more people who’s pretty nice salaries and perks depend on no one else but you" is insane beyond belief.
Finally if with a clear majority in each riding we are still left with a government with less than a majority of seats the powers of the Prime Minister should be limited. War and the extremes of trade deals come to mind. Full power (bear in mind that full power is virtually dictatorship) to a Prime Minister with a seat majority.

Very sincerely
Ted Musson

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Sent from my phone from Sylvan Lake where I’m wintering on my walk to Ottawa protesting illegal government. I walked from Victoria B.C. to Lethbridge Alta May-Dec ’13 and. Lethbridge to Sault Ste Marie Apr-Nov ’14. My RV support vehicle is stored in Soo and I’ll walk from there to Ottawa starting Apr of this year.

Robocalls and financial fraud a government do not make.
With apology to Oscar Wilde

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