Thunder Bay to the Soo

by electionfraud2011

I’m at a bit of a crux point here. I can’t walk much more than 100 meters or so. My right knee is flaring up again. I’ve written before that a guy who drove by the Braille method, kind of like Harpy shilling for the grease patch, let nothing between him and the parking space (0.01%) be real, because it didn’t affect him. If that jerk had run me over rather than having just knocked me flying, he’d have inspected his tires and fenders first and if I was dead or dying he’d probably have said the same thing he said as I was lying there bloody and in a lot of pain. "C’mon get up you’re not hurt that bad. I’ve been hurt far worse." Well I was hurt bad enough that ICBC paid me $48,000. It took a long time to get that settlement and it wasn’t nearly enough, but by then I was desperate.
Can you see slimeball Harpy the CPC and the history of our insane parliamentary system as it relates to Native people being reflected here. I’m not quite arrogant enough to see myself as symbolic of the many Nations that make up Native Canada. But…same mindless ancient evil Parliament. Stupid, stupid form of quasi-democracy. It could result in an evil creep winning…naaah no chance, right?
And while we’re on the subject I’ve wanted a forum to say this and I guess I’ll just have to create one here. I heard Justin Trudeau on CBC this morning. I was so impressed that I’m not even sure if it was Anna Maria Tremonti interviewing him. And that is very odd because though I detect the subtlest drift to the right with all of CBC, I am in love with Anna Maria’s voice. I have 11% and much noise in my right ear and about 60% in the left due to a flu that took me years to recover from. It was easy to measure from as it happened twenty minutes after midnight post New Year eve 2000. Played Auld Lang Syne and twenty minutes into 2000 nausea. Four days later, that much hearing compromise. Anna Maria has the most perfect diction/pronunciation, and not pedantic like Donald Sutherland which is theatrically rich, but natural, steeped in personality and void of affectation. Due to my hearing and not wanting to respond incorrectly as I go through life I’m constantly saying "what?". I never miss a syllable or nuance from Ms Tremonti.
Anyway, Justin Trudeau was on CBC and he was magnificent. He and I agree on very little, but the man is sincere intelligent and frankly more connectedly savvy which is another way of saying more focused, more capable and with far greater depth, than any of the Harpacrits. They grope for the Leo Strauss, through the Calgary/Chicago School, "noble lie", obfuscation and deceit, trying to sound like what they think an adult should sound like. Leo Staussians do that because you are "too stupid for the truth" and they are too stupid to be genuine adults.
Think Pierre Pollievre.
Meanwhile "naive" Justin, seemed to be groping for sincerity and clarity.
The CPC to a man or woman are adept at the deceit that Harpy focuses on when he promotes them. A dirty parliamentary or electoral trick, like a criminal lie, goes a long way in Harpyland. Just ask Shelly Glover, who’s promotion to cabinet and attendant pay hike came right after proving her disingenuous bona fides to the Harptator. Financial fraud, costly denial, phony contrite admission of facts. Costs you handsomely , handsome pay raise for her. And if you, like she, work for a psycho-micro-manager you don’t really have to do anything more than say "That’s my position" about anything he, she or it (Harpy) gives you to read.
Just kidding when I said ask Shelly. She’d lie.
We all thought that the marshall arts/thug in Patrick Brazeau was going to trounce genteel Justin. And it looked at first as though that was about to happen. But Justin had a plan, and the plan was to let the entire CPC caucus punch itself silly on his shoulders and mop up the floor with their phony hubris and deceit filled mugs in the fullness of time. And in the process make the "sun" "natpo" and other "up Harpy’s panties" nominally media, look as stupid and in the tank as they truly are.
When are the mentally challenged, angry, greedy, self serving minions that make up CPC world, going to realize that the miniscule amount of anointing of Justin doesn’t alter the fact that he is smarter and more capable than any of the CPC bright lights, smarter and brighter than any two middling and any three Anders, Baird, Pollievre, Glover etc bottom dweller types. And although he was closer, more sincere, and more genuinely interested and concerned than the entire CPC, including Aglukkaq who is herself First Nation I believe he got it just barely off the mark when speaking of First Nations.
He referenced in a very respectful way Turtle Island (he didn’t call it that. I do) Native history and referenced the "warring" that historically happens between neighbours. But contrary to our contemporary beliefs, I believe that the polytheist people that Euro conquest encountered not only hadn’t developed antibodies against Euro diseases, they hadn’t developed armed savagery against each other to use against Euro greed. War is the great laboratory for weaponry and medicine. The people that Euros met five centuries ago hadn’t developed weaponry, medicine/immunity or domination of personal property like Euros had. In other words the Euros out savaged them, out greeded them and out diseased them. Justin, with all due respect, and you’re a very impressive person, the monotheism that landed on them was such that they didn’t stand a chance. Monotheism was a "Johnny come lately" on the world stage. Turtle Island polytheism was far older and simply didn’t have the greed and lack of respect for "the other" and male dominion that seems to exist in some form in all monotheisms.
Every cliche that one hears about Native reality, from childhood on, is the diametric opposite of the historic, cultural and still existent truth, both before and since 1492, of traits common to Turtle Islanders. Euros encountered strong, courageous, healthy, generous and sincere people and have ever since tried to paint them otherwise and brutalize them into that picture for obvious reasons. That’s how one paints and brutalizes ones victims. Listen to Harpshit and Netenyahu and any other greedy hubris pumped Christo/capital/ zionazi creeps on the make sniffing for petrol. My point is that that is totally consistent with the past five hundred and twenty-two years on Turtle Island. Christoper Columbus was by all accounts the finest slaughterer of non-Christian human beings and apparently the benchmark ever since.
I’ve double walked until recently when I arrived in Thunder Bay and from Vancouver Island to Thunder Bay the disparity in generosity between Euros and Native Turtle Islanders is astonishing. They didn’t stand a chance. Any group with that little greed and arrogance doesn’t stand a chance against armed and greedy Europe.
We Euros have so much to learn from them. Maybe when the colonial violence dies down we can listen and learn.
The MONOPOLY game of twenty-first century capitalism is about as absurd as illogical gets. The 0.01% all live on Boardwalk and Park Place, have gold plated, permanent "get out if jail free" cards and every exemption and perk there is in "Take a chance" (I’m doing memory and a bit of guessing here since I’m in a no communication zone on Lake Superior north shore) and Community Chest (?).
Stupid. And unnecessarily stupid, way to run a planet.
Getting back to my knee.
Well that was number one, the accident on Hastings St. The next time it really got bad was in Fernie thirty years later after having double walked from Victoria B.C.. At the time of the accident it was a basketball, in Fernie it was a volleyball and now it’s just two parts that are swelling like crazy. Bulges outside and above kneecap and inside almost at the back and parallel with the bottom of the cap.
It’s swollen less but hurts more now. And it seems to be saying that walking could damage it.
The point is, that I’ve stopped "walking" across Canada just east of Thunder Bay. I now drive 20K, park for the rest of the day and that night. I try to stand by the road with my sign although it’s now a lie, a "harper". It says "walking to Ottawa protesting illegal government". Besides the knee I have a lung virus that wants rest and I’m starting back on prednisone for the happiness of my old arthritic body. A few weeks after starting Magnesium I was easily and comfortably able to stop the prednisone which is hard on other parts of ones body such as bone calcium. But I’m hurting in enough places at the moment that I’ll see if low dose eases the pain.
Don’t get me wrong here. I consider myself very lucky compared to others. For seventy-two my pain is nothing. But it is pain and all pain sucks, even the one in the ass that Harpy is. Actually "particularly" the one in the ass…
I look back at those last two sentences and it rather trivializes the extreme evil criminal, that The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper is. I recognize that I take a very extreme view/stance on Harper and the CPC. As tough times call for tough measures, crime filled times call for vigilance. The caustic eye. A crime based mob, the harpocrisy is destroying what little good component of our Eurocracy that has existed. For just a second let the probably crazy 72 year old Canadian born, double Euro, Irish/Belgium guy walking to Ottawa try to convince, warn, plead, that we have been an unbelievably bad influence on the neighbourhood. NHL, cars, electricity, phones etc. if it takes until tomorrow to list all the good stuff…it is the epitome of the cliche that "all great fortunes (ours) are the product of a great crime" We, the Euros have been the organized crime family. And family means Aunt so and so and sister what’s her name and etc etc botchi ball & spaghetti if you think organized crime is Italian which is really dumb but understandable. Hooray for Hollywood…it’s not wall to wall crime, it’s crime and culture and romance and the bodies are buried where the bodies are buried.
I’m groping for a way to convince somebody, anybody that within the parameters of Turtle Island, it is we (Euros) who must act differently. You. Me. We. We think we’re doing important shit when in fact we’re destroying the planet. To me the word, the concept, of reservation other than a place to house animals is repugnant. But nobody in the worst or best, Rez in Canada is destroying the planet and millions of lives. Someone who lives in Palatial South West Calgary is.
With regard to the walking I must do an anti-harpshit here, and admit that though I’ve pontificated about "This old man walking to Ottawa." some times lately it ain’t so. I’ll drive about 25K a day and park where Toto (my 37 year old RV) can be seen. It’s 7 meters long, all white and tarted up with one foot tall and extending above and below another eight inches

and above "fraud" is a freehand reproduction of a black on yellow poster of Harpy with the word RESIST under the evil harper visage. That’s on the left side and on the right side I’m in the process of a different multicolour visage with the word OBEY under it, over the "ctio".
In my world all human lives have the same intrinsic value. Jewish lives as an example are worth exactly, to the proverbial scintilla, what every other human life is worth. Palestinians, Turtle Islanders, Euros, Asians, Africans, (Masai to Pygmy) Indians, (Ghandi, not Geronimo. Geronimo played for the Turtle Islanders) Australoids or Australians (Abo or Aboriginal is just plain disrespectful Euro-stupid, there’s so much more there) Maoris, everybody. It’s kind of a proprietary thing. Only you can diminish you. The 0.01% prove it daily. But Stephen Joseph Harper may be the perfect, most dramatic example of that. From the geeky little nerd, (Foghorn Leghorn’s nephew trying to grow into his humongous spectacles) the best his and Rob Ford’s high-school had, even if they got their asses handed to them by a future medical doctor (how about that, a scientist. Oh the ignominy) on "Reach for the Top", through life as a neo-nazi and then learning Leo Strauss at the knee of Thomas Eugene Flanagan in "the Calgary School" to the zionazi on the make who is in the process of getting very rich and very powerful by assaulting your planet and your neighbours and making yours and your kids lives hell and/or short.
Josh White used to sing a song.
Back when he was alive. (I think the over obvious, self evident Ontario highway cautionary signs are getting to me.) Can’t remember the name of it, but one of the lines was " ’cause every man is the same when he’s got his skin off." I thought I was just listening. Turns out I was also learning.