Solberg, shows he’s ready to grovel

by electionfraud2011

I think what Monte Solberg is saying is that Justin Trudeau is unwilling to suspend all rational thought and defend terrorist gained Israel regardless of the insanity of it’s being placed in the last place on the planet that it should have been. Totally provocative, racist and irrational. A mentally challenged eight year old in 1948 would have been able, not to predict, but to know, that what is happening would happen. Justin is just not willing to accept that every Israeli zionazi is superior to every Palestinian, and that the concept can be extended across the middle east.
Let’s look at Iraq and ISIL.
Monte, let me ask you, I’ll suspend my real thoughts and assume you to be at least for the moment a rational individual with individual thought outside of the Harpy/zion/sun con. What would you do if a little scumbag recovering drug and alcohol abuse pissant like Dubya on at best, a handful of lies perpetrated by his top- heavily zionazi cabinet, set in motion with an invasion into your country, action that killed, oh for dramatic purposes let’s call it one twelfth of the possibly disputable number, however once it get into seven figures of insane genocidal murder it’s crazy to quibble over how close to eight figures it was. Hitler, truly an evil being, murdered in as hideous, simply for its machine efficiency, a fashion as possible, millions of Jews, Romanis, Commies, Homosexuals.
That’s right Monte half a million thanks to his as best I can see, totally zionazi supported/directed (Wolfowitz et al) destruction of Iraq.
So what do you do, or want to do if that many of your children, spouses and neighbours were slaughtered. Can you give me one reason why Palestinians rather than the 0.01% Americans who saw your ancestors problem with Hitler as a golden financial opportunity to get rid of many successful competitive Jews and cuddle up to a burgeoning vicious right-wing Aryan reality, while making out as bandit profiteers, should have their land stolen rather than have a chunk of America expropriated.
And, please don’t insult yourself with the history horseshit that zionazi’s seem frequently to have at their fingertips. You, sir are living on what was Kainai land, much more recently than one, two or three thousand years ago. Their belief seems to be that they’ve been here into antiquity.
uh geese and ganders…
So you make the Palestinians pay for the sins of America and in particular the same Bush family the Grandpappy of which was Hitler’s banker/backer and who absolutely knew about the big order for people sized ovens. And in the meantime another zionazi creep named Dan Snyder is exacting another emotional pound of flesh from the picked over bones of Native Turtle Islanders.
Sir, your hypocrisy is breathtaking.
So now the lowest level of journalism (Sun) performs a bullshit routine that would have pro wrasslin’ salivating. Tag team every available zionazi hack in Canada to pummel the, possibly even better than his father, who was recently voted most important Canadian ever, in the most hideous of newspeak gutless manner possible.
There isn’t enough space here to list all the truly scummy zionazi’s engaged in this endeavor but the scum that collects at the top includes: Second generation media obfuscatory punk, Dubya’s (see the across time connection here) finest liar, the zionazi punk that has the blood of 500,000 Iraqi’s on his hands for putting the racist words in dumb little Dubya’s mouth. David Frum. Ezra Levant and David Frum, like your screed are dishonest and shrill.
There isn’t a single member of Harpy’s illegal cabinet (I like to think of them more as the kitchen-knife-in-the-back drawer, than as a cabinet) that I’d waste a nickel betting against being zionazi. (The knives with the most blood on them are named Baird, Alexander, Pollievre, MacKay,)
Another layer of this despicable insanity is the Asper family tag teaming and barely hanging on, off the right edge. Admittedly I haven’t had time to visit it, but by all indication the new Asper Holocaust museum in Winnipeg is a gigantic elitist insult to every group that isn’t either Jewish or zionazi (in my mind Jewish and zionazi are almost diametrically opposite.) and in particular the Cree people.
I’m assuming here that some part of the zionazi game is the concept that the land Palestinians have lived on for millennia belonged to the Jews. Hmm. I guess that’s kind of okay if you are a zionazi that lives somewhere other than in the middle of Cree land, otherwise as an honest person (was that the voice of Leo Strauss from the grave erupting in laughter I just heard) wouldn’t you have to support those who want it back. Yet short shrift hardly defines what again one hears, of the denigration by denial of the Cree people.
I’m fortunate enough to have been close to a great Scots/Cree saxophonist who shared leader role at a burlesque/stripper theatre, back when the ladies wore pasties and no full naked bellow the naval, with a wonderful Jewish saxophonist. The reason I bring this up is to remember and report that I’ve seldom seen greater respect and admiration from one human to another as flowed from Jewish Dave to Scots/Cree Bill. They’re both gone but I’m sure Dave would be chagrined at the Asper family’s shoddy treatment and misrepresentation of Bill’s ancestry and the history therein compared to the minutia of all things Jewish and zionazi. Both in the museum and in print.
Gotta get down to what it’s really all about. Gotta reiterate that the jury is still out but I’ve got my gelt on monotheism being the problem.
Perhaps the most telling thing about the zionazi movement is that if Stephen Harper’s bloody agenda didn’t require that he support Israel for ulterior motives, and if Israel’s bloody agenda didn’t need him to , you Monte and Israeli Jewry would know Harpy’s past and wouldn’t forget it for a thousand years. Harper is a former(?) neo-nazi and you know it. He is doubtless a psychopath and you know that as well. Your hypocrisy is astonishing and appalling.
His has been even worse than the historically horrible treatment of the negatively propagandized Kainai population. And you know it. But wait a minute. I misspeak. You didn’t "know", about it, you were an integral part of it. Do you have to squint to have Baird not look like a rabid dog when he’s spouting the Likud and Calgary Prevaricator Club two parties line? I know I do.
And while we’re on "what you knew" you would throw a fit if scumbags Zaccardelli and Paulsen had acted as political thugs in the opposite direction than what both did. In other words we’re demonstrably closer to nazi-Germany than at any time in our history. And you know it.
You and yours, however you want to interpret "yours" are presiding over the nazification of Canada.
And you know that as well.
And assuming that’s you are of the same insane "the devil’s a commie" opinion as harpshit let me remind you both. No commies in the 20th century would have meant no Jews in the 21st. Devastating thought for different reasons and intensities, for you and I. Very pleasing thought to the scumbag you follow/lead around. Shame on you.
Monte please don’t tell me you don’t know about Stephe trying to keep Nelson Mandela in prison nor that you didn’t know that he hung out and plotted with fellow scum who with himself should be in prison when he was at Mandela’s funeral.
The graciousness and dignity of Nelson Mandela like for instance Noam Chomsky is something that not one member of Harpy’s cabal of evil and racist destruction will ever be able to understand.