Addenda: that little Franco Spain thing

by electionfraud2011

Sometimes you forget what is perhaps the most important part of your argument. For our purposes perhaps, and I say this not meaning to offend Jews, Romanis, Lefties, Homosexuals, Soviet POWs, Poles, Slavs, some disabled, Jehovah’s Witnesses or Freemasons. The death camps was Hitler at his most evil, but the act that was most telling as to his and our, character and intent was his joining forces with Mussolini to help Franco defeat the legally elected government of Spain. The anti-Semitic, right-wing character of the 0.01% (look up "none is too many") made it illegal for an individual of conscience to go and help the legal government defeat Franco. It’s also possible that zionazi’s of the day shared that view in order to facilitate the U.N. decision and the ensuing 70 years of zionazi murder of Palestinians.
The Right-wing Dishonourable Crime Monster Stephen Joseph Harper tells you that commies were the twentieth century evil. The slimy little moronic punk knows less about history than he knows about playing the piano. And wouldn’t you know his mindless little band like everything else around him is shot through with sexually deviant character. I guess perverse evil scum likes to hang out with it’s own kind.
Like I’ve said elsewhere, this must be increasing his recent and convenient religious fervour. He’s been praying for wars and fascist causes to save his skanky ass. And his prayers have been answered.
The disgusting evil little scumbag has probably been praying for ebola.
The horseshit that flows from the RCMP’s Paulson says loud and clear why he is where he is. Nigel etc.
Are all RCMP commissioners devoid of character, with no class and no worth. Because that describes Giuliano & Bob to a tee. They are Canada’s enemies.
Drummer Phil and Stephe and creepy little racist piggy Thomas Eugene Flanagan live at the same subterranean depth. Would you really trust your children with any of the three ?

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