Nazi Adolf Harper

by electionfraud2011

One reads that almost two thirds of Canadians support our illegal P(C)rime Minister dictator Stephe, in his desire to join the U.S. in the middle-east killing fields.
Let’s look at how this came to be.
On infamous 911 two planes crashed into two buildings in New York city. "Three fell down. hmm" Kinda like a 6 10 split. Yet the low level of investigation and high level of obfuscation over the ensuing dozen years is suspicious beyond belief. Automatically ruling out zionist involvement is exactly as stupid as automatically ruling out Mounties in the twelve hundred female Native disappearances in Canada. New York is more the philosophical and cultural center of US than anyplace else including the capitol Washington or mega movie Los Angeles, particularly to anyone who is anti-Israel or anti-Semitic.
Contrary to what you have been propagandized to believe, Being anti-Israel is absolutely not the same as being anti Semitic. Israel is neither a race nor a religion. It is a political entity like Canada, Sweden or South Africa and actually much more like N. Korea. And it has race and religious laws as crazy as anybody’s Which is what S.A. was like. South Africa was and as a matter of history, Stephen Harper tried very hard to keep it, an ultra racist apartheid society much like Israel which is an ultra racist, ultra fascist, ultra theological and since 1948 a terrorist pariah, set, among other things, in the center of centuries old rights grievances and the place on the planet where the inhabitants wanted it the least. The animosities which argue persuasively that far more than any historic claim Zionists which also is not the same as Jewish or Semitic, wanted what has happened in the late 20th and early 21st centuries to happen. Israel has been provocative regionally from it’s absurd zionist driven, U.N. granted existance. To ask the rhetorical question "do Jews not deserve a homeland?" is disingenuous to the nth degree. I’m too lazy over here or I’d do the math to answer the question "what miniscule percent of the earth’s surface did Palestine used to be?" "Hey pally, it’s a big theatre. Sit somewhere else…, Or you could torch the theatre." Hmmm
Before we take another step let me point out that although it seems a majority of Jews support zionist Israel, many of the brightest Jews are vehemently apposed to Israel’s existance. In fact almost as much as the people that brought it into existance, are in favour of it. And the zionists are in favour enough to have killed almost as extreme a ratio of Palestinians as Hitler’s Germany was able to kill, Jews, and over a period of 66 years. That is admittedly a gross exaggeration, the ratio is less than 1:100, but the direction is profoundly sound. I have no problem accepting the number six million even though it is open to debate. I believe to my core that Hitler was evil, evil, evil. I believe also that Israel front office has been and is remarkably well situated to more than hold their own in any propaganda battle, and I believe that most, if not all of the men and women who have represented Israel as Prime Minister have been zionists and again if not all to the same degree definitely in the same direction of evil.
Everything that happens in the middle east impacts everybody else in the middle east. You cannot simply put up a mental wall between Israel and Iraq.
So let’s go back to the planes crashing into buildings in culturally profound New York city which just happens to be among other things, the home of the greatest by far, fraction of the population, than anyplace else in America with the possible exception of winter in Florida, who refer to themselves as Jews.
You watched it on TV and had it explained to you ad nauseum, so that you would leave your TV set with the explanation you were supposed to leave with. The one any of the many hardcore zionists that were directing dopey Dubya for instance would want you to have.
Now. Let me be the first to say that there has never been a conspiracy to commit crime since the beginning of time. (I do not know how Bill Shakespeare got away with all those…) Therefore the ridicule of anything even vaguely like a conspiracy to have ever happened on US soil is entirely justifiable. (At this point, just to make sure that we’re on the same page, you might want go make yourself a nice cup of tea, and while waiting for the water to boil look up sarcasm and maybe also facetious.)
Okay got that?
So, what did our little felon Crime Monster Harpy, learn from a collection of neo-nazis back when he was living down the street from the Ford brothers, before he realized that it was time to go west and soak up some bile from racist (sorry folks, I can’t think of a more appropriate terms than) scummy racist, child sex-pervert performer or wannabe Thomas Eugene Flanagan.
They realized in the course of their extreme and very close relationship during which they co-authored some insane drivel, that if they had to perform treason to thwart the will of the electorate and if it was merely financial fraud, they could just pay a five digit fine to take over a thirteen digit economy. That for the slower amongst you ain’t billions. It starts with a "T". They also realized that when the time was right they could squeak a majority victory through the use of direct fraud such as robocalls, financial fraud, destruction of valid ballots and just about any other form of crime, as long as on election eve they were declared the winner of a majority. Because then they had the power which they used immediately, to shut down any investigation, and act as a dictator answerable to no one except the CPC slugs that owed their salaries to his regal scumminess The (nigel) Wright (dis) Honourable Crime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper. Yeah, there’s a good chance they’d question the golden egg laying harpy (if you don’t know, please look up "harpy". It is a perfect description of the monster from Calgary by way of Etobicoke, by way of Leaside who is directing the destruction of Canada on the alter of Israeli zion) and U.S. hegemony.
We haven’t touched yet on what brought us ultimately to this point.
Step one: have alcohol sodden to the point of spontaneous combustion, son of mass murderer G.H.W.Bush (we can’t talk about where he was and what he was doing relative to the Texas School Book Depository on the day JFK was assassinated because that would involve conspiracy and everybody knows conspiracy doesn’t exist) clean himself up enough that he doesn’t pee his pants, and for gawd sake make him titular president of the local baseball team where the others around him won’t allow him to devalue it to nothing in no time. And then, notwithstanding his myriad "can’t fail" ventures that against staggering odds he failed spectacularly at, as soon as he can get his head around the Texas cliche "the bidness of bidness is bidness," buy him the presidency.
So that little punk wound up, on the wings of many lies including 911, weapons of mass destruction and anything else the top heavily zionist, cabinet that again super-murderer-daddy built around him, eventuated in even more death than his daddy managed.
Do you think that little boy molester wannabe Tommy and neo-nazi scumbag Stephe didn’t take note of the goings on in Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004.
"Holly crap batman our system has even more holes than theirs… High-five time."
Well as we all know Dubya’s little week or two war on Iraq lasted well into the third week. (Uhn uhn uh I warned you about sarcasm and facetious)
Now at this point I’ve gotta ask you. If a little rat-face punk like Dubya was the author of the deaths of yours and your friends children and wives through the most idiotic and joked about pretence called "weapons of mass destruction" and more of the same death and destruction of your country for eleven or twelve years, can you look that far into the future and tell me that you wouldn’t at least fantasize about the possibility of wreaking vengeance on the perps.
It’s unfortunate that we’ve kinda gone backwards or upside down with that one. Time was it would have been George’s head in ’03 or so, and tomorrow we’d all be invited to perhaps Lansdowne Park to see the beheading of ”King Stephe the Despicable". The good old days. You could make a picnic of it.
They (middle-east) were treated despicably by US., Britain, and Canada also, if Harpy had already done the treason thing. Fortunately for history and our reputation he was busy learning the very dark art of deception at the knee of Tommy Flanagan back then.
So what have we got here.
First: Harpy purloins a felony election which, with the power inherent,
Second: he shuts down any investigation that is detrimental to himself and thanks to an unbelievably cosy to the point of seditious relationships with a succession of malleable fascist RCMP commissioners he receives some decisions from the RCMP crime fantasy world that would boggle the mind of H.G.Wells.
These are thugs folks. Dangerous thugs. Dangerous RCMP Commissioner thugs.
I don’t give a rat’s ass who or what Paulsen thinks he is. As the very dirty commissioner of the RCMP at the time of the Nigel Wright decision, he is your enemy. He joins RCMP commissioner Zaccardeli as among the most traitorous Canadians ever.
Third: Harpy, with an underling doing the honours, cons a gaggle of naive/confederate professors and other "hats" to deliver for him an election law that would without the bait and switch and malleability of said "pros" never have been signed without a knock down and drag out…
Fourth: we dismantle Canada’s wimpy peace keeping and replace it with he-man sabre rattling and even he-manner sabre using, anywhere we can help anyone become more Hitler like. Such as ironically Israel and Netanyahu. Not ironically. Poroshenko a fascist racist illegitimate leader from Ukraine traipsing the world imitating Popeye’s friend Whimpy caging a loan today that I shall gladly repay you next…Remember Hermann Goering wannabe bullet-head Petro MacKay lying his bozo face off about the low, low price of aircraft.
Fifth: to quote Mr. Chretien "we’re all in". By that he means that Harpy can’t go ten minutes without lying. It’s what his voters love about him. These are people who have a natural Leo Strauss bent. People who even though it’s them being lied to, they believe in the concept.
Sixth: make sure that rather than the barefaced lie of thirty days, it’s permanent. He’s counting on what he believes is your innate cowardliness and need to have a nazi figure like himself protect you. Is he correct? Watch as the coverage in every conceivable way becomes ever more gory. The initial absurdity of that is that he’s a gutless whimpy little punk that is protected to the hilt. You and your kids aren’t. We’ve spent more money keeping his lying, murdering, treasonous ass functioning (maybe that’s too subtle. He’s shitting on you and yours) than we’ve spent on all others combined. And justifiably when you consider the neo-nazis he’s had in his inner circle since childhood who now hate him for his Israel stance. That isn’t a good side bad side thing, any more than an organized crime war has good and bad.
We are at permanent war. It’s what a zionazi dreams about. Death and dying of others. Power and prestige amongst us and our allies.
And parades.
Scum like Stephen Joseph Harper and most of his minions such as Pee Pee Boy who got to deliver the obscenity known Orwellianly as "Fair Elections Act", unbelievably lying piece of crap Jonny boy Baird and given how naziesque the CPC is, even Mr Chong who everybody else is in worship mode for. He’s one of them. He’s Harpy’s. He may be the best but his membership is his membership.
So that’s it folks. Sure hope you like war and being force fed bullshit because Harpy’s overlords, the "money & power junky" 0.01% where one finds the highest incident of psychopathic non health, needs more and more. War is super for the economy and the CPC kitchen just whipped up another batch of particularly wretched smelling bullshit. You might want to use a clothespin… and a napkin so you don’t get any on you.
"Mister Harper there’s someone on line one who wants to talk to you about the design for the new swastika, star of david, maple leaf flag. Oh, apparently they just need to know, since the "H" pretty much covers the whole flag where do you want those three subordinate icons placed."
If you aren’t in the top 3 or 4 percent and you vote for this despicable troglodyte you are helping to destroy your children and everyone else’s children’s lives.
Did you know that his hero Adolf Hitler carried an approval rate in the nineties for most of his time as racist dictator and was lauded by Henry Ford, Reader’s Digest many corporations and virtually everyone who voted Conservative in Canada Republican in the US and even more completely, the good old 0.01%. until of course many of those people became half awake and then he was rotten. But only many.
1.STEAL MINORITY in election 2006 IN/OUT
2.STEAL MAJORITY in 2011 robocalls etc
3.DESTROY ELECTIVE PROCESS and like the audacity it takes to name an illegal government after yourself…call it the "Fair Election Act"
4.NOMINATE FASCISTS TO HIGH POSTS and even though you look like what you are when doing it, thanks to the short beer and sports attention of potential electorate…and only a trickle of your scummy choices gets through…but so far so good.
5.GET CANADA INTO AS MUCH WAR AS POSSIBLE and join forces with the side with the greatest amount of fascism in it’s makeup.
6.HARPER FLAG swastika, maple leaf, stat of david, on huge shimmering "H"
7.CONCENTRATION CAMPS we prefer to call them "attitude adjustment with a large possibility of never getting out centers"

Now yo go feed those hogs before they worry themselves into anemia