Hitler supporters

by electionfraud2011

There’s a person who because of his initials I’ll call "Afterthought". He’s a very smart guy but he thrives on twisted logic, selective focus and is doubtless a selective racist. His words say he is a fascist, and he believes Hitler was a "good man". He’s an old guy like me. One of those guys who knows how to fix lots of things electric and mechanical, unlike myself who have late in life become a pretty good sax and flute player but couldn’t fix a conservative election or a Tom Flanagan reputation. He’s a sharp guy, but very out of balance. I’ll list things that he must have to reconfigured into a form that allows for him to justify his innate racism.
As he is a fascist I am much closer to being a communist.
He, I believe is anti-Semitic whereas I am unabashedly anti zion and anti zionazi. I think Joan Rivers was and Adam Sandler is creepy and in my mind typically zionist. Not typically Jewish. She for wearing her ugly shrill racism on her sleeve and him for his personal stereotyping. Sorry Adam, not all Jews are comedic. Thanks for proving that you’re an unfunny unintelligent slug. I truly hope I’m being accurate when I say that Don Rickles was vamping comedically, Joan was viciously sincere. I have great respect for cultural Judaism. Jewish food is to die for (a little sugar there) and frankly I believe that Jewish traditional culture has never gotten it’s share of accolades for the development of Jazz music, the biggest thing in my life.
I’m an atheist and I haven’t a clue what A.T.’s. religious beliefs are.
What does he have to distort to come to the conclusions that he does?
Some of my views on Hitler.
1) Like Harper, upon receiving the go ahead from a very aged, hanging on by a thread chancellor/(Elections Canada), Hitler set about destroying any semblance of democracy. He was more successful at it than Harpy has been so far.
I believe profoundly in honest democracy. However the Westminster Club (even now in our most dangerous time it’s disfunctioning as an "old/got mine" boys club) is hardly modern, nor hermetically sealed against thugs like the CPC.
We obviously need a system that embraces 1) Run-off elections. Neither Hitler nor Harper would have stood a chance with run-off. That’s obviously just an opinion not a fact. Hannibal Alps Elephants etc. 2) Referenda. 3/4 of the effluence to slide down the Harpy chute would have been tossed by referenda. 3) Recall. I’ve spent a while trying to imagine what is stupider than a painless process in the computer age by which to throw for instance Rob Anders etc out into the political cold. Surely there’s nobody who cannot see that the robocalls and financial fraud scams won’t work unless of course they rig the recall. Genuine arms length needed.p
2) He wished for, plotted for and exacerbated situation as it fit his feverish machining for war. Just like Harpshit. And just like America’s "far up the ladder and to the right, 0.01%
3) Kristal nacht: the indiscriminate destruction of Jewish businesses. Harpscum hasn’t that kind of power so the destruction and marginalizing in a pyramid occupied by the 0.01% at the top and the poorest of the poor at the bottom of the bottom, of the poor, is his pursuit and is carried out slower, subtler.
I so wish we could poll all Russians who were youngish adults at the time of Gorby dissolution to see how they feel. All evidence says that if that rarest of political happenstance came about, a fair and honest vote, Russians will vote the nasty "commies" back. (read "commies" with a Harpy accent) Harpy don’t know from shinola.
4) Night of the long knives: the slaughter of Ernst Rohm and too many others to list here. To quote Yogi Berra, "you can look it up" Wait til Harpy can stick a target on one’s back. Folks, don’t doubt that he’s working on it.
5) Boxcars as a means of taking people to work/starvation camps. Again you can look it up and see photos of the most emaciated people who were predominantly Jewish but many were Romany, trade unionists and communists. Phase one is well under way. Again slowly. Is Harpy’s pipeline frenzy a way of freeing up the trains for more "important" work. I’m being symbolic…I sincerely hope.
6) the use of identifying Star of David patches sewn onto the clothing of Jews. Harpy’s target enemies for the most part carry their badge in the form of pigment making the patch unnecessary
7) scorched earth policy. Harpslime duh ! ! ? Ask any Dene.
8) far less extreme but very telling was the snubbing of Jesse Owens. Harpscab does little bits to Native folk, lefties, unionists, scientists, as often as the delighting opportunity presents itself.
9) forced medical experiments. It’s impossible to imagine what a criminal lying sluggard like Harpy is up to in that regard. The opposite actions/attitude of his own creepy self and bullet head mackay toward long term deadly but huge profit to the 0.01% pharmaceuticals vs. beneficial and far safer tetra Hydra cannabis hardly compare but they are definite signs of Harpy’s sickness. His control at all levels sickness. Think here in terms of his own kid under or barely legal age. First time outta the box and you’ve got a teenaged girl being rushed to the hospital with, in the medical attendants words "alcohol poisoning". Since there has ensued official gag order we’ll never know if I’m right that the RCMP detail were either trying to get her into easy rape state or are covering up just like with Tom Flanagan to protect Hatpslime. Why are Canadians not enraged that this kind of thing happens at Sussex at a time when it’s inhabited by a Crime Minister wanting to throw your kid into prison for smoking a little weed. Harpscum is the worst thing to ever come in your life.
10) murders on his way to political power and summary executions once he destroyed democracy. Let me inject Fidel Castro in here. He did not destroy democracy and the executions were anything but summary. Fulgencio Batista’s "elections" were as phony and US thug and politico supported, as Harpcrap’s. There is no denying the public executions of Cuba’s criminal elites were rapid and dramatic. Anyone who can show any innocents who lost their lives I’d be glad to look or listen. Cuba, with America bullying it for 61 years has never once since the revolution been on the wrong side of history and is at the top in producing well trained doctors. The death rates poverty rates and prison rates are far more civilized than every other country of the Americas. The distance between Hitler and Harper is paper thin. H&H are on different planets than Castro, Chavez or Allende and in a different galaxy from Jose Mujica. No fair Paraguay get’s a man in a bug and we get in bug in a man. Much like the unfairness of America getting "freedom fries" and Canada getting a "dick-tater".
Afterthought would have gotten shiny new boots and a crisp swastika bedecked uniform, while I’d have gotten a boxcar or worse.
Afterthought made a point of vilifying Churchill, FDR and Stalin.
Churchill didn’t do too badly for a dyslexic who’s father died of syphilis and that he was the biggest reason for the defeat of Hitler is presumably A.T.’s problem here. FDR was obviously and demonstrably too far left to meet with After’s approval. His engineering US into WWII was thus, the final straw. And I’m sure it isn’t particularly endearing.
Fascism is another way of saying corporatism. Nazism is that, with a severe racist component.
Stalin represents one of the great ironies of history. That the great man Vladimir Lenin died unexpected at just 54 only to be replaced by ruthless Stalin whom he had warned against is ironic, but multiplied by the irony that seldom in history has ruthlessness been so desperately needed. Lame is the speculation on what would have happened at Leningrad had Stalin not directed it. Maybe Lenin would have lost to…am I allowed to call someone who directed that much death and in the end he and his methamphetamine cranked Luftwaffe lost…, ruthless?
Well A.T. I’m very proud to be way over on the left, a believer in trade unions as long as capitalism is the absurd competitive way we belly up to the trough. It’s extremely unpopular to say, but I must, that I’m one of those atheists, y’all bin hearin’ ’bout. You know horns and a tale.
An interesting thing I’ve observed is that there are more people who lie about being real believers in whatever monotheistic religion…than any thing else in life. Age, worth, sexual preference. See if you can guess which one Harpy lies most about. And remember before making your choice that there was this cute young guy living over the coach house…
I believe that a monotheism probably didn’t invent war. But then Black America didn’t invent basketball either. Monotheism is a two handed shooter with "in the paint" game.
Against all odds since a scumbag like Harppus is in control, let me wish all including After Thought a great life. The thing that gets my greatest respect is my species and except for a few members of the illegal harpocracy who are a little iffy we all are that. Pee Pee Boy, Baird and Alexander for instance look much more like rabid dogs than… And look at the peripheral characters like Flanagan, Carson, Levant, Brazeau Wallin, Duffy, Sona, Wright.

Holy crap Dorothy, they’ve blown up Kansas. Sic ’em Toto.