Thomas Mulcair

by electionfraud2011

On 2014-09-27 7:11 PM, electionfraud2011 wrote:
> The intelligent controlled way that Thomas Mulcair exposed Harper in the 41st Parliament was quite magnificent. Unfortunately, every single indicator says that he, his beard and a performance seldom seen in the Westy, holding a lying, obfuscating, criminal PM’s cloven hooves to the fire with brimstone, will count for not enough, in the face of the handsome young man who dispatched a wife beating CPC with core values of dishonesty and greed and whom I reference as "uncle Tomahawk", in a boxing ring for charity, who has a famous family well respected by all but the fascisticaly inclined, tar sand soaked, and is in fact a much brighter polico a much brighter person mister Trudeau.
> That being the case I’m hoping for a minority. Trudeau would be forced to work with Mr Mulcair. A coalition with Harpy and his fascist CPC party would be political suicide, because out of power Harpy would not be able to shut down investigations that I believe will get him free room, board and lots of new neighbours, angry and incarcerated. That eventuation would get the snowball rolling. Harper says he never drinks alcohol and it’s a good thing because the bars he’s going to be near are to keep evil people like himself out of circulation not to help with chemical relaxation.
> Frankly if I’m wrong about Mulcair I’ll have used up the last bit of faith in our antiquated geared to the 1% system, and I’ll have to change my actions from change of illegal manifestation, i.e. illegal government, to extreme change of system.
> It’s actually not so extreme or radical but rather an honest modern manifestation of what humans want from a system.
> The Westminster system for the 21st century is a classic buggy whip example. The best parallel I can make into this absurd antiquity is the practice of bleeding people as the medical procedure recommended for them. A few didn’t die, so maybe we’re onto something.
> If people below a certain level believe that their lives are improved by the economic disparity that currently exists then they are using non rational and illogical thought to such a degree that it can be said that the person has been propaganda warped. Let me try this example.
> 50-60 years ago when they knew it was an absolutely indefensible untruth, members of the 1% who were the tobacco cartel told you that smoking was good for you, whereas what was really happening was that they, cigarettes, were killing you, and they were spending millions to make billions on media advertising that was wholly false. And wholly deadly to the same public that believe in the political lies with the exact same self destructive end.
> Somehow I think that in a rational world, I’ve just described murder, or at the least manslaughter in the case of tobacco and whatever you would call the political parallel. (Actually it should logically be called "mass-murder". Yet it was 50-60 years before the 1% who owned and directed the business complete with lies, huge profit and huge public health consequences such as death, disfigurement and all the illustrations of tobacco’s toll seen on today’s packages of this product, was even held financially responsible.
> That is essentially the business model of the Harpocracy. Bitumen, continued and accelerated crimes against all First Nations, wars to support various fascist regimes such as Ukraine/Russia, Israel/Palestine and now "all in", in the quagmire engineered by Dubya, Donald and Dick and the next fascist dictator to raise his or her ugly head, and accelerated profit flow to the 1%.
> If you can’t see the absurdity of the MONOPOLY game reality of your space in the 21st century then you’re proving my point about the propagandization of you.
> Our system is unlimited expansion in a finite space. No wonder science is a four letter word in Harpyland.
> I fear that the Westminster Parliamentary system is this century’s GM Corvair and I’m kind of quoting Ralph Nader and saying of the Westy "unsafe at any speed" any time after the 18th century.
> America borrowed from the Iroquois confederacy to form their Euro government. It’s obviously time Euro-Canada spent time talking with First Nations and trying to figure out why there is such huge disparity in generosity and such natural lack of greed. Actually if it wasn’t such an imposition on them the whole world should be asking them. Europe landed on them five hundred years ago and still can’t understand or care about it.
> Thanks most recently to Wabigoon. I feel Ojibwa may be the most spiritual people on the planet. They hide it with generosity.
> And I’m just a boorish Euro who trips over his own lip and attitude.