by electionfraud2011

As much trepidation that I as a voter carried into the 2011 election, I think that now all the ducks are either in a row or at least accounted for.
By accounted for, I mean that, of the reachable electorate, a very large percent now know that beyond question, Jason Kenney, John Baird, Pierre Pollievre, Dean delMastro and most of the other legally elected, scam elected, unelected, former, current and denied of Stephen Joseph Harper’s, inner circle are consummate liars and in his presence, beastly opportunists, or disgustingly cowardly wimps.
The ducks I speak of are Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party. From what I hear from here now, Justin’s words and actions are saying that he’s dragging his party into the 21st purged of much of the 20th century greed and sense of entitlement and at the same time that he’s looking back at and saying, admitting, "yeah, that was us and it sucked."
I believe and I think Justin is concurring with me that honesty even honesty that "the more difficult the better", is the thing that battered and bruised from years of harpyshit, people want.
Getting his party to the post, a better party than it’s past, seems to be important to him. Getting his party and himself to the post in a more moral state than the greedy, energy profit at any cost, "I’m always at the front of any line, notwithstanding being in power I can usually avoid line-ups," CPC. Truly, CPC is ultra greed, scorched earth, hate and racism on the cloven hoof.
Top to bottom the distance CPC’s Harpy and his spineless, mindless mob of sycophant is below Trudeau and his slate of candidates is huge.
The NDP and Mulcair are similarly light-years up the morality ramp from neo-nazi, zion-puppet, fascislut, Stephe who has greased the skids with excreta and has slipped to the bottom of the septic tank.
Justin didn’t learn at the knee of Canada’s infamous ex-pat American pervert, racist, fascist, Thomas Eugene Flanagan, nor been advised by an ancient fraudster like Carson who brings his barely out of her teens, readying a clean water scam on Native people, girlfriend, to PM meetings, or Shelly the ex-cop who had to use fraud to win, and then cost you mega-bucks lying and stonewalling before executing one of CPC’s signature moves. Late, late, late and expensive to you, finally admitting guilt. Ms Glover is the quintessential CPC: consummate liar, fraudster, self righteous fascist and promoted to a minister-ship once she’d proven her CPC core bona fide’s. Willingness, even desire to cheat, to bresk the law. My biggest beef with her is that all the while she’s telling us over and over ad nauseaum that she’s ""Metis"" she’s going along with the racism of the HarperPartyofCanada mob. In a very strange way she is the stereotypical Harpycrit. Low rent, low class, low character and faking it with the cutlery.
Admittedly although my first choice is for a minority coalition and frankly with Mulcair in the major position, second choice the same thing with Justin in the superior position. I’d be "over the moon” with an NDP Mulcair majority victory, merely delighted by a Liberal Trudeau majority victory and devastated by a Harpy and the CPC (Creepy Pervert Corp) victory. Legal or illegal. Perhaps legal would be worse. Harpy stealing the victory is evil, but Canadians actually voting him a victory would be sad.
That a real and honest victory by this collection of liars and fascists could come from the electorate would be personally devastating. But when one sees a youngish woman declare on TV that the thing she likes about Rob Ford "is that he always tells the truth no matter how much that isn’t what you want to hear." What is that. Is it insanity or is it insane denial? This was not an interview at an asylum. This was someone judged capable of being on their own in the big city who is that removed from reality.
To quote John Oliver…
Fellow Canadians: prison not politics is where many CPC belong. Vote them so far out that they can’t steal it and haven’t any power with the courts. Then loudly insist that whoever won, go after them for every single criminal act perpetrated. And go after them seriously not like the farce CPC perpetrated over robocalls and financial fraud.
Yes. The Liberals of yesterday took on a lot of the characteristics of the Mafia…but the Cons of today are in far more ways coincident with the nazis than the Libs were with the Mafia. That scummy little bastard George W. Bush and his crime mob loved war. George wanted, by his own admission, to be known as a war president.
Do you like that little crime spree tantrum he pulled in Iraq. He destabilized the middle-east in a way that it may never recover from, costing millions of lives.
Well in possibly a little less childishly, but certainly no less chillingly evil, a way Harpy also loves war and death and he wants to be the Crime Minister with the greatest amount of blood on his hands. If there’s a wrong side, a more evil, more fascist, more up the wealthy "bitumen barens" kilts, position…well pilgrims Harpy ain’t gettin’ no nose tan.

HI-OH SILVER and Gold and Platinum and Energy and Land and Mineral rights AWAY