Already an addenda

by electionfraud2011

There is something I missed in my last post which I have entitled "What does Ted want" which without it, isn’t a semblance of what Ted wants. That is for Canada to reverse the Harper insanity which is to gird our loins and exude support for any war stance, particularly of right-wing bent, around the globe.

Typical fascist dictator.
As I walk from Victoria to Ottawa the most common specific of what Harper has done that people disagree with, was whether legally, or as I believe illegally, to take Canada’s peace keeper reputation and reality away. Most people, myself among them had a pride that no matter what else we did wrong with regards the environment, treaty rights etc we always felt good about being peace keepers. War mongering is a common part of fascism and the "Harper Fascist Government" is no exception. On the contrary, it is exemplary of fascist dictatorship complete with overthrow of elective process through fraud and false fiat, racism in all things, militarism universally, upward expansion of profit particularly from the proceeds of (crime?) war and the machinery that war runs on.

Typical fascist dictator.
We need change from this illegal mandate and we also need radical change of elective form.
Peace keeping is cool.
If they still wore those tight at the knee britches and puffy sleeves in Parliament the Westy’d be fun. Oh, and swords. They should wear swords. But they don’t. And the Harpycrits play this absurd crap without any redeeming charm, costume, dance or music.

Typical fascist dictator.
And they absolutely love to, perhaps live to, lie, which is where the boss shines. Harpy loves to lie. Watch his face in the context of the "Westy" They have arcane and ancient rules there that if you look closely enough you can see sexual excitement building in the Harpy cortex when he perceives a falsehood of some sort coming up.

Typical fascist dictator.