What does Ted want?

by electionfraud2011

As a reaction to the fact that I’m walking to Ottawa to protest the illegal "election" of 2011 I’m frequently asked ”Well what do you want?"
It’s both complicated and very simple.
The simple part is that I want legal integrity in our political processes, our political offices and in our political manifestations. Politicians shouldn’t be above the law or held to a less stringent ethical code of action. They should be held to a higher bar. They should not be as secretive as possible. They should be as transparent as possible.

We live with a political system that was phenomenal back when it protected you and me from the king or queen smacking us on the back of the head simply because they wanted to. Those mace thingys leave an awful mark and a pounding headache. Well the "Royals" are now entertainment and a way to spend all that money left over after everything else has been seen to. You know poverty and research and such. And aren’t those Royals a hoot with their nazi uniform shenanigans, giving us a laugh and reminding us how old uncle Eddy, king at the time I believe, and Wally the "Simpson woman" loved all things nazi. Probably the real reason for his abdication. And aren’t the Royals babies so much cuter than yours or mine could ever be. Blue blood you know. Not that plebeian red stuff.

Truth be told, they and the Westminster parliamentary system should have been thrown out with their bath water ’round about the time that Christopher Columbus was discovering that the people who inhabited, oh I don’t know lets call it "the Americas" since "Turtle Island" seems to be too complex to remember, were a really great but quickly dwindling source of dog food.

What a wonderful guy. Let’s name as many things after him as we can think of.
But I digress.
The Westminster system is like most senators; old, useless and full of crap. And when you’ve got old useless and full of crap you shouldn’t need criminality or anything else to accelerate it’s demise.
But you got it in spades.
The Senate is chewing gum, bailing twine and duct tape holding the old legislative jalopy together. Time to bail on the bailing twine. Or go for a six-pack of mead to sip while writing a few madrigals, and a comedic couplet or two.

It’s one thing to have old and useless crap as symbols of a "grander" time, but the Westy is barely this side of square wheels and is being used as the cornerstone of our political form . It sucks even when it’s humming along and along the way has been upgraded to pentagonal wheels… But one well placed Harper type criminal monkey-wrench tossed into the old gears, pewter or bronze I think they are, and the next thing you know you’ve got a barely out of his teens, barely toilet trained and self-loathing punk Pee Pee Boy taking all of his life’s frustrations out on everybody who ever made fun of him by destroying the only truly good parts of an old and decayed system.

The intrinsic integrity of it’s electoral process.
Yes intrinsic. Not random. Not bye chance. The one part, the initial decision making part, the "which party won the election" part, that had never been sullied previously was taken out to the woodshed and raped out of existance by Stephen Harper. Then a little jerk named Pierre Pollievre nominally destroyed our vaunted system with an Orwellian named "Fair Election Act". I say nominally because forensics have discovered various forms of Harpy DNA and fingerprints all over it.

Too harsh?
Every government and every Prime Minister before Stephen Joseph Harper and the CPC had actually won their election. Many were bad. But all were legitimate winners before the gang that upon completion of the felony took an axe, a sledgehammer and a flame-thrower to the process they had just raped.

That’s what I don’t want. And it’s exactly what we got; an administration that is the product of massive fraud (massive being enough to succeed) and is led by someone who’s history is consistent involvement with unsavoury characters extending to neo-nazis and apartheidists, garden variety con-artists, convicted swindlers and fraudsters of every level from the election crime (treason?) of callow young Michael Sona to the sophisticated large denomination hospital fraud of Harper’s spy head, Arthur Porter who is languishing in a panamanian jail while Harpy works feverishly to get him returned to Canada so that he can testify against the harpocracy that we live under.

D’ya think.?
And myriad miscreants, perverts,thieves and scoundrels were and are, at work doing the "Harper Government" bidding between Soma and Porter.
And then there’s pervy little Tommy "what’s wrong with child pornography" Flanagan, Harpy’s mentor, frequent co-author and first campaign manager to consider when asking yourselves "what is the true nature of this dictatorial man and this group who seem to have all drunk of the Leo Strausse "noble lie" cool-aid, who wrap themselves in flags and sacraments, yet seem lacking in human compassion for others?"

Folks, there are two kinds of Harpycrits. There are those who know that this is the order of the day and like the gentleman on the east edge of Fernie B.C. ensured me, "good, this is the best government regardless of how it got there." Now there’s an admirable belief in democracy, wouldn’t you say. And there are the others, the ones who haven’t a clue what time or date it is. Kind of the electorate parallel of Tiny Tim "tip-toeing thru the tulips" l think. The kind of people that if you say "God (and it has to have a capital "G" here) Jesus, Moses, Mary, son-of-God or any of hundreds of sacred buzz-words frequently enough in normal conversation they get all glassy-eyed and harper-putty like.

Actually, I have to admit to encountering yet a third kind of Harper supporter. I sincerely believe it to be very rare, but I did meet a gentleman who was very bright, very honest and someone that I truly wish I had the time to speak with at much greater length because, for the sake of honesty and full disclosure I have to express to you and he that he was also very wrong. But he is an honest and intelligent man and a Harper supporter.

Go figger…
If it’s shocking to you that someone who would walk from Victoria B.C. to Ottawa to protest treason would be this highly opinionated well that’s just one more thing for you to work on. Don’t mistake my shyness for lack of opinion.

It’s way out of context here but so germane. Someday if Harpy can get his head out of Netanyahu’s ass for a moment he can read a bit about 20th century history and find out that those nasty commies fought and died trying to stop Franco and Hitler in Spain so that Auschwitz wouldn’t have happened. And they’d have stopped Hitler in the 30’s if it wasn’t for fascist scum and criminal corporate greed just like Harpy and his buddies turned out decades later to be, that tried to stop them from doing the right thing in opposing Adolf and Fransisco. And if it wasn’t for commies in Leningrad Harpy’s hero Adolf would have won, freeing Harpy from the task of smooching "Bibi’s" butt, because Bibi Netanyahu, Israel and any other Jews would not exist today. All Jewish artistic monuments would have been demolished on the mantle of insane nazi barbarity and the international language of commerce would be German not English.

Okay so what does crazy old Ted want, now that we know what the crazy bastard doesn’t want.
Well since we’re well into the 21st century perhaps we should conduct politics in a 21st rather than 16th century fashion. If you’ll think back and remember how slow those 16th century computers were…look we have the technology to streamline a system that would protect us from Harper mentality while at the same time be infinitely more responsive to the moment. I suggest the following fantasy.

The electorate give the Liberals and the NDP the exact same number of seats and obviously not a majority unless coalesced. The Greens or as they say in America the "Libertarians" and the CPC also get a tie in seats somewhere around 30-50. So that the Liberals and NDP both have about 100-120 seats and the CPC and Green both have about 30-50 seats.With those numbers the NDP and the Liberals are forced to form a coalition government which due to a huge public outcry is forced almost immediately to revisit every election that Harper had been involved in. All the way back to when they were playing musical chairs with name change of the season in right-wing Canada. This will be a massive legal undertaking because we’re talking criminal investigations and would have to include investigating all important Harpy appointments.

Harpy’s Supreme Court is not the SC we’d have if elections in 21st century Canada were fair and legal. Appropriate legal adjustments must be enacted.
Our next government must not do the CPC thing which is to make election fraud less serious than non-resident parking violation.
It is very serious crime and requires very serious penalties.
At the same time, an all party committee bolstered by "at large" people of integrity and reputation should be struck with the sole mandate to study all political forms and deliver to Canada the most perfect form of democracy that takes current technology into account. I believe that continuous recall, instantly possible in this age of computer tech should be a foundational component. Run-off process is another component that honest, balanced and responsive government cries for. That in our current system it is theoretically possible to win a seat with less than 10% of the vote is sheer absurdity. If we are, and we should be, allowing candidacy inexpensively from across the spectrum, we must have run-offs which could be honest, fair and three stage maximum. We could also look into the abolition of party structure or anything else that is a part of the process and is past it’s "best before" date. I’m not saying "party" falls into that realm, but I am saying that like everything else, it should be looked at to see if it does.

Nothing should be philosophically sacred. We must perhaps do the Captain Kirk thing and bravely go where…
As far as transparency is concerned there is far too much secrecy that is intended to simply keep the voter/constituent in the dark. That must change. It is the job of a well regulated press as well as of the governmental process, the bureaucracy, to ensure that every constituent has the opportunity of education to political currency. An unenlightened electorate can’t deliver an intelligent democratic outcome. A wealth controlled press, is as wrong in democracy as a wealth controlled government.

We currently have both.
Be it understood that a more educated electorate in a fairer and more responsive system would immediately reverse the flow of economic reward that has gone upward throughout the 20th and accelerated in the 21st century.

What do rational people know, and by "know" I mean provable, about Stephen Joseph Harper?
Rational people who care to inspect the minutia of such things know that he has a history of Canadian-neo-nazi and of South African apartheid activity. He tried to keep Nelson Mandela in prison.
Rational people know that in every election he’s been involved in, SJH has shown various degrees of the kind of activity that he/they were convicted of called IN/OUT in 2006. Fraud is Harpy’s game. He’s the Canadian darling of the American fascistic right and particularly of ultra-rights, like the Koch bros, and of nut-bar, off-the-chart, right-wing American radio. We know that any fascist cause whether zion-Israel or neo-nazi Ukraine, gets Harpy into a nearly sexual frenzy. We know that his reaction to the next event on the world stage will be to assault our sensibilities with more fascist lies. And we’re coming to know that by 2016 if he’s managed to high-jack another election, he’s going to insist on getting a copy of your Christmas-card list from the last three years. It’s how fascism works folks. It’s all about you and your families strapped to a viewing slide in the laboratories of faceless corporations that employ armies of masked thugs waiting to direct your and your children’s futures.

We need to prosecute the "Harpy Gang", correct what they’ve distorted and get back to making this a better more inclusive less power and profit oriented society.
And last, but probably most important we must do whatever is necessary to correct the five hundred years of corruption, greed, violence, manipulation and subjugation of the original people of Turtle Island.
Euros have acted in bad faith in every situation that has involved any indigenous people and it must stop.
Walking, this far from Victoria city hall to almost Manitoba, has offered myriad examples of how misplaced Euro arrogance is.
I think that’s all I want. But if I missed anything I can always crank out an addenda.