Mainstream media redux

by electionfraud2011

Well your unworthy correspondent is busy cleaning egg off his face. I’d love to say that I slagged mainstream media just to see if it would react but that would be untrue, a lie, a Harper if you will. I meant it. But now I’m in touch with one of the biggest and I’m guessing perhaps the most believed in a media world neither broadly nor deeply believed in today’s, Harper’s, disingenuous, corporatist world. There is so much serious that is treated as schoolboy prank, so much detrimental to core indigenous issues that is overlooked and so much that was until recently being admired in a world that is now seeing without the benefit of rose coloured glasses, the dark places that an illegally gained government is taking us all, to the benefit of the one percent and detriment of every one below that. The farther from the top, the more miserable your little space, your environment and the healthy future of your children and daily the attack on you grows.

I’m just now leaving Regina and I have to say that it is the most polarized place I’ve been in western Canada. I said jokingly to someone that I met, "how do you get to Regina? Go to Calgary and turn right," but in the next hour I meet a couple of remarkable people.

T.C. and Wall
Go figure.