by electionfraud2011

Former RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli got Stephen Harper’s his first minority government just as sure as anything, ever, anywhere. And just as surely the "up Harpy’s skirt" print and radio/TV media made the reality go away by ignoring it, secure in their knowledge that "we are trained and obedient and if they, the harpercrits say it didn’t happen it didn’t happen."

Ever since, actually to some degree before, but unarguably since 2006 the "in the tank for Harpy" slouch of the mainstream media has been able to bury some amazing nasty accomplishments whilst touting on Gabrielesque horns the phony accomplishments of this sycophantic and wholly criminal government.

The Harpy government has been trumpeting trade deals that are neither beneficial to the majority of Canadians nor finalized. They’ve destroyed our reputation as a peace keeping component in an ever more volatile world. At the same time they’ve turned their backs on damaged soldiers and in the process helped Julian Fantino become the most despised person in Canada for his behavior toward the military. Insults and abandonment has been his style. His arrogance is almost a match for Harper’s.

They’ve destroyed our most cherished historic entity, a world revered elective process, and replaced it through a "Fair Elections Act" con game that has left us with an election process no longer revered but rather a vicious universally scorned perversion of what was formerly admired. It’s a sad irony that the only time a politician or political party has ever outright stolen an election the feral mind behind that party saw that he had to follow with changing the law to make his crimes legal, and in the process emasculate the body charged with keeping elections crime free.

Fascism is another name for corporatism and that’s exactly where this obviously illegal government is headed. I say illegal and have been saying so since March 2012 when we learned that the CPC had utilized robocalls in over 2/3 of all ridings along with Harper’s signature action, that of financial fraud, in May, 2011.

The reason I can say unequivocally that it was the CPC, the Harpocrisy, that was behind the robocalls is pure logic. There are many fingers pointing at them and none pointing away from them. Harper set about to destroy the only non-partisan body who’s job it was to protect Canada from electoral fraud, Elections Canada. They became more vicious and intransigent the harder E.C. pushed the issue of investigation.

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper has used illegal financial fraud in every election that he has ever been involved in. Harper has proven that democracy actually works. The people got it right in 2011 not intending to vote as Harper needed for a majority and his realization of that caused him to commit fraud and treason. The lawless actions, undemocratic attitudes and involvement with various criminals, liars and racists of CPC, and more specifically Stephen Joseph Harper are negative testimony that a minority government, what the electorate had aimed for was what we needed, far more than the illegal CPC ideologically driven, off the right edge fascist/corporatist majority government that we were left with.

We ultimately don’t know with any certainty which party or whether majority or minority an honest election would have resulted in. The Harpy CPC skewed the results beyond any idea of what would have resulted. For this Harpy and the entire CPC should be held to account. These are very serious crimes deserving of bright illumination, not the kid’s prankishness of the Michael Sona trial, nor the shallowly covered, and treated as less than diabolically important, trial of Dean Del Mastro.

We hear daily minutia of a murder trial in South Africa. We should have been informed of Harper’s racism at the Mandela funeral as well as the racism that had him trying for years in collaboration with the most virulent apartheidists to keep Nelson Mandela in prison and that country under "white only" government. He harbours the same feeling toward the original population here as he did the original population in South Africa.

There is simply nothing good, nothing honest, nothing worthwhile about Stephen Harper. He is a racist, lying, greedy criminal, who is bent on increasing the trend of money and power flowing upward and the further impoverishment of the bottom quarter.

The arrogance and absurd dishonesty of Harper is perhaps best understood by his willful manipulation of all things scientific to fit his twisted ideology.
He is the perfect example of what both Samuel Johnson and George Orwell spoke of, when one opined that "patriotism" and the other opined that "religion", "is the last refuge of the scoundrel."

Harpy will do and say anything that assures him power.
Whoever forms the next government must realize how important it is to pursue this scoundrel in court.