by electionfraud2011

You’ve been had folks.
As Malcolm X once said in a speech in which he pointed out that "We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on us." he went on to say ”you’ve been hoodwinked, you’ve been bamboozled"

Well to all you bright Canadians out there who "actually" voted for Harpy that same creep who stole the election and wants to befoul the planet for thirty pieces of silver, has stolen your dignity. In the case of the military, your honour and in the case of all so-called first nations with the exception of you who like Patrick Brazeau are "uncle tomahawks" which is another way of saying "indigenous quislings" your birthright. I say, so-called, as an oblique way of referencing the theft of your proper and hobourable identity. None of Ojibwa, Cree, Blackfoot, Dene, Salish, Haida, Mohawk, Iroquois or any other of the nations that were the targets of Euro genocide had names any less easy to remember or say than "first nations". It’s all just part of the con.

The band of disgusting perverts, criminals and traitors, led initially by child porn advocate and outspoken anti-indigenous racist, Tom Flanagan has found ways of insinuating themselves into every level of Canadian social accomplishment that used to be laudable even while the tragedy and travesty of former official genocidal crime hung over us like Damocles sword and perverted it to the neo-nazi or neo-naziesque reality that it is today under CPC. (criminals perverts con-men&women)

It seems that a ratio of about 10:3 is the margin they work on.
That obscene piece of pornography disguised as legislation known as the Fair Election Act exactly like the excreta known as the Temporary Foreign Workers Program has a bait and switch agenda that plays to Harpy’s base and is part of his scheme to destabilize all things truly fair and democratic and all things equitable and collective bargaining.Union. They use the 10:3 ratio. They make things utterly barbaric at 10 and pull it back to 3 which is merely obscenely horrible.

If you are one of the top 1%, who as a matter of fact scraped another 1% of the finite 100%, onto their pile this fiscal year, fine. If you are a businessman or even a businesswoman (when was the last time you heard that word in this sexist, fascist controlled country), fine. But if you are the other, the huge majority of this once rational, non-neo-nazi-nation, too effing bad jack. You are not yesterday’s news, you are yesterday’s leavings. Which is a nice way of saying garbage. It’s the same as that disgusting bit of flotsam Julian Fantino saying soldier, when he really means garbage or perhaps baggage.

I’m afraid many of you think Unions and similar organisations thanks to the obscene, perverted "news" that issues or issued from the criminal scum that support Harpy and were members of the same fascist organisations who belly up to the trough that has the DNA of Basset, Blacks, Worthington and Asper dripping from them are telling you truths because "well they’re rich they must know something". They do, they know that you can be conned the same as hockey night in Canada knows you can be conned. Hockey is a very profitable game for the few. Much more so for the con artist than the player, and the exact same thing is true of politics. They are playing you for chumps and you are rolling over like Rover to get your belly scratched. They, the cons of today, just as a "for instance" aren’t going to tell you about that other disgusting "war hero" con, Conn Smythe and the criminal methods he used to get Maple Leaf Gardens built. It’s history and as Yogi Berra was want to say "you can look it up" Maple Leaf Gardens was the home of child sex scandals and tax evasion scandals and just about every other kind of scandal as well as letting George Wallace speak before he was shot and had his miraculous conversion away from "segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." And that after one of the truly great cons of cheating the desperate people who built it and were trying to feed their families during the "Great Depression" called great I’m assuming because it was great for the 1% of the time, who are approximately the same families then as now. And if not the same families, definitely the same gutter morality. But they wouldn’t let Mohammed Ali fight there when he preferred to go to prison rather than kill Viet Namese.

By the way LBJ, how did that work out.
Wake up Maggie I think I’ve got something to say to you. You led me away from home just to keep from being alone. You stole my soul and that’s a pain I can do without.
Rod was singing about a slightly different form of getting it in the shorts folks. But it’s still about getting it in the shorts. No matter how cute Maggie was, or how good it felt for a moment.
She conned him, and it’s still about getting used, confused and abused, getting left on the ash-pile.
And taking it in the shorts.