Who cares.(fp)

by electionfraud2011

I’m aiming everything I’m doing; walking, writing, protesting, the lot on the 40% who didn’t vote last time. Whether you were too young to vote or not, you’re in. If however you voted last time this isn’t for you.

I guess you’ll think twice about that next time eh?
So scat. Go on. Git.
Okay now that we’re rid of them, hands up those of you who think your aunt would have won more than one Stanley cup with those guys that Don Cherry had. Okay just had to get that out of the way. Don’s bigotry and generally low take on life are sad. It’s really confusing when he sits there in that get-up and blathers about P.K. Subban. On the one hand he "looks" like someone who is totally and fairly tragically colour blind and yet subtly and not so subtly he "sounds" like someone for whom in some areas colour, like ancestral country are perversely important. I mean he acts and sounds like an arch bigot. But hey, he must be widely regarded as a coach. I mean the show isn’t "Failure Coach’s Corner", it’s "Coach’s Corner" and I don’t think it means Maclean.

Okay now listen up youse guys I’m going to make this as smooth but as straight up as it’s gotta be, and as it is.
We are on the brink of the greatest calamity in our history. No, much greater than those ultra profit making wars of the 20th century. This time the enemy is within. And give yourselves a hand. You caused it to happen. All the experts say that if you had voted…because you are not enslaved and ensnared in concepts that only the very propagandized would be trapped in, you with that hint of high-ideals, that cleaner slate of realities than many of the people who did vote, would have voted for Harpy even less than those who did vote, and he wouldn’t have gotten close enough to complete the heist.

The treason.Yes I know we could blame it on our lax election laws, or we could blame it on a system so old and out of touch with reality that it was ripe for a political Harry Powell, Max Cady or Hannibal Lecter to defile. Well Bucko this ain’t Happy Days and Fonz ain’t gonna tool up and make everything temporarily right by 6:30 each night.

But you have the opportunity to become a far bigger hero than Fonz.
But you gotta vote. I’m not about to suggest that it’s because you’re lazy. Hell most of you work your butt off. No, no and no to the lazy thing. I’m convinced that not starting with Harpy, but cranked up like on methamphetamine by him voting is seen as irrelevant. It’s not. That’s a con game played on you by assorted cons. Conservatives, convicts and constant greed. The lower the vote the greater opportunity to replicate the treason that they perpetrated last time. The quality of yours and your families future depend on getting rid of the Harpycrits. Pally I’m telling you that they are utterly toxic. They are so inflated with greed that they don’t even know you exist except as another commodity. They and their buddies who are so far from the grease patch that produces the world’s most dangerous and toxic sludge called bitumen are also so high up in a Calgary skyscraper that they can’t see or smell it and their greed stacked up against planetary degradation, doesn’t even get into the conversation.

Don’t be the chump that in your heart of hearts you are beginning to know that you’ve been. Be the hero your kids, your siblings, your parents and your high-school coach knew you were and know you can be.
And unless you are an arch bigot and I don’t think you are, how can you work on the grease patch which all but the totally co-opted, Native groups, are totally against. And after all it impacts them more negatively than any other groups.

Do the right thing. Vote. Vote Harpy so far out that his felonies can’t bring him closer to the fascist state that he so covets. Then if Justin or Thomas has the jam for it you can sit back after work, crack a cold one, and switch back and forth between watching the day’s treason hearings and court case of Harpy and the Harpocrits, and a hockey game with two genuine competent coaches.

And if my life goes like I’m planning you can envy me having had the opportunity to call Pee Pee Boy a scumbag right to his smug, hubris distorted face.