Stephen Harper’s buddy Michael Sona

by electionfraud2011

I for one, didn’t expect other than what happened in the Michael Sona "trial", and frankly I’m not at all surprised that the "corporate shill "news" on my BELL phone" gave it very short shrift. The "trial" used approximately the same ratio and intensity as the election fraud investigation. About 200:1. That is to say that the investigation was designed to find not eggs, not chicks nor hens in the great hen-house investigation.

Simply put Stephe the dick-tater could not afford an omelet or a chicken salad sandwich and what the dick-tater wants/needs Adolf "the dick-tater" Harpy, gets. Sedition is the order of the day, and Canada with all of it’s racist, right-wing leaning, anti-ecological history, has been being force fed steroids since 2006 when little Tommy Flanagan took a break from lusting after little boys and set about making der furher of Rob Fords little playmate, the sub-geek with the preposterous glasses that put one in mind of Foghorn Leghorn’s neighbour chicken/kid of whom he bemoaned "Somethin’ kinda ee-ee-ee about a boy that don’t like baseball," Stephe J. Harpy. (You might want to Google "Stephen Harper Reach For The Top" to see how preposterous and while your at it you might want to Google "Michael Sona / Stephen Harper photos")

The "trial" designed to assure the Canadian electorate that Michael Sona who after all has 600 arms, 47 sets of vocal chords and the ability to see around corners did it all. All 200 plus. Oh and by the way, that dog turd on your front lawn, your missing rose bushes and broken window…all Michael Sona.

Harpy’s fingerprints?, I don’t think I heard you say that. Don’t go there. That’s too dangerous for you. I’m not sure you could survive that.
Think "Rob Ford and Harpy are lifelong buddies." Now think of how many murderers, thieves, and assorted, oh I don’t know, let’s call them scallywags are members of the Ford Nation inner circle. Ya see. Just don’t go there, "there be dragons".

It’s obvious even to a mind as addled as Ford’s, as juvenile, evil and shallow as Pollievre’s or as criminal and insincerely trite as Shelly Glover’s that with over 200 ridings reporting robocalls, with financial fraud everywhere Stephe’s footprints, fingerprints or venom can be found that we have witnessed the world’s first, nine years in the making, robocall and flim-flamery based coup d’etat. This is the most elaborate political-two-step ever. The CPC tie it all to little Mister Scumbag, but little Mister Scumbag is getting the velvet glove treatment from the court. The "trial" is Canada’s most embarrassing moment since the uttering in the Canadian parliament of the statement "none is too many" during the reign of Harpy’s hero in Germany.

"But Ted" you ask "how come none of my Probe and Fail, National Joke or Hun Newspaper, nor my Criminal Bull Crap TV/radio tells me this stuff. Are you sure. I mean Stephe is after all a self professed person of a religious persuasion."

Well, now it was only fact based fiction, but so was Harry Powell the guy who in the movie "Night of the Hunter", stalked two children for the money they had. Much like Harpy’s stalking the vulnerable Dene, Cree, Blackfoot and any others whose lives are being further shattered by the "tarsands".

And since the criminal government and greedy energy industry chose to change the name from the more honest "tarsands" to the typically CPC dishonest "oilsands" perhaps "greasesands" is appropriate. Name change for the Manning, Day, Harpy clique is their only successful maneuver. Oh yeah, that and the treasonous election fraud.

In a nutshell folks…since 2006 when two perverted criminal minds, Tommy and Stephy, cranked it to the sky to get their high profit, high degradation, world’s dirtiest, most dangerous and toxic energy sludge to any market at any cost to the planet and to the true guardians of the land, Dene, Blackfoot, Cree etc. the order of law and the order of fair honest elections and every other life factors, were shit on.

I don’t enjoy using such language. I feel one should try very hard to make one’s point without the use of the scatological. Occasionally with the scum and dross that is the basis of CPC and all things Adolf Harpy that is simply not possible. You, I, the rule of law, common decency and humanity are ready targets of the product of the CPC and truly friends that is shit. Excreta, waste, worthlessness.

Remember the (admittedly sexist, perhaps the first sexism most of us were subjected to) definition of what little boys and little girls were made of…well if there was a third category which was "what are Harpy and his inner-circle made of…that would be the content list. Excreta, garbage,waste, worthlessness. Shit.

No sugar and spice and everything nice, no snails nor puppy dog’s tails… excreta, shit, garbage, shit, waste, shit worthlessness, shit.
Stephe Harpy Ideologue Traitor
Nothing will come of the Sona trial that isn’t more "bread, circus, obfuscation, and bullshit".
Smoke and mirrors.
Are you enjoying the harpocrisy.
No question mark needed. It was a rhetorical question.
Hope you like wars, prisons and racism because that’s what Harpy/CPC is all about. Actually I hope you like peace, freedom and humanity and together we can fit Harpy and whoever else with horizontal stripes and steel bars.

"Stone walls and iron bars a prison do not make." But throw in what festers in Harpy’s little skull and your getting really close. Concentration camp would be a nice name. And I guarantee, at the first possibility Harpy will impose capital punishment, and he’ll be racing his moron buddy Bush and friends in Texas and Louisiana for the execution numbers totals. And like in the time and place of his hero Hitler, lefties and union-members will be the first to go.

Wake up decent Canadians. To quote Malcolm X speaking to black America "You’ve been hoodwinked."
Trust me Canada. Harpy is every bit and more the racist bit of social scum that Malcolm was referencing.