Stephe the nazi

by electionfraud2011

It’s difficult to know where or how to begin. The media which over here on the left of center is frequently referred to as the corporate media and they certainly live up to the title astonishingly well, have done their best to protect Harpy from his past,and have worn kid gloves through every crime he’s committed, every convention he’s sullied and defrauded on multiple levels, every criminal he’s embraced, and the very huge crime of theft of government. The fact is that from the CBC all roads go through the PMO. And in light of the Nigel Wright, Mike Duffy scandal it’s apparent that all roads from the RCMP still go through Harpy. One can only wonder what it would take to get an honest unbiased action that wasn’t tainted with Harpy DNA. His fingerprints and excreta are all over every criminal thing that has happened around the PMO the RCMP the CBC. I do my best to stay on top of the Harper crime front here in my blog but there are others who do a far better job and one such place is .

This very twisted man is destroying Canada on every level from every perspective. You and I friends, are being sold a handful of beans for the family cow. The cow gave milk the "magic" beans give…? farts,… gas,… methane. Even bitumen at some temperature, I suspect. Is the health of your country and the health of your children and your aging relatives, worth cheap gas. Is the health and welfare of soldiers who used to be peace keepers before warmonger Adolf Harpy stole our country.

You’ve been conned Canada.
Don’t feel too bad. These are the creme de la creme of con artist and liars. They couch it in sappy fictitious contrition after exhausting every phony ploy like Shelly Glover or sad and betrayed beyond human endurance Dean (of liars), delMastro. It is axiomatic that the closer you get to Harpy the stronger the stench and the greater facility in lying. It’s no one on a back bench that that smell comes from, it comes out of cabinet. Every single member if the Harpy cabinet is a consummate liar and has a stake in a very, very over the right-side agenda. And that agenda has far less of you in it than it has the corporate, oil soaked, 1%.

The important thing is that among members of the CPC this type of criminal dishonesty, this way of conducting ones self, of general comportment, is almost like a uniform in the Harpy world. It’s what’s expected. You could be that brightest bulb on the Xmas tree, but you ain’t gettin’ the big star at the top if you haven’t shown that you are ready to commit election fraud or similar criminal credentials. If your lack of morals don’t meet the subterranean level expected if a harpercrit you ain’t in. Harpocracy isn’t your true calling, and only the truly amorally gifted need apply.

Try organized crime. Their standards aren’t quite as stringent as ours are.
The Liberals have acted like gangsters in the past. Playing fast and loose with the national treasure. They should have and did, pay for their crimes. But their crimes did not include the act of treason which electoral fraud is. Some of the Liberals stole money. Of that there is no doubt. But they did not steal an election.

Think about it folks.
These criminals, this cabal of traitors manoeuvred themselves illegally into a position to direct your sons and daughters into war. If one Canadian soldier was killed after the very first decision of an unelected usurper government, that constitutes murder. And the only logical person to be at the head of that perp-walk is Stephen Joseph Harper

Then to have that disgusting little fascist lout, spout his insane overview of history in the twentieth century and what side of the political spectrum caused the most damage and what class of what political philosophy gained the most. Harpy is simply a disgusting, filthy, mindless little piggy on the make who is no longer deserving of any civility. His existance is the bane of a great many people’s lives.

I believe, because evidence, history and logic say so that this little dictator is a traitor and by extension a murderer.