Lyin’ Spyin’ Zion Stephe

by electionfraud2011

If you come to a philosophical point from a particular perspective and you seem to be out of step with everyone else you should probably take a magnifying glass and closely scrutinize your conclusions. That’s what I’m going to do to the whole Harper/Israel thing.

First of all, make no mistake about it Stephen Joseph Harper has a long and deep anti-Jewish history. Make no mistake also, that people can see the error of their ways and change. However people can also change their opinions for all the wrong reasons, and that is exactly what Harper has done. His very recent embracing of all things Jewish is absolutely nothing more and nothing less than a desire to be in on the ground floor of a Zionist/American anti-Moslem power-pact in the middle east. And from my perspective the Zionist message is the same there, as the Euro-Christian message is in the Americas.

The message here was we’re better than you and far more accomplished at war than you. And whether you are a member of one of the many human groups that America and to a very slightly less degree, Canada brutalized and murdered for hundreds of years, or a Palestinian, your future is thin, very thin.

Judao-Christian power and war is what the American/Israel pact is all about and if one takes a careful look at American and Canadian histories one finds what is probably the world’s greatest genocide and very likely the greatest theft of children, torture of children, sexual abuse of children and murder of children by the prevailing governments and belief systems of the time as in America and Canada.

Residential schools, reservations, and in the American minutes of Congress terms such as "wars of eradication" and "wars of extermination"
How about the term "Indian giver". Euro thought has made them out to be the active participant in the cliche even though it is the diametric opposite of history. Rather like referencing what happened in Germany circa 1930s and.40s concentration camps as German victims, rather than Germany’s victims.

And how about the scalping thing that was in fact an American way of keeping track of bounty for "dead injuns". Scalping, much like torture was far more Euro than otherwise.
Think Inquisition.
To precis it, early Euro histories in the Americas, both Christian, Jewish and otherwise was terror from top to bottom.
Surely in over five hundred years we’ve evolved not just militarily but morally. Surely we can find the ability to atone for so much evil past and not repeat and enhance it.
But don’t expect that from Harpy. I am perfectly serious when I reference SJH as psychotic. There are too many psycho events in Stephe’s past, there is no sign that it’s abating, and it would be absurd to think that politics would not appeal to such a person. Have you ever seen a well balanced person kick so many former allies under the bus, or who’s account of recent history is so at odds with his confederates, to say nothing of the 3/5 of all Canadians who know him for the consummate liar he is. Canadians who hope and/or pray that the next thud they hear is Stephen Joseph Harper being kicked under the bus by CPC who found something different this time in their jockey shorts or panties

Zions and geysers and bitumen oh my