UN Turtle Island

by electionfraud2011

Stephe and the Harpercrits are determined to reduce the native reality in Canada, while at the same time they’re on board with creepy fascist Bibi Netanyahu to do the same in apartheid Israel.
John Kerry had it right the first time but he just didn’t have the cajone power to stick to principal.
And at the very same time Stephe is making all kinds of oinky sounds about Ukraine, Russia and the Crimea. Harpy never saw a fascist dictator on the make that he didn’t want to cuddle up to. By all evidence, the Nazi quality of the illegal ouster of a legally elected government in Ukraine is but the most recent.

I hate war as much as Harpy and his little moron playmate George "W" love it. I hate Remembrance Day and have always thought the "honouring our brave soldiers" was largely a crock. Much like Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for what…we got guns and they got bows and arrows.

It’s a victory celebration.
Far too many anti-Semitic, wealthy, wasp, warmongers became wealthier financing Hitler, and wealthier again "fighting" Hitler, while at the same time keeping Jews out of Canada, costing youth lives, while Joe Capitalist’s profit soared.

My read of history tells me that we were duplicitous from the mid- twenties forward and we are hugely responsible for the carnage which inconveniently coincided with at that point, the greatest Euro business opportunity since the theft of North America, the theft of the gold on and near the Pacific coast or that other thing, the theft, even more completely than that, of the identities and lands of the Native Australians. WWII financially speaking was manna from heaven for the rich who by the way were the decision makers. "Uh let me see. Millions of poor and poorish are killed and after a cheap funeral we don’t have to worry about them and the memory of them makes for great patriotic theatre for 70, 80, maybe a hundred or more years. Best part of oh I don’t know let’s call it WWII that has a ring to it, profit. Profit and more profit. Yeah let’s do that." "We’ll prop up this Hitler guy who we essentially agree with and then go to war with him."

So you might ask "well Ted is there anything about Euro-Canada and it’s quasi-democracy that you like?"
Thanks for asking because the answers are: not much, and oh yeah that thing that Harper began demolishing with his first illegal minority, the one his little pervert friend Thomas Eugene Flanagan and he hated so much. Peace keeping.

Let’s take a little peek behind the curtain at the wizard, little Tommy.
You see I believe that Tom has another stake in the game. His words say that he’s a totally insensitive racist and child sex pervert wannabe. If he gets his way and what little safety exists today around little brown Native boys disappears, there’s a whole lot more child sex victims on the market for the likes of, and person of, Thomas Eugene Flanagan, pervert, as yet un-convicted felon, despicable quasi-human and BFF of The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper.