Nazi or notzi

by electionfraud2011

Everyone from Andrew Coyne to Carol Goar and in between make some sort of reference to the illegal, racist, amoral and general reprehensible nature of the CPC "administration". They don’t generally reference it as illegal, they tend to use more pastel shades to describe the Harper/CPC cabal, but they do vaguely reference loss of everything good. Transparency, honesty, honour, the common wheal, tradition. Nothing except money flowing upward and the world’s dirtiest most ecology befouling oil flowing outward is sacred to the harpies.

At the same time I’m frequently castigated for being too over the top, too outrageous, and for specifically referencing Harper as Adolf or as a burgeoning Nazi, as Hitler or as an unindicted international criminal.

Okay you guys, you professorial types, skillful journalist, experts in politics, history etc. Everything from you, amping up as we go chronologically forward from 2006 when dick-taters little Tommy Flanagan and Rob Ford’s buddy Stephe Harper began the criminal dissembling of Canada with enough hubris to say when he had finally stolen a majority in 2011 "you won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it", reads vaguely ugly, cruel, right-wing, barely legal, culturally unacceptable, aggressively militant rather than our traditional peace-keeping etc. And anyone but a moron knows that that particular yellow brick road leads to the fascism of Mussolini and Hitler. My question is how far down that road, how many concentration camp starts, how coincident with "the Third Riech" must it be? Does Stephe have to grow a little toothbrush mustache and wear lederhosen before it’s appropriate to reference these little neo-nazis as exactly what they are, little neo-nazis, without being too radical.

Just askin’.
And if I’m right and you’re wrong we can always finish this conversation in the box car (hey, you can believe they were out of taxis and limos if you must) that comes to fetch us.
And by the way if you still think we won the "Foul Election Act Ripoff" (F.E.A.R.) re-hustle, I have more oceanfront property in North Dakota…willing to deal… Whadda ya got.?