Afghanistan: Day of Dishonour

by electionfraud2011

Let me see if I have this correct.
That murdering, little piece of flotsam George W Bush (is there a subterranean level the Bush family hasn’t sunk to or emanated from) having just stolen the US presidency, and in response to the Twin Tower 360 degree fraud, invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. That was five years before Stephe and his little pervert buddy Tom began treasonously stealing Canadian elections, perverting Canadian justice, and destroying Canada’s reputation around the world.

Named "Operation Iraqi Freedom" it has BUSH criminality all over it and for the initials and for reality’s sake should have the title "Operation Iraqi Lies".
Simply put, the troops and society were lied to about, Iraq. Everything in the middle east is about oil or protecting both ends of the Amero-Israeli Pact (the real axis of evil) and there is no doubt that Adolf Harper would have been in there helping Benito Bush in his insane murder spree that would be "over by Xmas"

Harper uses the deaths of young Canadian soldiers and many, many more, men, women and children of duskier hue and different beliefs to polish his reputation. He also uses support for the Crimea-Ukraine situation, the illegal, neo-Nazi, usurper government, to bamboozle you into believing all the idiocy America directs at anything Russian and the converse idiocy directed at the "Israel can do no wrong apartheid/fascism". (check the lightning speed back-pedal of John Kerry away from the truth about Israeli apartheid) George "W", whether you liked Saddam Hussein or not, what gives you and America the right to purposely misinterpret the 911 situation to depose the legal head of a government that your murdering daddy befriended until the board got tilted. The Iraqi administration was in bed with George H W Bush in much the same way as Manuel Noriega was until the oil that Kuwait was stealing from Iraq became good for America, much like drug profit was superseded by the need to look tough and "Christiany" so let’s keel-haul Noriega. The deposing of the legally elected governments is regime change crime. There are some of us who see a monster as a result and Stephen Harper is tripping over the criminals, perverts and generally illegal members of his own cabal to get in on the act. To get a better seat at the meetings and a better cut of the swag.

I truly hope that Canadians wake up to the fact that Stephen Joseph Harper is every bit the monster that fits him on to a list that includes the likes of Amin, Bush, Pinochet, Hitler, Mussolini, and other serial murderers, before it’s to late and we all wake up in box-cars or chains. And please, make no mistake about it, there is no member of the bush family that isn’t in blood over their heads. In a very real way, Harper is mirroring Jim Jones, leading gullible right-wing fools who think there’s a place for them at the table…"just beyond the free appetite enhancing kool-aid. Step lively. We’ve got a lot of processing and counting to do here good people." and profit sharing in the very profitable planet and society degradation game that is the CPC way.

Again let me state: they (CPC) are an illegal government, many of their members are complicit with the theft (treason) of the Canadian government, and any that are should spend the rest of their lives in prison. Not for any sense of revenge, but simply because they are bent and dangerous. Any one who can’t see and smell the evil that is endemic to Harper and his band of thugs is courting disaster.

In summation: it is sad and was unnecessary that so many people had to die to satisfy perverse need in Harper and his inner-circle minions. There is simply no honour and great shame not of course on the men and women who served but on those whom they served. And please don’t think that they were serving you. They were serving their oil soaked masters who just happen to be as well as criminal and morally bankrupt, your illegally gained masters.