Stephen Harper’s perfect crime

by electionfraud2011

Herein I will attempt to describe the crimes perpetrated by Stephen Joseph Harper and Thomas Eugene Flanagan which led ultimately to the illegal fascistic "government" of Canada. And wouldn’t you know that the hubris with which this massive and extremely serious crime was committed caused the psychopath at the top to remove all portraits from the Parliament Buildings, of legally elected Prime Ministers, replace them with pictures of himself, change the name of the illegal government to the"Harper" government and to generally act like a despot on methamphetamine, Hitler’s favourite drug.

It got started with a financial flim-flam which completely turned the law on it’s head. It reversed what was on the law-books to specifically level the financial playing-field. It was called IN/OUT. Were all, or even any of the people who benefitted from this crime made to surrender the plunder? Made to vacate the seats they gained with the help of conspired to, crimes.

No question mark need. By now the questions are all rhetorical.
A few bucks was all it cost Harpee and CPC. The cute CPC obfuscation before finally admitting to the very serious crimes as well as the original benefit to the perpetrators, each cost Canada much, much more than the pittance they were penalized for their crimes.

Then in 2011 they gained "majority" with massive robocalls as well as more financial fraud, and the CPC proceeded to use the immediacy of the majority to stonewall anything that could lead to them being held accountable.

Meanwhile and immediately, they went around the world costing Canada hugely in security, to protect Harpee’s skanky ass and selling Canada on the open market to further enrich the corporate bosses. They made trade deals for the wealthy designed in corporate board rooms on charts were you are listed as almost parallel with fodder, hog-slop, and removable redundancies. Those three are all a little more important than you or your family and actually you and your family are two of the three entities on that chart. The real pigs won’t eat you, but fodder and removable redundancies… I think that changing you into viable hog food is what they have in mind for those unemployed scientists.

Next they rub Canada’s nose in it by having a member with robocall probability all over his Pierre Pollievre self, nominally rewrite the Elections Act (I trust you recognize Stephe’s legal prose) with which a bait and switch game is then played.

I can’t imagined a group of right-wing ideologues more intent on putting one over on the hoi polloi as the Harper Valley Petro Treason Army.
At the end of the bait and switch Harper now has what he couldn’t have gotten quietly. By floating the "Fair Elections Act Ruse", He got the "Fascist Energy Agreement Reboot" and that’s what it and everything else emanating from this "Crime Family" is. Fear and dispossession paving the highway to perdition (minus any good intentions) with bitumen soaked petro-dollars, arming Canada to join the bullies in a genuine "Axis of Evil" to patrol the planet knocking off any "progressive mutually beneficial left" and replacing it with "militant wealth upward right", and building prisons to house any dissenters.

"We’re through the looking-glass here people"

"If you drink much from a bottle marked ‘poison’ it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later."