Me and the left/right continuum

by electionfraud2011

Apparently I’m way too radical.
It seems that the left believes we’re dealing with bad government. Hell all governments are bad,…and good. It depends what point they occupy on the honesty/dishonesty scale. But the Harper Government (remember the good old days when the government got it’s name from the Nation rather than a bit of criminal psychoscum) isn’t a bad government any more than Trigger was a bad cow. Roy Rogers rode trigger and Roy didn’t ride no cows. You see, in this little analogy Stephe is a horse not a cow. Okay good point. He’s much more of a horse’s ass, but he’s not a cow.

I’m very much a lefty guy. But I gotta tell you that some, very few, righties, have it in better focus than most lefties. They, real conservatives know that Stephe is a criminal who professes to represent them and they, honest righties, resent it largely.

Now let me describe me and my operation. It’s a one 72 year old lefty and a 36 year old 6m camper double-walking to Ottawa because his resentment went way beyond the right. They, the honest right, were having their party, their political philosophy stolen. I was having my country and many of it’s citizens stolen and utterly brutalized.

We do not have a bad government. We have a criminal, traitorous, treasonous, evil government. There’s a big difference that I believe most of the left are ignoring. This is not politics as usual, any more than some guy beating you over the head with a Louisville slugger is a normal Monday. They, the left treat it and him as bad, perhaps even crazy. But there is a big difference between being a nut-bar and being a traitor.

We also have a system that should be dismantled as soon as is rationally possible. Harper and his criminal cabal saw flaws that they could exploit and after stealing it are dismantling it, but in the opposite direction than that which is needed. The Foul Election Act Ruse "FEAR" is just one of myriad examples.. which I believe through bait and switch, the ruse, Stephe (petit pierre never had anything to do with it) got exactly what he wanted from the beginning. I’ve pointed out frequently that our Westminster based parliamentary system, which is hundreds of years older than a model "T", and more quickly broken than a Harper promise, like the sling-shot, used to be state-of-the-art. Even Art won’t touch this sling-shot any more. Harpee wants to disenfranchise and dismantle anything left of centre and give as much of the national treasure to the top one percent as he possibly can. Ironically the one percent gained another one percent of the national treasure last fiscal year.

I started this entry by saying I’m too radical for the serious left. Well I’m also not interested in the same target as the serious people who seem to believe that the 40% who didn’t vote are a lost cause. I’m arrogant enough to believe that people who spend way too much time listening to a pompous fool in a different floral or psychodelic or nursery wallpaper suit each day who’s made a career of NHL underachieving and racial bigotry in between hockey periods, who won one cup with a team that you, your brother or that aunt that’s a wee bit iffy would have won at least four with, are hungry to think about some real things that concern them, their children or future children and the health of their communities. This gang, cabal, crime family want to send your kids into war to enrich the top 1%. You collectively, have less, much less than when they stole their first minority government with IN/OUT.

So in summation. Listen up FORTY PERCENTER you’re the problem. You can stay a chump or be the biggest hero this country has ever produced. Bobby Orr, way bigger, Wayne, not even close, Steve Nash unh uh, not even Walker, Jenkins or the Blue Jays’ Brett, nor even his sister, not even Mark Ripien or Russ Jackson.

You. Just you. Amazing you.
If you engage your brain with politics enough to know how to vote in your family’s best interest, all the pollsters say we’ll be through with having an illegal right-wing Koch brothers pandering, Bush family and big oil sycophant. We’ll have a legally elected government that cares about your education, your health, your life. And we’ll have Canada back in the peace keeping business and out of the business of propping up the next illegal fascist dictator. Like the Ukraine illegal thugs who overthrew a legally elected government. And we’ll have a government honestly dealing with the missing women and many other related issues.

Similarly we should be dialoging with Israel and pointing out how most of their behaviour toward Palestinians is illegal, reprehensible and criminal. It should be pointed out to Israel that their great friendship with America is a true Neo-fascist "axis of evil" friendship, with their worst enemy during the thirties except Hitler, whom they, the American wealthy supported handsomely. And that Netabyahu’s mind-boggling vicious baffle gab ain’t fooling a soul. Bibi is an arrogant racist bully. Plain and simple. And if that disingenuous Baird (does he ever look otherwise than that he’s just ate a plate of doggy doo?) or the embarrassment that "sang” and "played" for the Knesset (which I understand has finally stopped laughing,) (c’mon Israel if you can keep a straight face that long after listening to that…you can act civilized toward Palestine) (think of it as Palastein and deal don’t be such schmucks) want to debate it. I’d be only too happy to oblige.

LOL (laugh out loud or lots of luck)