RCMP CNR IBT and that other thing

by electionfraud2011

I’m getting so used to the RCMP being a supportive organization, not to me the political protester, but to me the 72 year old grey-haired guy parking along the highway and walking forward and then back., and occasionally parking long enough to cause concern in the individual officer. I truly appreciate the concern and this time I even caught the name of the officer. Officer Leafloor, is on the one hand just another front line RCMP member who’s encounter was to answer the question "this vehicle has been here longer than 24hrs. I wonder if all is well with the driver." And on the other hand. I sort of assume that RCMP is monitoring me. I’m not the normal Crowsnest traveller but front line, they’ve been friendly, concerned and more than a little interested in what one old guy is willing to do to justify his point of view.

Thank you. I assume sincerity.
Another constant as I’ve travelled is the folks, and is that still as male dominated as it seems, who run the trains. I’m pretty sure that I get increased "thumbs up" approval and notice, from the cabs of the engines going by.

The railways CNR and CPR have a history of Black and White. Think porter with immediate ceiling. Now think conductor with absolutely no ceiling. That, after many decades was rectified just prior to the demise of cross-Canada passenger service.

I really appreciate every thumb and hope I’m not imagining it. And I hope CP and CN will remember the century of racism and curtail any sexism if such exists.
The other and far more frequent due to the far greater number of participants is the brothers who I get approval from members and otherwise of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. One of the first in depth and extremely interesting conversations I had along the way which if I remember correctly was in right-wing B.C.’s sop to an even more right-wing Albertan, the Ernest Manning Park, was with a wonderful thinker named Orley. I’ve had others since and I’ve found truckers to be for the most part very supportive. Every time a truck gives me as much space as possible I chalk that up to support, and when from behind I get as little space as possible I assume the opposite. Thanks truckers, my family has a long gone association that goes back to before WWII. Steel hauling from Bethlehem Steel near Fort Erie on pole-trailers. I hope they were union but I doubt it.

Before leaving this thought, the name Manning came up and I’d just like to say the son of "Parkboy" Ernie, Preston seems remarkably dexteritous at finding the right lipstick. Now I’m not saying that he and Miss Piggy are related. Actually yes I am. Take a bit of tissue to Pre-stone Manning’s kisser and you got another guy so surreptitiously fascist that he can oink standing on his snout. John Baird has a better chance of passing for female than Manning has of not being a closet fascist. And by the way folks. Let me point out that some of the salient factors of fascism are misdirection, fraud, criminal behavior, corporate support at the expense of public support and militarism. These guys love sending the young into war. But have you noticed the dearth of support, even disrespect for these people when they come back home, damaged.

I reference Stephen Joseph Harper frequently as being a fascist, occasionally a Nazi, and rarely but in fact, directly parallel even coincident with Adolf Hitler. I also occasionally make those same parallels with his cabinet and Hitler’s cabinet. This stuff is all over the map from Peter "Hermann Goering" MacKay, whom I reference thus to reflect the mountains of lies, there then and here now, concerning machinery of war. Think F-35 or more appropriately FU-35 Another very parallel issue is "prison reform". Under this illegal band of thugs we have an astonishingly confusing program that looks like those other guys from 70-80 years ago. Hope I still have your concentration. How about the universally condemned, very Orwellian, and in this case another example of Nazification, delivered by Pierre "Poutine" Poilievre…(he’s a cheese head.) "Tell me you don’t see something very Euro-mid-thirties when you see that (awfully hard not to call him a punk) arrogantly on, and even more arrogantly off camera, revel in the knowledge that the boss is letting him deliver the destruction of Canada’s until now vaunted democratic election system.

There are dozens, hundreds perhaps thousands of examples of lies that originate in the Harper "War room" all of which have a surreptitious "kick ’em into the gutter" intention and effect. Everybody is on board, recognizing the Harper propensity to kick anyone that he was embracing yesterday under the bus today, based purely on his own survival. Well those targets ain’t the hoi polloi they’re his buddies, his confederates that he’s acting thus with…why would he treat you, the hoi polloi better? He won’t. He isn’t. Slowly, as secretly as possible (that’s his game) he’s navigating you under far worse than a bus. Maybe as one B.C. lady suggested, it’s not under anything but rather into a cattle car. Harper’s history is one of greater damage accompanying greater pigmentation, and less affluence, and the damage is the decrease of longevity, further diminishing of economic power and the increase of incarceration. Amazingly (don’t miss the sarcasm) his corporate buddies have the exact opposite result. They’re whiter, more male dominated, they live longer, become wealthier every single day and similarly, daily, have less probability of ever having to answer for their crimes. A scenario just like that which that Adolf guy delivered.

The world is a very different entity in the political as well as scientific sphere today than it was 70 or 80 years ago, but if you can convert those old mile thingys into shiny new metric, you’ll have no problem doing the math on the 70-80 year disparity.

I know that a huge swath of society condemns the use of parallels such as this but I’m unable to find effective ways to define the Harper history and current reality otherwise.
One last thing. I’ve related previously that I don’t believe in the genuineness of the breakup of Stephe and his very probably pervert (the evidence/math says so) BFF, indeed soul-mate, little Tommy Flanagan. So I’m going to put the world speed record of public rehabilitation of Tom on the Harper’s CBC, plate.

Unseemly haste.
CBC’s rehabilitation of the Thomas Eugene Flanagan reputation schedule continues with unseemly haste.
Little Tommy has spent much of his life vilifying Native Canadians so I’m assuming that he won’t mind the turnabout being fair play approach. You see the thing is Tommy that someone like me who is partially from the Emerald Isle and from an upbringing of related religiosity, can’t help, under the circumstances, remembering how many child sexual abuse criminals mostly protected by their religious handlers have amazingly parallel histories with your own. Except for how they wore their collars. I believe I remember from the sod a bit o’ history of corroboration with Adolf…but you and Harper ? Hardly corroboration. As I understand it you were the Geppetto to Harper’s Pinocchio.

Who knew what was growing on Geppetto, while Pinocchio’s was lying his nose longer.
You on very shaky ground there boy.
Conrad Black might still have great wart removing connections, and he’s shown his willingness to help a fellow fascist rehabilitate but the math of your slip of tongue doesn’t work in your favour Tommy.
Does math ever lie…