by electionfraud2011

"Now isn’t that special"
Never thought I’d have occasion to quote Dana Carvey’s SNL character, "Church Lady" on a political blog but, "Isn’t this just too special?"
We now have further proof, as if we needed it, that every RCMP Commissioner since Giulliano Zaccardelli has had his nose so far up Harper’s mini-skirt that if any of Harper’s minions commit cold-blooded murder they could expect a severe reprimand. Hell, simple election crime will get you a cabinet post. Right Shelly.

People keep getting up my nose, friend and foe alike, for having views that are "too extreme", but after this latest insanity concerning Harp’s boy Nigel…well that cold-blooded murder thing…maybe severe was a little extreme. Perhaps a light talking to, and yeah Mom can come and hold the hand of Dean, or whoever the poor little chap or chapettes that’s being scolded is.

Let’s do a little partial recap.
2006 saw Stephe and his buddy little pervert Tommy doing the old IN/OUT. No not that kind, although the same adjective could be used to describe the condition you were in after the fact. You my friends, meaning anyone with less than an obscene amount of money, would be truly "forked". But that little bit of dalliance was absolutely nothing compared to the menage et trois Zacc and Stephe had in mind for you. What they had in mind was that Zacc would do a Paul Revere kind of thing where he rode through town on his ass yelling all kinds of inflammatory, untrue things about the opposition, Stephe would fare better in the upcoming election and through his criminally gained position Mr Giulliano Zaccardelli would get his pay-off. And how much of this truly criminal broadcast by Zacc of criminal things perpetrated by those bad opposition guys was real.

None. Fantasy
Nada. Made-up
Zip. Whole cloth
Let me repeat that. None, nada and zip were true. The Harper CPC government made-up the whole fantasy out of whole cloth.
Thanks to financial fraud, which after costing you millions in delays, the Harpercrits admitted guilt to, and paid a fine which amounted to a fraction of the total of money illegally shifted, and also a fraction of what the obfuscation cost the Canadian treasury, coupled with the crimes committed by Gulliano Zaccardelli Canada got it’s first ever criminal government or "treason" government. The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper is neither honourable nor the legal PM. The only "right" thing in Harper’s world is the political area he occupies with such luminaries as Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Pinochet, Amin, Batista, and other assorted monsters. Harper’s lot is that of being on the wrong side of history and politics and embracing unbelievable lack of sincerity and remorse toward the poor, the ill, the other and his former friends. They’re the ones with bus-tire tracks on them. Ultimately, pragmatically he’s right in the sense of correct because I believe (to the consternation of most of my friends and foe) that Stephen Harper by his actions and pronouncements is at his core criminal, rotten and a Nazi.

Oh! and Zacc. He got a very well paid job with Interpol in France. He’s the very same scumbag who lied to make Maher Arar’s life hell. He’s the same scumbag that was in over his head in RCMP pension scandal. He’s a guy who’s full name should be Giulliano Greedycriminalbastard Zaccardelli. Similarly Stephe’s full name should be Stephen Howthehellcanibeaneo-nazi Joseph Imazionshillandbornagainforgodsake Harper.

Of life and Stephe I can only say "As ARP becomes ITL we all die a little."
It has been suggested to me that with regard to the other CPC’ members, legally elected and otherwise, whereas I use too dark a brush on Harper, I use too wide a brush in painting them the same colour. From this distance the evidence is overwhelming as to what Stephe’s inner circle is. Anyone within his party, but just a backbencher who is genuinely innocent should have their olfactory abilities checked and should think about cultivating a less criminal gang to hang out with. You might also want to try a different occupation. Politics is obviously beyond your reach.

Rob Anders was definitely dumb enough not to know. But he knew, and it was a delightful sound the door hitting his ass. Why do I mention Rob? Just to show that Stephe’s bigotry is on a personal level neutralized by greed avarice and the willingness to "lie for the big guy". Rob like Uncle Tomahawk Brazeau, Bev Oda, Arthur Porter, to name just a small fraction (too bad that nice O.J. person is in prison. We love his style), and the cheat who lost Labrador, Penashue (even though he was "the best ever" to quote Harpee.) are all a hue (in Rob’s case a mentality) that Harpee finds repugnant even when he spends millions doing the sycophant thing in South Africa "honouring" a man with substance Stephen Joseph Hatper can’t even dream about equalling. But he can remember the good old days of trying to have him kept incarcerated or better in Stephe’s sick apartheid mind killed.

Simply put folks, on an almost daily basis we get yet more reasons to incarcerate rather than elect Stephen Joseph Harper. We haven’t done either yet. Let’s do the right thing going forward and release the many whom should not be imprisoned and incarcerate vigorously anyone guilty of electoral fraud.

I like to end this kind of post with the warning, alarm, prediction, that if Harper and at least a double-digit number of his henchmen and women don’t inhabit prison for as long as legally possible, we’re inviting the next group of greedy unprincipled gangsters who feel that they have the right to declare war on anything and hoard the ill gotten gain thereof, to do so.

But folks. Be careful on the "e"scape. "Your privacy" just became the punchline of some very sick right-wing jokes.

And like the Northwest Mounties…you know I’ll bring her in. Gonna find her…