Nelson Mandela (fp)

by electionfraud2011

It’s perhaps small of me to see it thus, but as well as the sadness at the death of such an amazing man as Nelson Mandela, I felt it sad that right-wing politicos in Canada have seen fit to polish and spin their memories of engagement with the great man. The last few times we’ve seen Brian Mulroney he has looked as unlike Mandela as is possible. Skulking around and showing a very undignified composure at the Karlheinz Schrieber criminal investigation. Accepting secret cash payments and the like. But spin and polish is the natural order of what pols do, so it’s hard to blame him for spinning it like he and Nelson were old buddies and that he had to set Reagan and Thatcher right.

Far worse, and what’s made me so sad is that at the time of Mandela’s passing we have an illegal PM who beyond some basic mathematical concepts, has absolutely nothing in common with the great man. No desire to be conciliatory and total desire to dictate. Ironic, that besides his own very shoddy performance it’s one of his members who has brought forth a private members bill that I believe will pass and limit the powers of the next sociopath able to grab the reins. So thanks for that inadvertent shooting of yourself in the foot and inadvertently protecting Canadians from another you Stephe.

Brian Mulroney is an extremely different animal and very lacking when compared to Nelson Mandela. Harper, though definitely of the same species is Nelson Mandela’s opposite.
Mandela was huge and brilliant, full of love for those who tried for half a century to destroy him. Harper is small, petty and evil.
Mandela left the portraits of the undemocratic racist thugs who preceded him as President hanging in the Presidential residence. Stephen Harper took all of the portraits of others who had actually won and preceded him, down, replaced them with his own portraits and changed the name of our government from The Canadian Government to The Harper Government. And finally, he put in motion a campaign to get the Harper name used exclusively on all government documents and signs.

No, there can be no greater disparity between humans, let alone politicos.
Harper craps on the most vulnerable whereas one just knows that Mandela would and did spend his remaining years after twenty-seven years in prison trying to make the least of his constituents’ lives better. Harper has constantly made the lives of Canada’s poorest and least influential as miserable as possible and poorer for any kind of contact with him and his thugs.

Nelson was obviously an honest man.
Stephe lives to lie.
It’s hard to imagine a more loved and missed than one of the two and a more greatly desired to have never existed feeling for the other.
And finally from a practical point it didn’t cost South Africa gazillions to protect Mandela from a host of enemies made while lying and cheating for half a century. It does cost Canadians that, to protect Harper’s worthless self.