19 / 4 / 14

by electionfraud2011

"This is your captain speaking. I hope you are enjoying flight EF2011 from Oncesunnycanada with a couple of stops along the way. Ultimate destination Purgatory.
Flying over Alberta we hit little patches of no communication, so if my words go missing occasionally it’s nothing serious. If you look out the windows on the left you can see the great plains of southern Alberta, we’re about 5 kliks east of a small community named Purple Springs. Our first stop will be an undisclosed location where the mostly Euro, gentlemen in first class who are currently drinking Cognac, 25year old Single malt, and smoking hand rolled cigars while your teenaged daughters and preteen sons, serve iced caviar. (oh yeah, they’ve got your kids futures in their hands…far more than you are willing to admit. And they’re not just bad politicians, they’re evil criminals..far more than your threshold to accept.) And they need to do a little banking. Seems they’ve managed to scrape another few gazzillions onto their pile and they’re anxious to see how obscene the disparity between they and you has become."

Aren’t we all delighted that the RCMP has come through for the Grate Leader once again. That’s three now. Leaders of our great RACASTAPO which for those unaware stands for – "racist Canadian state police" and is a little know branch of the RCMP which with whatever current leader with reliably conservative duplicity are destabilizing Canada. Two recent RCMP heads should by any reasonable measurement be candidates for prison, but are instead enjoying the good life for their part in the destruction of Canada, via illegal elections.

The Grate Ledder stole the minority in 2006 and was able in 2011 to steal a majority.
Thanks for the little raCastapo leg-ups in the paddock. Couldn’t have done it without you.
"This is your captain again. You might want to put your seats in the upright position. We will begin our descent momentarily and the descent should last just about forever.
"We at CPC airlines hope you’ve enjoyed the trip half as much as we’ve enjoyed taking you for a ride."