Illegal administration

by electionfraud2011

Marc Mayrand; as I’m sure you know the last thing that the current illegal, government wants is an educated electorate. Harper and his fascistic minions want an obedient, not an informed electorate. I believe that an informed electorate is why Herr Harper has a drawer full of plans to build more prisons. And now out of the hallowed halls or is that "hollow hulls" of the Senate, a once ostensibly sober chamber lately becoming synonymous with corrupt henchmen, hard on the heels of Hugh Segal’s steaming pile of dung and right in the middle of the unseemly stench created by three greedy clowns Harper appointed to what has long since becoming his personal obfuscation factory or rather tortory, (if you think we’ve heard the last of greedy Pamela, Mike or the violent and greedy Patrick "uncle tomahawk" Brazeau, you just have no faith in the depths of greed and depravity that hangs off The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper,… like scabs…) we get yet more of the Frum family excreta. If years of one of the most skillfully, dishonest, manipulative.

right-wing, (phony left-wing) regurgitating heads in Canadian media history, Barbara Frum wasn’t enough…surely the right-wing crap that issued from her son who fortunately was too busy much of the last decade or two helping George Bush destabilize further a shaky middle east and in the process cover himself in the blood of thousands of dead Moslem men, women and children to have been more of a threat to Canada, than he was. "But now, Ladies and gentlemen entering the batters box, playing right field with three runners on every base and a completely blind umpire behind the plate, Senator Linda Frum will attempt the improbable 10 run home run. If she can hit a turd served up by the pitcher P.P.Boy over the fence or if she can hit it hard enough to make it explode, scatter and blind all of the infielders, the runners can all just saunter home. Kicking the catcher on your way to the dugout isn’t required, but it is optional, and der fuhrer notices those little extras that can lead to cabinet pay. Right Shelly? Right Dean? Right Tony? Right everybody else in the cabinet of "The Stephen J. Harper Government".

There isn’t a member of Harper’s cabinet that should be trusted with your children pets or elderly and who should never under any circumstances be left in the same room with your wallet or keys.
That’s right folks, we’ve got yet another member of the Frum (rhymes with…ah well) Family dumping on us. I’m not for writing family crap-limits into law, but this is way past ridiculous. And now with that astonishing crap factory known as Rob Anders out of office (a’la the prediction on my handbill. But don’t worry Rob a good hand washing in strong chemicals will take the bus tire tracks out of your cowboy shirt. The stench…? well that’s not so easy, but then you’re used to it) there’s another four lane highway of phony dirt to till. The seeds of lies need nourishing folks.

It took years of study at the knees of "little Tommy Flanagan" following years of involvement with neo-Nazis, apartheidists, association with felons of all stripe and perhaps most importantly having embraced the politics of untruth (the noble lie) as developed by Leo Strauss to get Stephe up to speed on piano keyboard bozo style, current events neo-fascist style and a new level of democratic-political-criminal behaviour CPC style.

And you thought he was a natural.