Moving on after Alberta winter.

by electionfraud2011

I left Victoria city hall in the first week of May 2013, to walk to Ottawa in protest of an illegal government. Listening to the lies about, and watching the destruction of, the country I was born in, a country which already had it’s share of blemishes but was being defaced and debased ever further was painful, galling and in no way acceptable. It was less acceptable to do nothing about it. So I’ve walked from Victoria up island, across to the inside part of the Saanich Peninsula at Sidney, and down the inside to where the highway heads north to Nanaimo. I crossed on the ferry to West Vancouver, fudged on the walking and drove to UBC and the Pacific.

Between there and Lethbridge where I had to shut down due to weather too severe to allow continuing, I stumbled into Fernie with my right leg reacting to an old injury by swelling painfully to just short of volleyball size. Just past Cranbrook I encountered some strange kind of locust infestation of near Biblical proportion that got in through some hole in the vehicle and continued to come awake one by one for the next three months. When I got to Monarch Alta I awoke to an egg sized lump on my throat. The wonderful folks at Chinook Hospital did test and it turned out to be some kind of lymph node infection and eventually just went away.

I spent the winter in mid-Alberta reading and practicing music and trying to figure out what to think of how to respond to all that had happened since May 2011and of course immediately before and also what has happened since 2006.

In 2006 the most criminally leaning political campaign in Canada to ever launch venom and whatever criminal actions needed to secure power, headed by Stephen Joseph Harper and managed by his mentor Thomas Eugene Flanagan of the vitriolic anti-First Nations racism and child pornography accommodation pronouncements, was launched. We began to hear rumour of various forms of fraud, the police gathered evidence about these activities and the IN/OUT financial fraud scandal was a result.

Another result was that Julliano Zaccaradelli head of the RCMP for loudly and publicly launched an investigation during an election aimed at Harper’s opposition and resulting in nothing other than delivering a minority government to the CPC, was rewarded by Harper with a well paying, spread your fascistic crap abroad, cushy job at interpol. No charges, no convictions, no justification.

Reward CPC style.
Every election since has had more election fraud from the CPC than we have ever witnessed before. Harper’s former Parliamentary secretary Dean Del Mastro now faces multiple fraud charges and has as a result had to leave the party.

There has been a daily comedic criminal embarrassment of thugs and pickpockets being promoted to the Senate, an appointment agenda of stacking the Supreme Court with anyone willing to do his bidding and the promotion to cabinet initiated or accelerated by malfeasance.

We’ve had the scandals of the PMO.
Who paid what, to whom, to do what to you. The people. A litany of lies surrounding any pig that needed a dollop of lipstick, and every single lie, from robocalls and financial fraud to illegal pay-offs have SJH’s fingerprints on them. Given his reputation for frothing at the mouth when things get off the rails the lies presumably have his DNA on them as well.

Now we have from this gang of thugs, miscreants and in the case of "pee pee boy" Pierre Pollievre, a juvenile delinquent urinating on Canada whilst destroying the best of what we’ve known of Canada and this time the modus operandi is, coupled with the seat gerrymandering that has already happened, and which tilts the board in Stephe’s direction the complete misrepresentation of Elections Canada head and the destruction of one of Canada’s finest world renown assets. It’s democracy.

This is a government marked by a boy who’s actions "Pee Pee Boy" A politicoperative who’s job description for CPC included fronting for the thwarting of the will of the electorate, (if you are leaning toward believing that someone named Pierre rather than someone named Stephen wrote the intellectual obscenity known as "The Fair Elections Act" you are naive. PPB is good at memorizing), a government which employed an adviser with multiple criminal fraud convictions, who made three appointments of historic criminality to the Senate, PMO chiefs of staff among others forced to resign for doing SJH’s bidding. A cabinet of some of the most accomplished liars to ever be assembled and all led by The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper a person who is corrupt to the core. And given the narrowness and shallowness of all his trade agreements aimed exactly nowhere other than at the "in slot" of his wealthy core constituent’s pockets, SJH is one of whom the British would say "couldn’t run a pisser in a pub if the taps were on."

Makes Harry Powell seem kinda lovable.