Drive or Donate!

by electionfraud2011

We have since at least as far back as when Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan began the largely illegal assault on our democratic principles with financial fraud IN/OUT, constant lower level financial fraud which was later joined in the steady decent into fascism


Please help me raise awareness by either driving my RV for whatever length of time you would like, or by donating a small amount to keep me fed and watered…

A Couple Of Driver Concepts

(1) What I think of as a day driver. Meaning, ideally someone who could meet me anytime geographically west of their home and drive/walk me to their home where I could plug in and take on water if necessary. Then next morning load on a bicycle perhaps. Drive while I walk and presumably know the terrain and be a temporary guide. Then at days end drive ahead to the end of my last walk and leave on the bicycle.

(2) Someone who is in a position to drive all or part of the way to Ottawa and ideally have an OAP or disability cheque accumulating in the bank to fly or ride back to. If…

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